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Knowing Jayden Winthrop


Hazel Dakota


Hearing his voice alone made my stomach flutter and my heart race faster

Am I dreaming? I thought within, pinching myself to be sure I wasn’t and yes , I wasn’t dreaming ……

“Hardin!” I called in disbelief as he sighed

“Yes Haz! how are you?” he asked softly and I scoffed , flaring up

“how am I ! Are you really asking me that? Just tell me , how do you expect me to be after ignoring me for months”. I half yelled

“Haz!” he called softly

“You should have told me you were only after my body! You should have told me you never loved me! You should have told me it was all a game to you”. I screamed in the phone not minding the awkward glances people in the club were throwing at me

I was just too pained to care , I just wanted to vent all of my anger on him

“I am sorry Haz! I didn’t mean to , I was just going through some shit. he explained and I scoffed

“Really! do you think of me as a fool?”

“No Haz! and why would I! you are …….jeez! that place too noisy , where the f--k are you?” he asked, changing the subject

“It is none of your business!” I retorted in a huff

The line went quiet for a while and then I heard him sighed

“You are right , it is none of my business”. he agreed , making my heart churn in pain

Does he really mean it?

“anyways I called to check on you , keep on having fun. he added, his voice was very low and I sensed something like jealousy in it.

” Wait!don’t hang up! I need to talk to you”

“Okay! go on , I am listening”

” erm actually erm It is erm not something we can discuss through the phone”

“Oh! If that is the case , I can come over to your place or you can to mine” .he suggested

“Can I really do that?”I asked to be sure

“Of course you can , I also have something to tell you”. he stated and my heart skipped a bit

What is that!Is he trying to break up with me completely?

I quickly composed myself , biting at my lower lips to stop myself from crying out my feelings

” so when should that be? tomorrow or…

“Let it be tomorrow “.he butted in

Alright! I agreed and hung up the call without telling him good night !

I was just too agitated!!


Disoriented , I walked slowly out of the strip bar to the bus – station

Hardin called me! he still remembers me! but his words made me feel he cares no longer .

” he just called to check on me” really! after two months…. I mean I was expecting him to beg and assure me he still loves me but no , I was hoping for too much

perhaps! Mum was right about the ” one – sided feelings”

I sighed in frustration

I just hope and pray he doesn’t deny me when I tell him about the pregnancy


It was way past sunset when I got to the bus station and unluckily for me , there was no available bus going to “North Tacoma” so I moved away from the bus stand and joined the queue on the side -walk

I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 20:00 pm on the dot

hopefully! I will be home before mid-night!

Finally! after a long wait , the bus arrived and on jumping the queue , I boarded it ignoring the glares and furious tut-tutting

They ought to understand that I ain’t got no time!

I sat down comfortably in the bottom deck , right behind the driver and then brought out my phone to text my mum

” I am on my way”

Leaning in the seat , I rested my head on the couch and soon drifted off to sleep …..



A light tap on my shoulder disrupted my sleep and I slowly opened my eyes to see a man staring down at me

“We are in North Tacoma miss”. he informed and then mover over to the next “sleeping passenger”

Rubbing my eyes , I stood up , sling my bag over my shoulders as I alighted from the bus….

It was already pitch dark so I walked hurriedly down the busy road till I got to the taxi station

And without wasting time , I flagged down a taxi and got in

“Petra estate”i called and the driver nodded before driving off

I unlocked my phone to see 9 missed calls from my mum and a message from Hardin

I clicked on it and read it

” Haz! I know you are still angry and sure , you have every right to be after all what I did to you but believe me when I say I did all that to protect your heart . I love you Hazel and will always do…”

My skin tingled in excitement ,he loves me! Hardin still loves me !

I kissed the phone , smiling sheepishly as I wriggled my body happily

Clicking on his number, I was about dialling it when my subconsciousness screamed at me

“Don’t! calling him will make you look desperate and yes , it was right …….

I quickly locked the phone , kept it inside my bag and then leaned in the seat, grinning like an idiot as I touched my flat tummy ….

“baby! can you hear me? your dad still loves me and I am sure he will love you too”. I said in whispers….


