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The full truth


Hardin Castillo



The atmosphere in the room was tense, though apparently not hostile.

“What did you just say?” my mum asked but her voice came out in whispers

Opening my mouth, I tried answering her but no sound came out

I was d--n scared!

A feeling of dread crept up from the pit of my stomach as I could feel the flight responses kicking, increasing my heart rate, flooding me with adrenaline .

Every muscle screamed at me to flee but no , I hadn’t come this far to run…

Hardin! I guess it is time for you to man up!

“Baby! Please talk to me, what do you mean by “protecting me”. My mum continued, snapping me out of my thoughts and I slowly shifted my gaze to her

She was standing right in front of me and believe me when I say, I never knew when she got there

I heaved a sigh, looking away from her to Hazel who was now seated on the bed , staring at me curiously with her hands folded across her chest

I smiled lightly

She is the reason I am gonna do this , I don’t want her to see me as a murderer, I don’t want her to hate me and most important I don’t want her to leave me ………..

” yes mother , I took the fall to protect you”. I answered , finding my voice again and she swallowed hard , looking at my dad and then back at me

Wait! Are trying to say you didn’t kill Peter Dakota?”She continued , picking her words

“Yes”. I answered truthfully and she took two steps backward in disbelief , beating her chest in grief as her legs suddenly give out but thankfully,my dad was quick to catch her ….

“Why! Why did you take the fall?” She half yelled as the tears rolled down her eyes

“That is because they threatened to rape and kill you!” I retorted calmly , Making my dad scoff

“Even so, you should have told me , you should have said the f-----g truth during your trial”. he fired at me

“And how do you expect me to do that? Do you know how deadly that can be?” I fired back at him

he stared at me for a while and then sighed

“You are right son and I am really sorry for yelling at you but I am just so pained”. he said as my mum whimpered , breaking down in fresh tears

“help him Dave!please help him!

her voice came out muffled !her face reddened as the veins stand out on her neck ….

“Of course I will but he needs to tell the whole truth without leaving a thing out”.he stated ,fixing his gaze on me and I nodded in agreement as I slid down to the tiled floor,bringing my knees up to my chest….



Three years ago, I was this kid who was always envied by classmates

I was brilliant!cute! all teachers favourite and to crown it all , the famous kid writer, Jayden Winthrop…..

They all wanted to be like me , no they all wanted to be me. most of them didn’t hide their envies , thus making me an item for the bullies

They would hide my manuscripts! tear up my books! forcefully collect my lunch money! and to sum it all , gang up against me beating me up to a pulp if I dare report to a teacher!

I became scared and depressed, school became a nightmare but my ” perfect parent” never seemed to notice because they were always busy ….

Dad was always solving cases , he hardly even sleeps at home and as for mum she prefers partying, shopping , hanging out with those bimbos she call friends to staying with me ……

” No baby! my mum butted in , i never meant it that way , I was only …. she tried to say but my dad cut her off

“Don’t disrupt him , let him talk”!!!!!


I returned from school one evening with a swollen face and as expected , I met no one at home ….Well! except for the maids and what could they possibly do? nothing.

I was tired of being bullied, I needed someone to confide in so I stayed up all night waiting for the “both of you “but only mum returned home that night …..

seeing my swollen face , she started ranting and raving, calling me all sort of mean names without even listening to me and when done , she instructed one of the maids to fix me up then climbed upstairs to her room, changed her clothes and went out partying again….

I was hurt! I was pained! So I came up with a decision to run away…..


I parked few of my clothes into my backpack, stole one of Dad’s credit card and then ran out of the house with no destination in mind but I was too pained to care , I just wanted to be far away from home so I took a bus to East Smithfield and that was where I met him “The Boss”


“The Boss “as he is Popularly called is the leader to the one of the most deadliest gang in London , he is known to be ruthless so i was surprised when he took a liking to me …..

he introduced me to the gangs and despite my age, I was fully accepted by all….::


I began smoking , doing drugs , drinking f-----g all within a month and being able to do all this freely made me feel complete; that no matter how many times you both tried to severe my ties from the gang , I kept on returning because I was already addicted to all of it especially sex!!.I paused to stare at Hazel , searching through her face for “pain or jealousy” and to my relief , I found none so I continued


Mum made me promise never to go back to the gang which I did but never kept

by then, I had become so wild and rotten , I had no morals , my lifestyles scared most of the bullies away and as for the stubborn ones , they were dealt with by the gang members

I became the head of the bullies , my Popularity among girls increased , i partied whenever i wanted , I inked my whole chest with tattoos , I become so arrogant that even my parent were scared of me but it was short -lived …..


