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🌼 Ashton’s p.o.v🌺

“What do you want mom?”. I asked my mom trying so hard not to yell at her.

Me and my mom doesn’t have a typical mother to son relationship,we have always been like this before my dad died or we were probably worster than we are now.

My mom Is infuriating,saucy,bossy,pompous and any other negative word you can think off. She wants everything to go her way and she fails to understand that I am twenty seven years old and not a child she can scold anytime she likes.

It infuriates me that me and her are similar character wise and I am becoming to understand how hard it is for people to cope with my character because I can barely cope with my mom’s character.

She barged into my office a while ago and she went straight to my book shelf rumbling through it. I have failed woefully in asking her what she wants and she can’t just go through my things that way but knowing my mom she didn’t even budge. I was pissed that i couldn’t concentrate on my work because her movement around the office with her high heeled shoes was disturbing my peace of mind.

“Mom that’s enough. What exactly are you looking for?”. I stood up when I couldn’t take it anymore “you already disarranged the order of the files”. I sighed running my hands through my hair. I hate when things are in disorder,it irritates me.

She looked at me flatly “what am I looking for in my husband’s office?”.

Remember when I said she was…arrgh…I might just snap.

“Your husband is dead and this is my f-----g office now. You can’t just come here and disarrange everything and you know how much I hate disorderliness. You can’t just f-----g walk in here and do shit mom”. I told her on the verge of snapping. I think I did because she was looking at me with wide eyes.

“Language young man. You don’t use those words on your mom,now apologise”. She demanded with a stony face.

Right, apologise. This is all her f-----g fault.

“I am sorry”. I muttered frowning.

“Right you should be and remember whether your father is dead or not this is still my husband’s office and I have every right to come here any time I like. And you don’t have to remind me that my husband is dead any time I come here”. She said her stony expression falling.

Okay she wants to guilt trip me but I won’t fall for it. She have always been like this,she would annoy the f--k out of you then she would guilt trip you with ‘my lovely husband is dead’ statement. He was my f-----g father also and I think the only person mom ever had any kind of emotion for was my dad because she doesn’t treat my sister and I like we are her children,she treats us like we are on a contract term and believe me I don’t give a f--k. Not like I needed her attention anyways,she was too bossy and controlling and I don’t like when people control me.

She wiped her eyes with a designer’s handkerchief before facing me looking more annoyed that I didn’t fall for her trap.

“Mom for the umpteenth time what do you want?” I asked her before retiring to my seat.

“Offer me a seat you rude twat”. She demanded again.

“Right,take a seat”.

“I spoke to your uncle”. She dropped the bombshell immediately she settled in her seat.

I looked at her urging her to continue. Mom speaking to uncle would mean more trouble because Mom and uncle never gets along well maybe because they have opposite characters. Mom clearly shows it that she doesn’t like Uncle one bit and I know he doesn’t either.

“He told me about your funds. He said it would be released into your account in two months time. What do you do this time Ash?” She asked leaning on my table.

“I don’t understand you,what did I do this time?” I asked back.

“Don’t give me that look Ash,we are all aware of the requirements for the funds”. She paused before smiling at me. “Now this all makes sense my boy. You just eased one of my problems”.

“What problem?” I asked her still not understanding.

“I am relieved now that you are only engaged to Kim because of the funds and nothing else”. She said casually and my eyes widened. She noticed my failing composure and smiled again.

“Why would you say that? I didn’t plan anything. Me and kim are a thing and you should stop assuming whatever you are assuming”. I told her after finding my tongue.

How did she find out? Mom! Mom! Mom!

“Don’t you dare lie to me Ashton,I am not angry,I am just relieved because I know there is still an opportunity for Julia. Like look at it,you guys couldn’t form a believable story. Look Ashton if you deceive everyone in this world you can’t deceive the lady seating here,I put two and two together and I solved the puzzle. You deserve a girl with a good background not just a cancer ridden f…”

“Mom!”. I interrupted her “don’t say that about Kim’s family and i would tell you for the umpteenth time. I am not gonna have anything to do with Julia again. So stop the wishful thinking”.

“Right wishful thinking indeed. Your uncle be so stupid that he can’t put two and two together. His calm nature have clouded his brain”. She added.

