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🌹 Ashton’s p.o.v🌹

“Baby draw me closer”. I heard a voice say. I turned to my side to see my leg and a girl’s leg tangled.

I tried to remember what happened yesterday but I was struck with a terrible migraine. I remember going to the club with the guys yesterday,but what I couldn’t remember was how I landed in a hotel with a lady.

The girl wrapped her legs around me making a mess of the clothes on the bed…bed? This is a f-----g couch. I pushed her gently,standing up and my eyes widened when I realized where we were, this isn’t a hotel but my house and on my couch…my freaking couch. I turned to see the lady still snoring softly. I don’t bring ladies home when I was still living alone not to talk of now that Kim is with me.

The probability of Kim seeing me walking in with the lady is rare. Because she is usually asleep whenever I get home but even with that it isn’t right. I picked my short from the floor,I put it on and I tapped the lady. I couldn’t even remember her name. I held the side of my head,the migraine was getting intense,I must have taken alot yesterday because I rarely get this wasted that I couldn’t clearly remember what happened.

I tapped the lady again, what’s with her and her useless sleep🙄 “you need to get up”.

“Uhmm”. She turned to look at me before smiling seductively “babe,you want a morning dose?”.

Morning dose? Of what? Sex? Doesn’t she have something to do?

“No”. I replied sharply still clutching my head. I need a glass of water.

“You sure about that? You look like you need a round or two. I really enjoyed you,you are like a horse. I love rough sex too”. She ranted.

“You have to leave now”. I snapped flinching as a sharp pain shot through my head.

I promise not to get drunk again😭

“Now? Let me sleep a little please”. She looked at the clock “this isn’t 6am yet. You seriously don’t expect me to leave by this time right?”. She asked with wide eyes.

Yes it wasn’t 6 yet and it also surprised me that I woke up by this time even in my hangover state. I was used to waking up before 6 and leaving the house before 8am and today isn’t gonna be any different.

Back to the matter now.

“You have to leave now,you can catch a cab or something but you just have to leave now”.

“You don’t mean that right? You can’t just f--k me senseless and throw me out the next day when it isn’t even morning yet. Is that how you behave?”. She asked getting angry.


“Kayla,my name is Kayla”. She interrupted me angrily

“Look Kayla,we both had a nice time and that is all. If you are expecting something else,I am sorry to disappoint you. I have other things to do so you should be on your way now”.

“Not happening”. She yelled “you aren’t gonna use me and dump me like a piece of trash”.

Some girls don’t just get it do they?

“Believe me you wouldn’t want me to show you my other side”. I moved closer to her and she flinched “I am a bad guy Kayla,you should run now that there is still time”. I threatened and restrained myself from laughing when I saw the look on her face,it was priceless.

“You aren’t gonna kill me right?” She asked gently.

Oh she is tongue tied, wasn’t she the one yelling at me right now.

“No I won’t. I would do more than that and you would wish you died instead. I am Ashton bustamante by the way”. I told her.

“You a-----e”. She yelled again before standing up and picking her clothes from the floor. She wore her clothes faster than I imagined before going towards the door “input your passcode”.

I inputted the password and she shot me a menacing look before scurrying out of my house.


I took a deep breath and rubbed my head again. A glass of water please.

I went to get a glass of water and I saw the coffee maker slightly open. I opened it and I saw already made coffee in the machine. Kim? Why would she leave an already made coffee in the machine. I sighed before pouring it into a cup,I should probably take this now. I added cream and I sipped the coffee gently.

I was sure Kim didn’t notice me bring a lady in,did she? Even if she did,it was stated in the contract that we could do whatever we wanted whenever we are away from the public view. But she didn’t really see me with the lady on the couch right? She would have been asleep she prolly didn’t notice when I got back. That’s a relief then.

I rinsed my cup and I went to my room to get ready for my daily workout. After my workout,I got ready for work even with the migraine that wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

I heard shuffling of feet downstairs and I saw Kim sitting on the coffee table nursing a cup. This is weird? She rarely wakes up by this time.

I cleared my throat and she looked at me flatly,she didn’t even murmur a force greeting unlike before.

“We need to talk” I heard her say.

I scrunched my eyebrows,my head was still hurting “About what? Can’t it wait?”.

“No it can’t”. She deadpanned.

Right this is new. Kim was rude to me but not this rude.

“Since it can’t,go on and be snappy about it”. I snapped taking a seat opposite her,I groaned when my head hit the headrest. F--k you migraine.