On that fateful day , I returned home from school to meet a shocking sight

“Right in the sitting room, I caught mum pant down riding on the neighbour’s d**k”

They were so engrossed in the sex that they failed to notice me

I was shocked! I was speechless! I thought of calling dad but I quickly changed my mind !

Reasons; I never wanted to be known as the son who destroyed his parent marriage!

Retreating my steps slowly , I ran out of the house , taking a bus to East smith field !!!

I needed someone to talk to! I wanted to put all of the pain behind me, so I decided to talk to “The Boss”

I met him at the ” usual spot” ( a bar at the outskirt of the town) so I cried ,pouring out my heart to him which I immediately regretted because his response made me flare up

“And what was his response?” My dad asked , gritting his teeth as he tried consoling my mum who wouldn’t stop crying

I scoffed , “he called her a b---h , saying beautiful bitches like her are meant to be f----d”. I half yelled , slamming my fist on the wall in anger as my breathing increased

I couldn’t take the insult so I started a fight with him not minding who he was , I was just too blinded by rage to care ….

The whole club went silent as everyone stared at me gobsmacked

“No one dared challenge the boss but I did”

And that was when it all happened, The Boss picked up a bottle from the table and was about smashing it against my head when we heard the sound of gun cocking followed by a thick baritone voice

“Drop the bottle or I will shoot”

I quickly turned in the direction to see a stout man on black and on showing his identity card , i found out he was an undercover detective….

“My Dad” I heard Hazel gasped and on glancing at her , I saw her tears

I exhaled deeply as I continued


The whole club went wild in confusion as everyone ran hectar skelter trying to flee but the stout man didn’t seem to mind , his gaze was fixed on the Boss

with a smile on his face, he told the Boss he was under arrest and that was when the realisation hit me , the stout man was in the club to arrest the Boss…

I was scared and confused at the same time

Will the man arrest all of the gang members? will I go to prison?

Just then , the stout man phone rang and on receiving the call , he lowered the gun a little as his attention was fixed on the caller

“Hello Pearl!”I heard him say

The call was the distraction The Boss needed and in a flash, he pulled out a knife from his back pocket , rushing to stab the man on his upper chest

I screamed loudly as the man fell to the floor bleeding, making him shift his gaze to me

“Please don’t die! please don’t die! I kept on mumbling as his brown eyes bore deeply into mine

It was as if he was trying to communicate with me, it was as if he was trying to ask me what a little kid like me was doing in the club

I stood transfixed on the spot , I was too shaken to move

And as for The Boss, he kept on stabbing the man on his hands, shoulders , laps! Making his blood splatter on the walls , his clothes and a little on mine …

Obviously! he wanted the man to suffer before killing him

I wanted to run for safety but my feet wouldn’t allow me so I stared on as the Boss picked up the man gun , aiming it at him and the next thing that followed was the sound of gun shot and that was it , the brown eyes man fell down with a loud thud screaming a name before he blacked out ” Pearl”

“No it can’t be! It really can’t be”! Hazel suddenly screamed, getting off the bed as she pulled at her hair , stamping her feet on the floor , crying

I became alarmed , did I say anything to get her upset?

Getting up off the floor , I rushed to her , pulling her to me as I tried to stop her from hurting her self

“No Hardin , let me be”.she screamed as I wrapped my hands tightly around her

“I killed my father! I killed my father “. She added , screaming and I pulled out of the hug , staring at her befuddled

” what do you mean by that?” I asked and she swallowed hard , trying to steady her panic

“I am the one who called him , I am the one who distracted him , I am the Pearl”. She half yelled , trying to wriggle her tiny body out of my grip but I held her even more tightly ……

Pearl! Is that it? Is that why she is behaving like someone crazy? I thought within, heaving a sigh of relief

“Hazel! you didn’t kill your father so please stop all this”. I pleaded but she didn’t budge , she kept on screaming

Oh right! I never knew someone this tiny has a voice this loud , I really need to do something before she scream down the hospital!!

“Fine! Fine!even if don’t wanna listen to me , at least think about the baby inside you , I am sure you don’t wanna hurt it”. I begged and that did the trick , she stopped screaming , looking up at me

” I am not happy Hardin , I want the bastard who shot my father to rot in prison”. She said , sniffling and I nodded slowly

same with me!!!