“Uhmm,do you uhmm tell him anything?” I asked calmly. She knows the truth now why should I lie?.

“No I didn’t. Why would I? He was being so stupid and clueless and I the smart one was way ahead of him. I have been waiting for the release of my son’s funds too even though you did something shady for it nothing is easy anyways. What are you gonna do with the money?” She asked.

“My project of course. What else?”. I asked her and she gave me one of those menacing looks.

“I remembered telling you to drop that non profitable big file project but you being the idiot that you are wouldn’t respect my decisions. Ashton I would keep on reminding you that I was the one managing this company before you came into position. Yes I am fully aware that the company was not in good place before you resumed as the CEO and you made it to be one of the best today but I am still your mother and I have every right to tell you what is good for you and the company and what is not, you should respect that. You aren’t continuing the big file project”. She ranted.

“Mom maybe you should come to terms with the fact that I am twenty seven now and..”.

“You are twenty six boy. Twenty six”. She interrupted.

“Yes I am twenty six m gonna be twenty seven in four months time and I believe I am old enough to make decisions myself . Big file isn’t the company project since the share holders refused to invest,it is MY project and mine alone and I didn’t take a dime from the company money and even if I did I worked for every dollar the company has now and you should respect the fact that this company is solely mine and I have the highest percentage of shares here”. I told her. She can’t keep controlling my life.

“I know this isn’t your fault because you are still a young boy. MY young boy, and you prolly don’t know how to handle billions of dollars,for the umpteenth time this project isn’t profitable,it does more harm than good. With your trust funds you can invest in another project.” She paused before bringing out a document from her bag. “take a look at this”. She said passing the document to me.

I opened the file. It read ‘contract with Chanel top designers’ I threw it back on the table before looking at her flatly.

What is this place? A clothing Store or what?

“Mom what’s that?”.

“A deal with Chanel. A profitable deal for the record,no company has been offered this type of deal with Chanel for about five years now and we are the first after five years we can’t just let the opportunity pass my can we?”. She asked beaming with smile.

“How come this document was given to you and it wasn’t given to me?” I asked her still surprised on how a deal would get to her before me.

“I was here before you remember Ash? That’s not the point anyways”. She said waving the topic with her hands “we are taking this deal right son?”.

“No we aren’t”. I said curtly and her face fell.

“You are joking right? We are taking this deal,you have no idea how much we can make from this deal would you just stop being selfish for the first time in your life. This isn’t about you,none of my friends company have had this type of multi millionaire deal and you are just gonna let it slide. You can’t do this to me Ashton”. She rambled on.

“Mom for Christ sake you are the selfish one here,this is my money for f--k sake not the company’s money like it it mine so I think I have every right to spend it the way I like. Mom this isn’t a thrift store company or anything how do you want me to sign a deal with a clothing company. This won’t help anyone but you and your friends and it you badly want the deal you should probably invest with your own money but I am not investing with mine”. I said honestly.

“I have your secret Ashton. Know how you speak to me. I am your mother and you have to respect everything I say”. She commanded.

She isn’t tryna blackmail me with the secret she figured out right?.

“Mom you are unbelievable”. I told her.

“Yes I am. You just have to drop 10 million dollars I would fund the rest myself and you still get to own half of the share. Isn’t that generous?”. She asked.

Thinking about the deal it is generous because I wasn’t gonna fund all and I was still own half of the share.

“I would get back to you”. I told her..

“Be fast about it boy. I have no time to waste”. She said standing up and kissing my cheeks.. I am very sure it would have been stained with lipsticks.

How the f--k did Mom get to know that it was all a deal?.

I rubbed by temple,i was definitely gonna get an headache with all this.


“No not that one. She looks too thick like look at her thighs. What the heck dude? You gonna eat a random b---h”. Jerry asked Jeremy.

To be honest my mind wasn’t in whatever they were talking about. We were presently at a club and the only thing my friends talk about is ladies and nothing more. Today I wasn’t even fascinated by the ladies dancing on the pole or the one grinding Jeremy. I was trying my best to stay sober so I wouldn’t make a mistake like the last time.

Someone tapped me and it was Jeremy. The idiot would soon get drunk if he continues drinking like this “yo dude. Are you listening to whatever we are saying?”.