She sized me up before standing up,my eyes trailed after her as she went to the coffee maker. She wasn’t even done with the coffee in the cup, what’s with her and coffee anyways? For no reason I found myself glued on my seat,unlike before I would have stood up. I wasn’t this patient.

The whistle of the coffee maker snapped me back to my senses. I heard this sound yesterday night and all that happened came crashing on me like a tornado. Kim was making coffee,there was a whistle,me and the lady looked at where the noise came from,the lady said something and I replied and we took off each other’s clothes and we had sex. OMG

Kim was there,that explains the coffee I met in the coffee maker. What have I done? I didn’t have sex with that lady in her presence did I? That was like live p--n. OMG Ashton.

“Here”. Kim said dropping a cup of coffee in front of me “this would help with the migraine,I added vinegar”. She told me and I looked at her speechless.

“Thank you”. I heard myself say after she sat down,the event of last night still playing in my head.

“I wanted to talk to you about Millie’s auction. She said you got the invitation and she isn’t sure if you are gonna attend it”.

“Uhmm”. I hummed still not raising my head out of embarrassment or something else.

The coffee was great and not too strong and it helped my migraine.

“If you have time you should please attend it,it means alot to her if you do. You don’t have to stay for long if you don’t have enough time,you just have to wait for the bidding part. She said you bid the highest and that means alot to her”. She elaborated.

“I don’t have time for things like that”. I told her in my calmest voice. I didn’t want to snap because it would just make matters worst.

“I know that but Millie’s drawing are really beautiful and the money she gets from this yearly auction is what she uses to fund her orphanage home”. She persuaded.

Millie is the youngest out of mom’s friends and to me she is the most industrious. I don’t have a good relationship with her not like I have a good relationship with anyone anyways. Mom thinks no one should take their talents as a career and I know how mom gets when someone refuses to take her advice.

“You want me to attend it?”. I asked her.

“Millie would be glad if you attend it”.

I sighed “of course she would be as long as I bid the highest as always. The question is do you want me to attend it?”.

“You should attend it if you want to”. She replied.

“Then I don’t want to”. I said curtly.

“I know you are really busy and you are working on resuming your project,but you should please attend it if you have the time. I know you don’t want to but for the sake of the children in the orphanage home you should please try to attend it”. She persuaded surprisingly she haven’t snapped either.

“Do you see anything yesterday”. I heard myself say.

I don’t know why I asked that but I wanted to be sure because I didn’t like how uncomfortable I was feeling one bit. Not to talk of the guilty feeling, it feels like I have scarred someone for life and no matter how insensitive I am to feelings,I don’t want that.

“Did I see what?”. She asked me.

How do I say this now. It looks likes my migraine is coming back. Tch.

“Uhmm,I know you kinda saw what happened but I was not in my normal state of mind,I was drunk”.

“Drunk? You didn’t look like you were”. She retorted.

How much did she see at this f-----g point? I am really confuse.

“Uhmm,I was drunk. I was and believe me if I knew you were standing in the kitchen I wouldn’t have you know….done that in your presence”. I told her.

“Really? You…”

I interrupted her “I know it isn’t right and I repeat I wouldn’t have done that in your presence,that is really stupid and I know it. F--k,look I know you won’t probably believe this but I don’t bring ladies to my house but whatever happened that I brought her over must be because I took alot of alcohol”.

“She looked kinda bursty. You are into the bursty type right?”. She asked looking at me straight in the eyes and I wanted to laugh but it would just irritate her the more.

“Was she?”. I asked dumbly of course the lady was.

“I don’t know,you are the one in the position to answer that.” She paused “I know all this isn’t real and it is a contract but we all have a point where we can take things anymore. I know every one has desires to submit to and we are two grown up individuals. Look, there is nothing bad in hooking up with other ladies but what happened yesterday isn’t right,It wasn’t right in the sense that I was standing there and you didn’t have the decency to do it elsewhere,you could have gone to your room or one of the other rooms since you saw me standing there but you didn’t do any of that. Yes I was mad and I decided to tell you this because even though this is a contract there should be little respect too”.

“I am aware of that and I am not glad you saw something like that but believe me I wasn’t in my normal state of mind. I was high on alcohol”.

“You should please be more careful next time”. She warned me.

“I have to be on my way now”. I told her standing up.

“You should think about Millie’s auction please”. She told me.

I was about to input the passcode of the door when I turned back “kim”. I called.

“Uhmm” she replied turning to look at me.

“I am sorry”. I heard myself say.

Okay that was a first. I wasn’t one to say sorry but it felt nice saying it to her.

“It’s alright”. She said smiling softly.

Okay that smile was worth it.

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