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🌺 Kim’s p.o.v🥀

“You look so beautiful”. The little girl gushed.

“Thank you,you are very cute too. Look at your chubby cheeks”. I said stroking her cheeks gently and she giggled.

She is cute.

We were currently at Millie’s final auction and surprisingly Ashton came. I prepared to leave the house early and surprisingly he already got ready,I thought he was preparing for work until he told me he was gonna give me a ride. It was surprising and not surprising at the same time,it was surprising because he didn’t tell me he already agreed to go to the auction and he even spared a whole day for it and he offered to give me a ride politely,he wasn’t growling or anything.

I must give him credits,since the day of the hook up he have been surprisingly polite and more tolerable unlike before and I still know better than to let my hopes up. Ashton was not just for me even if he is being cute and all that,he was still Ashton. The rude Ashton.

I wasn’t surprised because it wasn’t a good idea for us to go with different vehicles when we are probably going to the same place at the same time and to the public we are a couple.

Millie introduced me to her daughter Aurora and her toddler Ken. They are cute children and I have grown a sudden likeness for them especially the girl,the boy was a bit too clingy to his mom,I didn’t blame him though. I would be like that if I saw a bunch of unusual faces. The girl is so sweet, like how can a kid be this beautiful.

Ashton was probably sulking somewhere enjoying his own peace or who knows he could be s-----g a girl’s tongue in the bathroom because let’s forget him acting cute and all, he was still Ashton and things like this aren’t his settings.

The latter thought made me shiver,he probably can’t be doing that,can he?.

“I want to style my hair like yours”. Aurora said again. She went off to use the toilet with her nanny and she is back now.

The programme already started but I have seen all of Millie’s drawing even the one she isn’t auctioning today so it makes no difference If I sit with others or not and this cute little girl just wants me to stay with her and her mom attested to it. So why should I stress myself? Why?.

“You like it?”.

“Yes I do”.

Aurora’s hair was currently in a messy bun with more than ten hair pins and mine in my signature ponytail. The messy bun is cute just like her and I don’t know why she wants a ponytail. I guess she just likes me.

“Okay,i would style it after the auction okay?”.

“Okay. That’s alright as long as you style it for me. You can teach my nanny too because I would love to tie my hair in a ponytail to school”. She suggested showing me her pearl white teeths.

I faced her nanny “do you know how to tie a ponytail?”.

“Of course I do. But Aurora’s dad wouldn’t want me to tie her hair that way”. She replied stone faced. She was too stiff for a nanny and a stranger would even notice Aurora was not free with her,she felt out of place with the nanny and not her usual bubbly self.

She haven’t even smiled at me since. She only dropped Curt comments whenever her opinion was needed and believe me she have been antagonising whatever the little girl said she wanted.

I smiled softly “Aurora dear,your dad wouldn’t Like if you tie your hair in a ponytail. This your present hairstyle is cute and I kinda envy it too you know”.

“Dad doesn’t like me in ponytail because nanny said it makes me look different from other girls of my age. Nanny said every girl in my school tie their hair in messy bun with butterfly pins and I can’t just tie my hair in a pony”. She told me.

Okay I am lost here. At this age she shouldn’t be forced to be like other girls,everyone is unique in his or her own way and if it’s the ponytail that makes her unique why should they force her to be like others.

Growing up I was classified as common even though I went to a pretty expensive school just because I don’t dye my hair or design it with expensive pins and the likes. They didn’t say it to my face because I wasn’t the exact nice girl in school. I was quite nice but I didn’t allow the mean girls squad to get me.

“You don’t like ponytails?”. I asked the nanny.

“No I don’t. Nobody does anyways”.

“No I do”. I told her.

“And I do to”. I heard Aurora’s tiny voice.

The nanny looked at her with spite before looking at me “you would prolly get her into trouble with this. Aurora doesn’t have a say here,she is still little and her dad decides for her. Her mom don’t have a say in this either, you need to drop the hair issue if you don’t want her to get into trouble”. Her Nanny warned quietly and for the first time it actually looked like she has compassion for the little girl.

“Right. Aurora let’s drop it so you won’t get into trouble with Dad” I told her and her face fell immediately.

“Daddy is so mean”. She muttered and my heart clenched. She looked so sad and i immediately came to a conclusion that her dad isn’t the ideal type of dad a kid would want to have.

Millie might have dropped one or two disturbing comment about him and when she thinks I noticed what she said she would cover it up immediately. The nanny didn’t say anything,she only looked away stroking the girl’s hair gently.

Okay I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a daughter neither do I have a sister or brother… duh.

“Shhhh,you would have your ponytails whenever your dad travels okay”. Her nanny surprisingly said. I thought this woman doesn’t have any emotions but she sure has because she just comforted the little girl and there was a tiny smile on her face. I guess Aurora cheerful nature rubs on everyone.

“Really?”. She asked.

“Yes. I promise”. Her nanny assured.

“That would great because dad travels alot. Thank you nanny”. She said hugging her.

So cute 😩

“Would you come to my room,let me show you a picture”. She suggested tapping me.

“Sure. I just have to do somethings now”.

“Now?”. She whined her smile falling.

“Yes princess. You see your mom just texted that she needs help,it is time for the bidding already. I promise to come back after I am done with whatever I have to do okay?”.

“Okay. Remember you promised”. She said before she was taken away by the nanny. The nanny actually smiled at me this time,she nodded slightly and she smiled.



“I am sorry for disturbing you. But I really needed help here, Ken wouldn’t leave my side today and I wonder why it has to be today of all days and every other person is busy and I probably needed company”. Millie said immediately I got into the showcase room.