On Getting to my house , the driver stopped in front and I paid him after alighting

I walked up to the front porch and was about knocking when the door flew opened to reveal my mom standing at the entrance

“Oh Hazel! do you want to increase my pressure? where have you been? ” she asked opening the door wider and I walked into the sitting room, bolting the door behind me

“I am sorry mom”. I apologised as she sighed

“It is alright! so have you told him? what did he say? will he take responsibility for it?” She asked in a rush and I shook my head.

I haven’t told him yet!

“And why is that? are you scared of telling him? I can help you with it if you want”. She offered and I was forced to smile

“You don’t need to mom , I will tell him about it tomorrow”. I said , yawning

I was so tired and needed to sleep!

“Good night mom”. I bade , taking few steps to the room when she called

I turned around to face her and that was when I saw her tears and the pain in her eyes ….

Mum! I called softly as she sniffed , moving closer to me.

“I am sorry Hazel for being too hard on you ,I was just too Pained and hurt to think straight. She apologised,wiping her tears with her palm and I smiled knowing my caring mum is back …

“And I want you to know that I will always be there for you?”she reminded

“I know mum”. I simply said , pulling her into a hug and we both cried on each other arms but mine was tears of relief ….


Hardin Castillo


Laying on the bed , i turn and tossed , looking into my phone at intervals but there was still no message from Hazel

I was d--n worried!

Is she mad at me? Doesn’t she love me anymore? .. or wait! has she moved on already?is that why she sees no need to respond to my text?

Well! I don’t blame her , it is all my fault. I was the one who selfishly pushed her away without caring for her feelings………

I sat up on the bed in frustration

but can I really let go of her? I don’t think so , I love her so much to do so and that is why I have decided to tell her the whole truth about me …..

My phone suddenly rang and I quickly reached for it , hoping it to be Hazel but was disappointed to see the name “Richard” on the screen

I tossed the phone on the bed as I laid down back on it

This is really gonna be a long night for me!


Switching off the television , I was about dozing off when the door to my room flung opened and my mum rushed in,breathing hard

Not again! I muttered, rolling my eyes as she giggled like a little child

“I am sorry for barging in but your father is really giving me a tough time”. she said , smiling mischievously as she joined me on the bed ,laying beside me and I smirked

“so? are you gonna spend the night here again?” I asked , staring into her face and she nodded smiling

“Arrgh! can’t you and your lover leave me out of your love play?” I retorted in a huff

No son! my dad answered, entering into my room and I scoffed

” what are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious, since my wife wants to spend the night here then I will follow suit”

I looked at him , my mum and then back at him in disbelief

“Wife? how is that possible ”

“Simple! that is because we are both gonna retake our vows”. he answered as he laid beside my mum

“Oh!i can see !

“a good thing all of the loud moaning was not in vain” I muttered and my mom hit me playfully on my shoulder

“You are just too raw!”

“And you can leave if you don’t like it”. I said expecting her to get upset and leave the room but she didn’t, instead she leaned forward to kiss me

” I love you so much baby”

I sighed in defeat ,

“I love you too mom much more than you can ever imagine”

She stared at me with a curious look for a while and then smiled ………:

“Good night baby” she bade and I nodded absentmindedly as I was lost in thought imagining the kind of life I could have had if my parent were as loving and caring as this three years ago……

I could have been a well behaved child who wouldn’t have to Join a bad gang to feel complete and to sum it all , I wouldn’t have witnessed the gruesome death of the brown eyes man, Hazel’s father …..




Mike Peterson



” you have to chill man”. Noah half yelled , dragging the almost empty bottle of liquor out of my hands

“Give it back”. I yelled but he shook his head, standing up

“No way Austin!you have to get your act together and stop acting like a sissy ! he retorted and I scoffed , belching out loudly

“sissy! did you just call me sissy! no man , didn’t you hear what that tiny girl said? she said she is f-----g pregnant for Jayden”. I half yelled

“So? she is Jayden girlfriend so it ain’t a big deal or do you like her?” he drawled

“This is not about me liking her ,I just don’t want to f-----g go to jail”. I corrected in a huff

” And who said anything about you going to Jail ? he asked , staring at me confusedly and I sighed in frustration

I completely forgot I was talking to a dummy!

