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Hardin Castillo



Fear crippled me , freezing every muscle of my body as I stared down at Hazel limp body in my arms…

her lips were blue , her face pale and her eyes shut tightly!!

“What the hell is wrong with her?” I yelled , looking at my mum and then at my dad

“she is unconscious , we need to take her to the hospital”. My dad stated , moving closer

hastily , i placed one arm around her back and the other around the bend in her knees lifting her in a bridal style and then dashed out of the house to the garage …..

I was so d--n scared, if anything happens to Hazel..arrrgh! I won’t be able to forgive myself …..


on Seeing the anxiety on my face , the security man who was seated in front of his “quarters” rushed to open the rear door of my car and when he did , I placed Hazel gently in a lying position at the back seat , closing the door behind her

but what happened to her Sir? the security man pried with a worried look

“It is none of your business, Just open the d--n gate ” I half yelled and he mumbled an apology rushing back to the gate

opening the front door , I was about hopping into the car when my dad stopped me with his voice …

“I will drive son!

I glanced over my shoulders to see him standing right behind me

“There is no need for that!” I retorted and he exhaled deeply , holding the door of the car

“No! You ain’t in the right state of mind , go sit beside her , I will drive”. he insisted and yes , he was right , I was stiff scared , my whole body was trembling , I couldn’t think straight, I was really going crazy !!!

without saying more, I turned around , open the door to the rear seat then hopped in beside Hazel , closing the door behind me and my dad who was seated behind the wheel drove off ……

Steadying my breathe, I tried to calm my panic but it was of no use as I could no longer control my hands, they were shaking in an odd trembling rhythm …..

Nevertheless, I raised Hazel gently placing her head on my laps as I stared at her pale face absentmindedly…..I was lost in thoughts trying to find an answer….

Am I gonna loose her? Is this gonna be the end of us?

“I am sorry”. My dad suddenly apologise, snapping me out of my thoughts and I look up to see him staring at me through the rear mirror

” I should have just stayed in the room, I shouldn’t have called your name , I never knew she was the one”. he added

“No dad !it isn’t your fault dad , I should be thanking you , you made it all easy for me ” I assured and he shot me a curious look

“Easy! were you planning on telling her the truth?”

“Yes”. I simply answered and he sighed softly

It must be really hard for you!!

Of course it is, but does it matter? hell no , i just want her to understand me and that is all……


Finally! after a long drive, we got to the hospital .

opening the door , I alighted from the car to see two male nurses rushing towards us , rolling a stretcher ….

I shot my dad a puzzled look as he smiled lightly

“It is your mom, she called to inform them”.he explained

Oh right! I completely forgot she is well-connected!!


Carrying Hazel out from the car , the nurses set her carefully on the stretcher and when done , they rolled it hurriedly along the path they had trodden down, into the hospital……..

I sighed in frustration as I was just too confused

Should I go in? Should I wait out here?

And as if reading my thoughts, my dad said

“I understand how you feel son but this is the only chance you have got to prove your love, the girl might be hurting but I am very sure she wants to hear your own side of the story”

I took in a deep breathe , he just gave me the strength I needed!

“Let us go !” I said , leading the way as we both walked into the hospital , straight to the room outside the ICU ……

I was too restless to sit so I paced up and down while waiting to hear from the doctor….


In what seems like an age , the door to the emergency ward opened and the doctor came out with the two nurses following behind him …….

on seeing me , he adjusted his glasses and mopped his fore head, flashing me a smile

“Hardin Castillo right?” he asked and I nodded slowly, fixing my gaze on him

” Wow!you look better than the last time I saw you ”

” The girl , how is she?” I asked changing the subject, I was already getting impatient

“Who is she to you?” he asked me

“his girlfriend”. my dad butted in before I could respond and the doctor shifted his gaze to him

And you are????

“Hardin’s father! Is that okay , so can you please tell us how the girl is? My dad barked , making the doctor chuckle nervously

“Erm actually it is nothing serious and I am happy to inform you that they are both fine ”

Both! I muttered, exchanging puzzled look with my dad

” See Doc! I think you are getting it all mixed up , I am talking about the short black haired girl who was rushed in minutes ago” I stated and the doctor laughed

“I know Hardin! your girlfriend is pregnant , don’t you know about it ???”

Pregnant! I repeated in disbelief and he nodded

“From the look of it , she should be about 6-7 weeks gone”. he added and I felt a sharp , stabbing pain in my chest

Pregnant! how is it possible? no , it can’t be , did she f-----g cheat on me?

My heart beat so violently that I grew pale and had to lean on the wall to stop myself from falling!!

“Okay Doctor! Can we go see her ?” my dad asked , breaking the awkward silence

“Of course you can , she should be awake in an hour or less”. the doctor assured but their voices sounded so far-off as my head was clouded with the thoughts of Hazel cheating on me…

“So this is it? So this is the way she wants it?” I yelled , slamming my fist hard against the wall

“Hardin!you can’t do this here , people are watching”. My dad said ,trying to hold my already injured hands but I slapped his hands away

“I don’t care ! I really don’t care” I screamed not minding the scene I was creating

“Really! then go ahead , keep on hurting yourself, do you think anger would solve all this?” he yelled back at me and I became a little bit calm

“both of you need to sit down , trash it out together and then come up with a decision. he added and i scoffed

“The only decision here is to breakup”

“No son! there might be more to it ….. but sorry to pry , Haven’t you both been intimate?… I mean the baby might be yours. he stated as I bit at my lower lips in anger , ignoring him

The words “pregnancy” and ” baby” did nothing but to fuel up the anger in me ..