“It is fine. I needed company too”. I told her glancing around the room.

The room was large with different pieces of art. The room itself was art,art is really beautiful. My eyes landed on the little toddler on the floor playing with his toys,he was beautiful.

“You know this is the first room I entered in this house. When my husband bought the house it was a museum so the government have taken every piece of art in the house and we had to re design it to suit our taste. I was the one that brought the idea though and we did just that,the renovation of the house to suit our taste took nine months before it was accomplished and when we eventually moved in,this was the first room I entered. It was designed exactly how I wanted it to be and to be very honest I find peace in this room than my bedroom. Even though this is where the art pieces are displayed every year I still think the room is a private place like my therapy,where I relax and think and I still bring out something beautiful”. She explained like she was oblivious of her surrounding. There was this contented look on her face.

She looked happy.

“I kinda love the room too,it is beautiful like gosh,look at those drawings”. I said gesturing to the beautiful paintings.

“Those paintings inspire me,so when I make a piece more beautiful than it,I sell the original and the one I made after it. People probably won’t notice a big difference but a talented artist would know there are two different pieces even though there look similar there represents two different things”. She added.

“Art is beautiful”.

“Very very,you have no idea. Let’s get this sorted our please. We need to pack the other pieces that aren’t going to be auctioned to the store room over there,then we would hang the others on the wall”. She explained.

“Okay, let’s do this”. I said rolling the sleeve of my shirt up.

After several minutes of sorting everything out we were finally done,she offered me a glass of water and I gulped it down.

“Maja,the studio is ready. Call the guest in,call Chloe to come and take Ken away” she instructed over the phone.

The little boy was probably oblivious to his surrounding,he was so engrossed in whatever he was playing with that he prolly didn’t notice how we have been moving around the room since.

“Kim,can you get Ashton”. She asked me.

“Ashton? He would come with the others”. I told her.

“He wasn’t in the building for the programme. He came but I have no idea where he went off too and the bidding is about to start”. She lamented.

I sighed “I have no idea too and I don’t know my way around your house”.

She spent the next few minutes explaining the different exits in the house she even offered to assign a worker to follow me but I declined. People were already coming into the room to look at the drawings and Ashton was no where to be found.

I went around the house hopeful that I won’t mix the way up in my head and I silently hoped i wouldn’t run into a reporter or anybody at all. Everyone deserves some peace sometimes.

I looked around the house,checking into rooms that weren’t locked but I was careful not to barge into anyone’s room. That was invasion of privacy. I searched for about twenty minutes and I was getting really frustrated and nervous at the same time,what if he already left and the bidding just started,he wouldn’t do that right?

I rubbed my temple gently,I was definitely gonna have a headache after all this. Ashton was trouble,big trouble. I turned into another hallway and surprisingly there was only one room there,i hesitated before opening the door,he probably won’t be there. I opened the door to see Ashton laying on a sofa. What was he doing here? I wouldn’t have expected to meet him here,how did he find this room anyways. The room was sparsely decorated with an arm chair,a sofa and a desk. It would pass for a study.

The door creaked but Ashton didn’t move from the sofa.

“Ashton”. I called going closer to where he was.

No answer!.

Alas,he was asleep. I was frustrated the more,I was moving around the house searching for him and here he was sleeping soundly and may I say peacefully in an unknown place. What if it was a reporter that walked in he probably thought a reporter wouldn’t have the liberty to move around in another person’s house without permission.

His eyes were shut closed and he looked so peaceful and painfully handsome even in his sleep. Why would someone be this handsome even in his sleep? There was a stray hair covering a side of his face and I immediately got irritated by it,I momentarily forgot about my initial frustration or the bidding that have already started and I was staring at a sleeping man and his lips,his lips were something else.

I am probably nut! I went closer to catch a clearer view, I wanted to tear my gaze away but I couldn’t,this man was handsome no doubt. The stray hair was still covering a side of his face and without thinking my hand was already going to the side of his face when his eyes snapped open. I jumped back on impulse and I almost yelped.

He smirked knowing he caught me red handed and d--n if I was not embarrassed “you wanted to kiss me right”. He said and I choked on spit.

“,kiss you? Why would I want to kiss you?”. I asked back looking everywhere except from his eyes.

“Right you wouldn’t,but you were ogling on me just now”.

“Me? Ogle you. Stop thinking like that”. I defended more angry that he caught me.

Kim you are really stupid!.

“Tell yourself that,gosh I couldn’t have opened my eyes I could have waited to see what you wanted to do”. He said berating himself.

Thank God you opened your eyes because i didn’t even know what I wanted to do

The bidding…oh Kim you were ogling on a guy that you forgot the auction..

“Ashton. We have to leave now,the bidding part would have started my now”. I told him

“The bidding part? I probably slept for a long time”. He muttered not moving at all.

“But we have to go”. I pressed on

“Yeah. We have to but I am kinda annoyed with myself”.

Yeah you should be,you slept through the whole programme shamelessly.

“Why?”. I heard myself ask.

He stood up and came closer to me ,too close for comfort and I moved back on impulse until my back hit the wall and. I yelped. But he still came closer with an amused smirk,what is he doing?

~kim compose yourself.

~kim don’t look at his eyes it might intoxicate you.

“Why? Because I didn’t get to see what you wanted to do”. He said his minty breath fanning my face and d--n if that didn’t do something to my insides. Hormones,stupid freaking hormones.

He moved back picked his jacket from the sofa and strode out of the room. Good thing he allowed me to stay there and put my flying hormones in order.

~kim, Ashton is not for you.

He is not for you!


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