“Fine! let me explain it to you this way , Jayden’s girlfriend is the daughter to Peter Dakota , the Cops officer that got murdered three years ago , the same murder Jayden took the fall so what do you think will happen now , Do you think he will keep quiet? Do you f-----g think he will want the girl to see him as her father’s murderer now she is pregnant with his child?”I half yelled

“Of course he will , the kid loves his mother so much and wouldn’t want to see her hurt”. Noah said , trying to reason with me and I sighed knowing fully well this will not be the case anymore ..

The deep hatred in the kids eyes on the day I tried raping Hazel was the main reason i let them be , He hates me deeply and I know . what if he tries to tell on….. argh! I can’t let that happen, I will kill him before that happens……



Hazel Dakota



The time went by fast and it was soon morning


stretching , I turned sideways yawning and then sat up on the bed

“Good morning!” I greeted Alexia who was arranging her books on the small table at the corner of the room

She turned to face me and then smiled

“Morning Pearl! how was your night?” She asked with a chuckle and I smiled lightly

Pearl!only my dad calls me that

“Dad!” I muttered softly, I really miss him so much

Getting off the bed ,I dragged my feet as I went over to the bathroom to freshen up

Though I was feeling kinda feverish, I was still all excited about seeing Hardin today …….

I returned to the room with a towel wrapped around my body , went over to the wardrobe and on opening it , I searched through it for a comfortable gown and soon found one

It was a white Long floral gown with flare edges…

I smiled as I pulled it out

Towelling off , I hurriedly dressed up in it then ambled to the mirror stand to stare at my reflection

“Perfect! I remarked

“Yuck! Are you really gonna wear that?” Alexia asked and I stared at her through the mirror to see her shaking her head in disgust.

“Why! Is anything wrong with it?” I asked calmly

“It is so big and ugly , how can you wear that to your “baby daddy” home? she drawled, making me blush

baby daddy! I like the sound of it !!

“Well! Let me just say I am trying to cover my baby bump” I said with a grin and she scoffed

“Baby bump! too bad I can’t see it because your tummy is so flat”

“Whatever”. I muttered with an eye roll


Putting on a low slippers, I picked my bag along with my phone and then sauntered out of the room

“You look like a granny!” Alexia called after me and I stopped abruptly

“Granny! I repeated , looking down at the gown and my mum laughed

“Don’t mind her honey , you look great !” She remarked and I sighed in relief

“Good morning mum”! I greeted, moving closer to hug her

“Morning baby! how was your night?”

“Fine! Fine! Fine!”. I answered excitedly and she smiled lightly

“Seems like someone is really excited “. She said teasingly and i shook my head , trying to keep a straight face but ended up laughing

“I got you baby!”

“No! no! no!” I whined and we both laughed

“So what is up for breakfast?” I asked , changing the subject

” Biscuit and gravy”. She answered and I frowned

“Again! I don’t have appetite for that , I feel like eating something….sour”. I queried

“Then Go drink spoiled milk “. Alexia answered from the room

“Shut up!” I barked at her , clutching my fist tightly as my mom laughed

“Don’t mind her! She is only being childish ,I can get lime or lemon if that is okay by you ”

“Of course mom “, i would love that”

“but that will be when you return”.She quickly added, making me frown

But why mum?

“That is because I want you to clear off all the burden off your chest first . She said and after giving it some thought, I agreed

“Alright mum , see you later”. I bade as I rushed out of the house to the taxi station and on getting there, I flagged down a taxi, got into it and rested on the seat to calm down my nerves

” where to ma’am?” the driver asked

“Castillo mansion”. I answered nervously and he nodded ,driving off …..