” so who is this Boss you are talking about? I mean doesn’t he have a name ??” My dad asked and I exhaled deeply before answering

“His name is Austin Rivera”

“What! Austin Rivera that bastard! you were a part of his gang???”he asked in shock and I nodded

D--n! he cursed , clutching his fist tightly as I gave him a puzzled look

“Do you know him???”

“Yes erm I mean No , his name was on the most wanted list in London coolval stories but was later wiped off”.


“No cops officer knows what he looks like ….well except ! Peter Dakota who I believe must have been tailing him for long”. he explained

“Does that mean you know my father?” Hazel asked with a tiny voice and my Dad nodded

” I met him thrice or there about and I must admit he was an intelligent dad praised , making Hazel smile lightly

having said that , he got up and then faced my mom , signalling her to do the same ….

” I guess I will have to take the next flight back to London, the bastard must be brought to book”

“No Dad , you don’t have to do that” I retorted and they all looked at me

You don’t have to go to London because the bastard Is here in South Tacoma. I have seen him , I have talked to him and he is called by a different name Mike ……

” Peterson”. Hazel completed with Disbelief written all over her face and I nodded

“Oh God! She exclaimed softly, wrapping her hands tightly around me as she whimpered …

She is just too emotional!

“Why didn’t you tell me?that bastard almost raped me?”

“but he didn’t”. I said as I turned sideways to face my father

“Mike Peterson is Austin Rivera”. I repeated and without saying a word , he stormed out of the room dragging my mother along with him …..


A cold relief washed over me and I smiled, staring into Hazel face

“Thanks for believing in me!”

“No! I should be the one thanking you , thanks for saying the truth and also for not denying the baby” . She responded

“And why would I! I was your first and moreover, I trust you”

She smiled , Thanks Hardin!!!




Dave Winthrop



I hadn’t noticed the goose bumps creeping until now , so my son had been innocent all this while

D--n! Why didn’t I think of it? why didn’t I believe in my own son?

My heart was hurting, I was deeply pained!!


Opening the car door , I got in and Camilla also did the same at her own end

She was still crying and i ignored her knowing fully well she was still beating herself in grief … well! She should be , after all she was the one who brought all this to Hardin ..

She was Just too careless in “parenting issues”!!

Connecting my phone to the speaker , I started the car and drove off , dialling a number

The call was picked up on the second ring

“Hello Dave!” the person on the other end greeted first

“Hi Dec!leave whatever you are doing , I want the case of Peter Dakota re-opened”

“Peter Dakota! but why? I thought you wanted it to be forgotten , I mean your son is out of Juvenile prison right???

hearing the word “Juvenile prison” made my heart churn in anger

” he is innocent, my “little one” ain’t do no shit , he took the fall for some one”. I screamed into the phone , making Camilla flinch

“Took the fall! What are you saying Dave? Are you trying to say he is innocent?” he asked to be sure

“Yes! I answered coldly as he cursed silently

“I recorded his confession, I already sent it to the head office so put a call through every important figure in the “police department and also transfer all of the files to the Tacoma cops station”

“But why Tacoma?” he probed on

” That is because the killer is here in Tacoma , Austin Rivera the leader of the Deadly street gang in London ”

What!!!he exclaimed in disbelief

“Yes! Transfer the files asap , I am already on my way to the police station. I instructed and ended the call …

“What next! Will my baby name be cleared now?” Camilla asked in between sobs and I nodded without looking at her

She is just too lucky I love her so much else I would have completely pushed her out of my life ..

Turning on the left turn signal , I controlled the steering wheel as I made a left turn down the path leading to the police station


I was attracted to Camilla the very first day I laid my eyes on her ,she was so d--n beautiful that I thought it won’t be possible getting her but I was wrong , I had her screaming my name that same night , that was when I knew how bitchy she was …..

Despite knowing that , I still wanted her , I still loved her

Though four years older than me yet I don’t mind .. well! as the saying goes , AGE Is Just A Number…….

I glanced at her to see her staring at me worriedly

Do I still love her? yes , I still do ….


Getting to the police station, I parked out in front and on opening the door , I instructed Camilla to wait in the car then walked into the station, straight to reception

“Good afternoon! I greeted the officer seated behind the desk

“how can I help you?” he asked without looking at me and I scoffed

“I am Dave Winthrop and I need to see the Chief police”. I stated and instantly , the man sprang to his feet like a robot

“Winthrop! I am so sorry , I never knew you were the one” he apologised, smiling like an idiot

“It is alright, is the chief in his office????”

