Age [Completed]

3 months ago

AGE( it is just a number)


As a lady , how would you feel if the person you turn out to love is younger than you? I am sure you will feel kind of awkward, right?

This happens to be the same problem Hazel has to face ……..

Meet Hazel Dakota a twenty one (21) year old high school drop out who tries so hard to make ends meet and also take care of her sick mother . …..

She got a mouth watering offer to work as a personal maid to the son of a rich woman , Hardin Castillo and that was where it all started from...

But who is Hardin Castillo? Let’s us meet him…..

he is a 17 years old teenager with a snubbish attitude, an ex Juvenile delinquent who doesn’t give a d--n about anyone……..


What will happen when Hazel falls hard for the teenager?

Will he return her love? If yes , will she be able to tame him?

Will Hardin be able to put his past behind him?

Hmmmmh I am so curious …….


Find out by reading this suspense filled story, AGE( it is just a number) …….

Written by Princess Juliet

Age - S01

Age - S01

3 months ago