“Yes”. I replied curtly.

“Someone is in a bad mood”. Jerry said loudly.

Sean was the quiet one sipping his wine and tapping the screen of the phone but he looked interested in whatever we were discussing.

“What’s up bro. Wanna tell us something?” Jeremy asked again.

“No. Why would i want to tell you guys something. I am okay”.

“You sure?”. Sean asked.

“Yes I am sure”.

“If you say so. Take a shot or two”. Jerry proposed passing a champagne bottle to me.

“No no. I have had enough,I am trying to be sober,I can’t get drunk this night”. I declined.

“The dude isn’t alright and he doesn’t wanna talk about it. We joke alot but we keep secrets you know?”. Jeremy added.

“No I am okay. Just a bad day” I said again getting pissed that they were pressing me too much.

They dropped the topic when they noticed I was about to snap. They got lost in drinks,ladies and more drinks but they were still quiet sober. I was pretty engrossed in my phone and to be honest I didn’t even know what I was doing,I was just thinking of one person KIM and it was pissing me off, things shouldn’t end up this way,it was a contract and nothing more but nowadays I was thinking about her more i should.

On the auction day I would say I was dying to see what she wanted to do but I just had to open my eyes and spoil everything. After I bid the highest as usual,I usually dropped the painting for my security team leader because he happens to like things like that but this year’s own was unusual. Kim pressed me to take it home and for no reason I obliged and immediately we got home she hung it on the wall in the living room and rambled on about how the color of the painting suited my boring interior design and she might have hung other paintings in the living room and it wasn’t just having the usual boring vibe,she was trying to make it homely and I kinda liked it even though I would never tell her that.

She later briefed me about repainting my house in a more brighter Color and added that it was too boring and it lacked vibes. I pretended like I wasn’t listening to her as she rambled on but I wasn’t looking at her I was just looking at her lips and that have been happening regularly now. She would be talking and I would just be starring at her lips,it is freaking me out and pissing me off at the same time. I shouldn’t be looking at her lips it is probably happening because we have been in the same house for close to four months already and we are both attractive adults there is bound to be sexual tension between us.

“Ashton look at this girl. She is back from her break. Should I call her for you”. Jerry asked me pointing to a blonde dancing on the pole.

“No don’t call her”. I told him and he looked at me like I had three heads. I was also surprised myself. I wasn’t one to resist hot girls.

“You probably didn’t see who i was pointing to right? That is Victoria the hot blonde”.

“Dude I know and I am not just interested”. I replied curtly.

“You know what I think? I think Ashton is whipped with that his innocent sweetheart and he is scared of f-----g up”Sean said unlocking his lips from the girl on his laps.

Jeremy and Jerry shared similar looks before bursting into laughter and Sean joined the latter while I stared with them with a flat look.

Not funny at all.

“Is that true dude?” Jerry pressed.

I was about to give him a worthy come back when Jeremy beat me to it “why are you asking him that dude? Isn’t it obvious? The dude wouldn’t drink he wouldn’t even let a girl touch him. I think he got in trouble the last time he got wasted and took the bursty brunette home”. He said and they all laughed loudly again.

“I can’t do the marriage thing if Ashton is being this calm. The dude wouldn’t even stare at a lady’s butt too much before grabbing her but he is staring at them now like they are a disease or something”. Jerry said again and they laughed again.

They are using me to catch cruise. idiots.

“Dude take a drink and calm your f-----g nerves. If she kicks you out we are here for you and remember you are getting more antisocial lately and that is a total turn off”. Sean added before groaning. It looks like the girl has become really inpatient and she have grabbed his d--k or something.

They teased me for what seems like eternity and I didn’t reply because some of the statement almost made me laugh too but I scowled at them instead.

“When you get wasted. You are gonna pay your bills yourself”. I informed them when they wouldn’t stop drinking and teasing me.

“Bills on you tonight dude. Remember?”. Sean asked.

“You know the drinks you took this night is worth more than what I would have taken if any of you were the one paying”.

“That is because you don’t want to get drunk so you won’t be scolded. We are different bro. The bills on you today”. Jerry said smirking.


They couldn’t even respect my f-----g debit card.

Was what they said true? Am I really whipped?

No I am not whipped!.

Not yet!


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