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The Nunnery

” What was that all about?” I asked myself as I paced up and down in the stable. I only came here to stay with these young nuns and have some my virgin broken.


But I hadn’t expected it to get this far. D--n I didn’t see that one coming.

It was already evening and soon, before long, I’d be brought my dinner.

I sat on the hay and pondered deeply about what transpired between the nuns and I in the afternoon.

As I pondered, I thought of the mother Superior and how lucky those girls were from being found out.

My manhood was still a surprise to me because I’d never slept with a woman before. Just like Mary said, it is a pleasure worth experiencing.

Soon It was midnight and I was fast asleep on my bed. On the floor were the empty plates of yam porridge I served.

I had no idea how long I slept but I knew I slept for a very long time.

Suddenly I heard whispers around me in the dark.

Something was pulling down my trousers or someone.

Opening my eyes slightly, I studied the intruder.

It was Mary and Sandra. They were in their sheer pink nightgown.

What the hell are they doing here at this time of the hour? I wondered and pretended to be asleep.

” Are you sure about this?” Sandra asked standing at the doorway to keep guard. ” We might get caught.”

” Nonsense,” Mary whispered. ” Everyone’s asleep. This is the perfect time for me to get this big meat into my pot. Besides he’s fast asleep.”

” Won’t it pain you like it did in the afternoon?” Sandra asked.

” I don’t know,” Mary said, smiling as she brought out my p*nis. ” I spoke to a maiden outside the Covent. She says Vaseline will do the trick.”

” And did you bring the Vaseline?” Sandra lowered her voice, afraid she might wake me up.

” Yes,” Mary began rubbing the Vaseline on my d**k. She stroked it until it began to rise like the early morning sun. She laughed. ” It’s working. He’s getting an erection.”

I heard Sandra giggled. ” It’s Soo cute. I’d like to touch it.”

” Not yet,” Mary objected. ” First I want to have this inside of me.” And with that, she stripped herself to the skin. I opened my eyes slightly to look at her again. She had one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve ever imagined of.

Grabbing hold of my d*k, she rubbed a little Vaseline on her vgina until it was lubricated enough. Then as slowly as she could, she pushed my d**k inside her house.

It went in right away without stress. I heard Mary catched her breath sharply.

” Mary,” it was Sandra, ” Are you alright?”

” I’m fine, I’m fine,” Mary said, wrinkling her face in pains. ” It went in. Oh my gosh. It worked.”

” So what now?” Sandra asked.

” I don’t know,” Mary said, moving her hips gently. ” But I think I’m getting the idea.”

Sandra moved out of her position and came over to stand beside Mary. She watched speechlessly as Mary rode me softly and gently. Suddenly, Mary started rolling her eyes back as the first surge of pleasure hit her. I felt it too but I remained silent.

Sandra panicked. ” Mary, are you alright?”

” It feels Soo good,” Mary purred like a cat. ” Oh, Sandra. I feel amazing.”

Me too.

I was feeling amazing. Inside of her was soo warm, soo tight, soo relieving. I’ve never felt anything like it in years.

I didn’t know when I started raising my hips higher into her.

Sandra watched, amazed as I instantly woke up and grabbed Mary’s buttocks.

Mary didn’t object. She held me tighter, gasping for air. ” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…. harder….Ohhh…it hurts.”

I felt something hot moving From the base of my body into my d**k. It hurts and it was with an effort I took not to cry in pains as Mary was crying now.

I began pounding inside her faster, squeezing her buttocks soo tight I felt my fingers digging into her flesh.

Then we both climaxed and fell down in sweats. The explosion was painful and yet, satisfying and relieving.

I felt something cold running down my brain into my spine. I’ve never been soo cool in my life.

Mary was sobbing now with heavy breath and I wondered why.

Sandra just stood with her mouths wide opened.

” Heaven have mercy on us,” she whispered.


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