” yes ! just climb up the stairs , the second room by the left”. he directed

Following the direction, I climbed up the stairs and stopped in front of the second room, knocking on the door

“Come in”. an husky voice answered from inside and I pushed the door opened, walking in to see Lanky man seated behind the desk

“Tony!” I called him by his first name and he looked up at me with a smile

“Dave! how have you been?” he asked , gesturing me to sit but I simply waved my hand, declining his offer

I was in no mood for friendly talk, i wanted to get down to business!

“I asked for some files to be sent to you , have you seen them?”I started and he nodded slowly , looking down at his system

“I am on it but I still find it hard to believe little Jayden sacrificed his freedom to protect his mother! he retorted and I sighed

“That explains how much he loves her”

So what do you intend to do? Should we make a life broadcast? he asked and I nodded

“But firstly, we need to get the son of a b---h. I half yelled , hitting my fist on the table

“Sure! Do you know where he stays?””

My phone suddenly beep signifying an incoming message, it was a message from Hardin

I clicked on it and read it

” house 5 Denmark block , Petra estate”

I smiled

“Of course I know where he stays , my son Just sent his address” I answered ….

Good! we will make an arrest now and after that we will make a life broadcast for the whole world to know the truth”



Mike Peterson



Laying on the big bed in my room , I was watching the television with Noah when a car drove into the compound

I exchanged puzzled look with Noah.

“Confirm”.I simply instructed and in a rush , Noah got off the bed , looking out of the window

Oh God! he exclaimed , shaking in fright and I became alarmed

“Who the hell is that?” I hall yelled , jolting up from the bed

“It is the police” he yelled back and I froze

Police! why are they here? or did Jay ….. Dang it! he confessed already …….

And without wasting time , I picked up my gun along with the key to my power bike

“Let us go ” I told Noah who already had a wet patch on his trousers

Yuck! Did he just wee on himself?

“Go! and where are we gonna pass through? the house is f-----g surrounded “. he half yelled and I pointed to the back window

“What!! are you kidding me? how are we gonna jump through that?he retorted, breathing hard

“Then you can stay here and perish”. I drawled and that was all I needed to convince him , he rushed to the window , opened it and swallowed hard as he stared down

“What are you waiting for? Jump” . I yelled and on taking a deep breathe, he got in a crouch position, arms by his side as he jumped down making a loud noise

“Arrrrgh” I heard him groaned in pain

Increasing the sound of the television, I followed suite , rushed to the bike stand, got on it and started it.

“Let get out of here”. I screamed at Noah who was still trying to stand up and he held the wall for support, limping towards me

he got in the pillion and on wearing my helmet , I drove through a short cut to the busy street…

I kept on driving without no destination in mind

” where the f--k are you going?” Noah screamed from behind me

” I don’t know!” I answered truthfully as he cursed silently

“There is an abandoned building down the road , we can chill there a little” .he said and I nodded in agreement…


In what seems like forever, we got to the building and I drove into it

The place was so dusty , full of cobwebs and even the house looked haunted

I alighted from the bike , looking around

This is so frustrating!

” what are we going to do now?” Noah asked , sliding to the floor and without saying a word , I brought out a smaller phone from my pocket to dial a number

The person received it immediately

“The Boss!” He greeted first and I sighed

“I need your help man”

” And what is it Boss” he asked

” get me two tickets to London , I want to return . I instructed and the line went quiet

“Are you there man?” I asked to be sure and he sighed

“That wont be possible! Your name is back to the wanted list ”

“Is this suppose to be a joke or what?my name is always on the wanted list . I retorted in a huff

” I know Boss !but this is different , a picture of you is attached to it along with a second name , Mike Peterson”

” what!! how is that possible! No body knows that name ….. except … Jayden!!

I smashed the phone against the wall in anger

I have had enough, that rude kid is bent on destroying me but hellno , I will destroy him first……



Hazel Dakota


Everything still feels like a dream but I can assure you that it is not , Hardin was beside me again and I was wrapped up in his arms

his scents was the only thing I could I inhale because he was so d--n close

I wriggled my body in excitement and he chuckled lightly

“Are you gonna keep on doing that?” he asked and I raised my head to stare at his cute face

“Doing what???”