Instantly, my stomach rumbled as the queasy feelings took over

“Please baby! don’t do this now!” I begged , clutching my tummy tightly but it was of no use as the feeling became worst

“Stop the car! Stop the car!” I screamed

“And why should I?” the driver asked , staring at me through the rear mirror

“Just stop the d--n car!” I rasped , holding my chest and when he did , I opened the car door and rushed out to throw up

I cough out and retched till my stomach hurt and when done , I got back into the car , closing the door behind me

“Are you alright ma’am?” the driver asked to be sure

“Yes , you can go”. I said weakly and he started the car , driving off ….

This is so embarrassing!



The car skidded to a halt in front of the Castillo’s mansion and on paying the driver, I alighted

Taking a deep breathe , I walked up to the huge gate and knocked on it; on waiting for few minutes, it was opened up by the security man

Seeing me , his eyes widened in surprise

” Hazel! how are you? what are you doing here?” he asked in a rush as I smiled lightly

“I came over to see Hardin”. I answered and he shot me a curious look

“Sir Hardin! Why?is he aware that you are coming?” he questioned me and I scoffed

” why all this questions? am I not allowed to visit?” I asked , picking my words

“erm it ain’t like that but ever since Sir Hardin tried committing sucide ,Madam instructed me to always question anyone who comes looking for him . he explained but his voice sounded so distant

Sucide! Hardin tried to kill him self!!!!!

“Why did he do that? When? how?”I asked in a rush , still finding it hard to believe

he shrugged, i don’t really know but he tried killing himself on the day I left

I froze on the spot

The day I left! Does it make any sense? he was the one who threw me out …

And with the little strength I had , I shoved the security man out of the way and rushed blindly into the house

Hazel! Hazel! he kept on calling but I was too pained to care

how dare he tries to kill him self! how dare he tries to leave me all alone! he will have to answer to me …


Entering the sitting room, I found him leaning on the sofa, looking into a book his mother was holding

he was explaining something to his mother who was just nodded her head like a dummy

“Hardin!” I called softly and they both looked in my direction

“Hazel! what are you doing here?” his mother asked ,looking at Hardin and then back at me

I completely ignored her as I was lost staring at Hardin

Oh Hazel! Comport yourself , you can’t be drooling

“Hey Haz!” I greeted, opening his arms wider and without thinking, I rushed to him , hugging him tightly

I couldn’t control my emotion, I really missed him so much

I pulled out of the hug to stare at his cute face

“Why?” I asked in whispers as tears rolled down my eyes but he just stared blankly at me

“Why did you try to kill yourself?” I repeated and this time around, he sighed

Opening his mouth, he was about saying something when someone called his name

“Yes Dad !” he answered , with his gaze still fixed on me

Dad! I muffled , looking in the direction of the voice to see a tall man with a model body climbing down the stairs….. but wait a minute! this man , what is he doing here?

I shifted my gaze to Hardin to see him staring at me

His deep green eyes bored into mine , it was as if he was pleading with me

I took two step backward in confusion

“What is going on here? Why is this man here?” I yelled , pointing at the man who was staring at me like I was some zombie

“Do I know you miss?” he asked , walking towards me

“Don’t!” I warned and he stopped abruptly

“you father to a murderer!” I cursed at him and then faced Hardin

“please Hardin do something, he is the one i told you about , the one who volunteered to pay Alexia and I school fees after his stupid son murdered my father “. I explained

“I cant do anything Haz!” he simply said

” and why is that????”

“That is because he is my father”. he answered and I froze

“Father!” I repeated in disbelief, shifting my gaze to the man and on noticing the stricken resemblance, the realisation hit me

Oh no! Hardin ! Jay! Is that why he is being referred to as Jay!…. Jayden Winthrop!!

” No it can’t be , it really can’t be ” . I muttered, shaking my head vigorously

“Haz!” he called , moving closer to me but I took a step backward

“Get away from me ! Get away from me ! Get away from me ! Get away from me!” I kept on screaming, scratching my hair like a crazy woman

my head was spinning around ! my lips quavering! My hands shaking! My legs wobbling!

“Haz please stop!”he pleaded as he wrapped his hands tightly around me

I tried pushing him but I was just too weak , my eyelids were heavy that I was trying so hard to keep it open but it was of no use

“Don’t push me away please!Please don’t push me away!” . I heard him say before drifting off to sleep ……



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