His phone suddenly rang and he brought it out of his pocket

“It is your mum”. he informed, holding the phone up for me to see and I nodded slowly

Go stay with your girl , let me receive the call. he said ,walking towards the entrance….


Disoriented, I pushed the door to the ward opened and walked in to see Hazel laying on the bed with her eyes still closed

Fair enough, her breathing was back to normal , her facial look was no longer blank , her lips was cracked but no longer blue ……..

Sitting down beside her , I stared into her face

” why Hazel? Why did you do it? am I not okay for you? Is it because I am younger or what? I muttered softly as the tears rolled down my eyes and that was when I realised how much I needed her by my side, how much I really love her …..


Hazel Dakota



Slowly, I opened my eyes and blinked , in front of me was a white wall with a photograph of what look like a “human heart”!although I couldn’t make it out for certain ,My visions was still hazy.

I tried to raise my right hands to wipe the sleep and hair from my eyes but realised I couldn’t move it , someone was holding it tightly

“Leave me alone “. I said but my voice came out in whispers

“No Haz I won’t leave you”. I heard a familiar voice say and on a closer look , I realised it was Hardin

“Hardin!” I called , staring intently at him and that was when the memory of what happened earlier flashed through my mind…..

My countenance changed to that of anger ,

The guy holding my hand is Jayden Winthrop!

I forcefully withdrew my hand as I sat up on the bed , looking around

“Where am I?” I thought aloud

“You are in the hospital”. he answered and I scoffed

“I didn’t ask you ! what are you even doing here? I snapped at him

“And What is that suppose to mean?” he snapped back at me

” I don’t want you here or beside me ever” I yelled as he huffed , clapping his hands lightly

” interesting! so your “baby daddy” can take over??” he drawled and I froze

Baby daddy! Is he already aware of the pregnancy? I thought within

“So tell me! how does his d--k feel , does he drill you more than I do?” he sneered, making me confused

“Who the hell are you talking about?”

“I am talking about the f-----g bastard who impregnated you” he yelled

“And that bastard is you Jayden Winthrop “. I yelled back at him and he went stiff

“I lied to you! I f-----g lied to you about the implants and look at what my stupidity resulted to , I am carrying my father’s murderer child” I screamed , staring at him in disgust

I was expecting him to go down on his knees pleading , I was expecting him to try explain things to me but no, he stared at me for a while and then burst out in a roar of laughter

“Then I guess this solves everything, abort the child so we can both go our separate ways”.he stated, making my heart churn in pain

He doesn’t even care about me one bit !!!

“Your pathetic murderer” I cursed at him but he didn’t flinch , it was like he wasn’t bothered about it , like he wasn’t affected by it …… wait a minute! Is there something more to this? yes, there must be , because the Hardin i fell in love might have anger issues but is certainly not a murderer….

“Did you do it?” I asked , staring at him and he seemed taken aback by my question

“Do what??”

“Murder my dad” . I probed on and that was it , his breathing became heavier!his hands were clutched tightly! his jaw clenched!he was so angry

“Are you so desperate to keep the child that you now blurt out nonsense? ” he retorted in a huff

” No I just feel …. I tried to say but he cut me off

“I want that tiny thing growing inside you aborted”

I scoffed ,” Say that one more time and I swear you will never see me and your child again”. I threatened, getting off the bed to face him

I was still very weak but I couldn’t just sit and watch him call my baby a thing

A flicker of fear crossed his face which he quickly replaced with a smirk

” Are you threatening me?”he asked with a low voice

“No!I ain’t threatening you , I am only stating the fact”. I corrected as he took few steps backward, covering his face with his hands

“Why do you like to shut the ones you love out of your life?” you did it to your mother, then to me and now to the child you have never even met , why? I yelled

“Don’t dare act like you know me”. he retorted and I laugh bitterly

“Of course I know you! you are the one who sends a girl out of the house and also the same person who tries to kill himself because he didn’t meet her in the same house ……

“Hazeeeeel”. he screamed loudly, holding his head ; and instantly, the door to the ward flew opened and his parent rushed in

“Hardin!” his mum called , trying to rush to him but “her husband” stopped her

“Let them handle it themselves ”

“I want to know the real truth Hardin , I want to know why you f-----g killed my dad so that when your child grows and start asking questions, I will know to what to say”. I yelled

and he raised his head to look at me

his eyes was bloodshot and there was an emotion in it I couldn’t really place , it was as if he was scared of something!

“Really! When my child grows! Are you planning on leaving me?” he asked with a cracked voice

“Yes , you threw us away yourself”. I answered bluntly and he shook his head vigorously

” That is not true Hazel , I want both you and that tiny thing erm I mean child in my life but I am just scared they might hurt both of you and also …… he paused , biting his lips as he looked away

“Continue Hardin , who are they?” his father butted in, making him curse silently

“No one dad” . he answered nervously and his dad scoffed

“Talk to me , Did anyone threaten you? who the hell are they?” he thundered and I flinched a little

Now I know who Hardin got his hot- temperedness from !

“Hardin!” I called softly and he slowly shifted his gaze to me

Hazel! he called as hot tears rolled down his eyes and without thinking, I rushed to hug him

I couldn’t bear to see him this way! he was already a part of me and I must admit , i am crazily in love with him ……

he wrapped his hands around me tightly as he wept like a baby ….

“I am not a murderer Hazel”. he muffled and i froze ,pulling out of the hug to stare at his face

“What did you say?” I asked , holding my breathe

“I said I am not a murderer” he repeated and I exhaled deeply in relief

“Then what happened, were you framed?” I asked , picking my words

“No, i took the fall to protect my mother” he answered and the room became silent …….



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