“Shaking like a jelly fish”. he answered and I hit him playfully

“Just go away!”

“No! I won’t , I will stay by your side forever”. he said and I smiled

“Awww! I never knew you can be this romantic”. I said teasingly

Just then, the door to the ward creaked opened and a nurse walked in

“Good evening Hardin”. She greeted , completely ignoring me

“Evening! for crying out loud, this is almost mid night, why didn’t you knock?”Hardin retorted in a huff , making the nurse play with her fingers shyly

I smiled inwardly

” I know! the doctor instructed me to assign you both to a better room and that is why I am here”. She explained

“Oh! If that is the case , let us go” he agreed and I frowned, shaking my head

” I ain’t going no where”

“C’mon Haz! this bed is too small and suffocating, it might even hurt the child ” he said and without wasting time , I got off the bed

“Let us go”. I told him and he nodded, smiling as he picked up his phone

” but wait a minute! where is my phone?” I asked , looking around the room

” it is in the mansion”. he answered and I sighed

“My mother! I am sure she would be worried”

” you don’t need to worry about that , I already called to inform her that you won’t be home but you can still talk to her if you wish”

I smiled lightly. No , it is alright…..


Following behind the nurse , she led us into a more spacious and bigger room

“This is the room”. She said , with her gaze fixed on Hardin and I collapsed on the big bed , feeling jealous

She is so annoying!

” Alright! Thanks”. Hardin simply told her and she nodded , taking a few steps to the entrance and then stopped to face Hardin

Again! I muttered, rolling my eyes

“Can I Please have autograph?”She asked and I stared on at her , puzzled

What the hell is she talking about?

“Autograph! Why? I ain’t some kind of celebrity?”Hardin snapped at her

“Of course you are, you are the kid writer Jayden Winthrop???” She snapped back and Hardin went stiff

How did she know about it? I wondered

It was shown on the television some minutes ago, how you were blackmailed by some ruthless gang leader. She explained, making Hardin scream in anger

“This is bull shit! how the hell am I suppose to live after this?”

Reaching for the television remote, I switched on the small television in the room and true to the nurse words , the news was all about Hardin .

“London Kid writer Jayden Winthrop (Hardin Castillo) Wrongfully convicted” …..and to make it worst his picture was included…..

I heaved a sigh as I shifted my attention to Hardin

he was pacing up and down the room restlessly

“Did you f-----g see that? My dad is trying to get me lynched”. he retorted to no one in particular, it was more like he was talking to himself

“No Hardin! no one will get you lynched , you are …. the nurse tried to say but Hardin cut her off

“Why are you still here? Get the f--k out “. he barked at her and she scampered out of the room in fear….

I smirked , that serves her right!

getting off the bed , i walked up to him, pulling him close

“Calm down babe! no one will ever Lynch you or make mockery of you”. I assured , expecting him to flow along with me but no , he just stared down at me blankly

You should be grateful to Dad , he is trying so hard to clear your name . I quickly added and he sighed

“You are right!! but I am just worried, how am I gonna handle all this?”

“Don’t worry we will be behind you” I assured and he knitted his eyebrow in confusion


“Yea! The baby and I. I answered with a grin, making him smile lightly as he leaned over to kiss me deeply

Time stopped when my lips met his , but the flutter only intensified .

My heart pounded my chest as my knees got weaker , I could only focus on how soft his lips felt against mine , how he addictively invaded all of my senses

“Haaardin!” I moaned into his mouth as he lifted my legs , moving closer to the bed as he placed me gently on it

breaking the kiss , he unzipped my gown , pulled It down , leaving me only in my undies

“Are we really gonna do this here?”I asked an obvious question so I got no answer ….

Oh right! I am suppose to be sick but look at me now , I am about to get f----d

quickly, he pulled off his clothes and then laid between my legs , ripping off my pants

“No Castillo! what am I gonna wear tomorrow? I queried him

“Nothing”. he simply answered, meeting my gaze

There was still traces on anger in his eyes so l looked away , drawing circles on his chest as he penetrated into me

“Oh my gawd”! I gasped in pleasure , moving my hips in circles to receive his t----t

“Jeeez Haz!”when did you learn this stuff?” he grunted in Pleasure, drilling me harder and I flexed against his back, urging him closer

“Kiss me baby”. he begged and I did , delving my tongue into his throat as I couldn’t just get enough of him …..:

he was mine and despite the age differences, I belonged to him ……..



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