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Umuozara woke up to the wailing in Mgborie’s compound. Mgborie is a widow who lost her husband 6 years ago and was left with only one son.

People rushed to her compound and behold, her only son was lying lifeless in front of his Hut.

“Was he sick?”

“What really happened?”

“How did he die?”

Many people asked in surprise but Mgborie didn’t reply as she wailed and cursed the gods for taking her only child.

“What have I done? Why me? My only child, only hope in this life has been taken away. What am I leaving for? Agbala why my child? Why didn’t you take me?? Eh! Answer me? Why are you wicked and heartless?? Kill me you wicked gods, kill me!!”She wailed rolling herself on the floor..

That evening, Mgborie was found dead at the back of her Hut.. She had hanged herself on the ukwa tree!!


That morning, Olaedo landed at the Palace with all her belongings.

She dragged them into the Prince’s chambers as the guards and maids looked at her in a confused manner but none could stop her.

Afam was inside lying down when Olaedo barged in with load.

He quickly rose up on seeing her.

“Wha..what are you doing here with all these? Are u traveling??”He asked confused

She ignored his question and started arranging her things in the room.

“Am talking to you Olaedo, what is going on?”He asked again

“As you can see, I’ve moved in with you.. Since the elders say we can’t get married now until they finish whatever rubbish they’re doing, I can’t wait.. I have moved in permanently with you so when we’re allowed to get married, we go ahead”

“But Olaedo, you know this is not right. It’s against the custom. We are not married yet, we can’t leave together”

“So what are you saying? That I should leave?”Olaedo asked angrily

“No.. No.. That’s not what I meant”Afam said fearfully

“So what?”She asked

Afam kept quiet not knowing what to say

She moved towards him and sat down.

“You’re mine and mine alone forever Afamefuna. I own you. Anything I say you should do, you must do it.. Are we clear on this?”

He nodded in affirmative.

“Now, do u want me to leave?”She asked looking into his eyes

“No.. No.. This is your home, you are free to stay”He said

“Good.. Now come here”She dragged him untop of her.


Ndi Ichies conveyed again to discuss about the throbbing trouble in the Land.

The Prince was present as well.

“Let’s seek help somewhere else. There are many strong dibias out there who can help”Onowu suggested

“You’re right”Dike concured

“So which dibia do we go to now?”Ndulue asked

There was silence. Each thought hard and deep..

“Ijiriji of Mbanta, he’s a powerful dibia and we can go for him”Odogwu said And the rest agreed. They all agreed to send for Ijiriji and beg him to come to their aid. Therefore, they summoned 5 strong men and told them everything on how to embark on their journey to bring Ijiriji to the Land.

Just when they were concluding their meeting, Olaedo barged in with pride.

She looked disgustingly at each Ichie and went over to the Prince.

“My love, I came to inform you that your food is ready”

“OK sweetheart, I’ll be with you in a moment”He said

She stood up and started walking away.

“Bia here nwa..are we too small for you to greet?”Onowu asked

The elders shook their head in surprise

“Who are you by the way? Why are you here?”Ofor said

Olaedo stopped and faced them

“Are you old fools talking to me?”

They were shocked

“Onye? Who!!?”The elders asked in shock

“I don’t have time to banter words with jobless fools this early morning”She hissed and left leaving everyone in shock

“I have to go now”Prince Afam said and left abruptly.

“Nsogbu di (There’s problem)”Onowu lamented…


Sorry this episode is short, I’ll drop 2 more episodes today as compensation


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