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Ndi Ichies gathered at the Palace to discuss about the calamities that has recently been befallen the Land.

“I greet you all my fellow ichies”Onowu started

The rest murmured answers.

“We’re here together to join heads together and reason, come to a conclusion as to how to put an end to all these calamities. As we all know, we don’t have a King for now all because of all these.. Onu-agbala had made it clear to us that we are on our own so what do we do?”Onowu said.

Each Ichie was deep in thought.

Ndulue spoke up

“Let’s invite the Prince here.. He needs to be among this meeting”

The rest agreed and the Prince was called. He came immediately and the meeting continued.

“Let us go back to Onu-agbala. If it means kneeling down to beg him then we should”Dike said

“That man is hard hearted, he will never listen to our pleas”Ofor lamented

“But you got us into this Ofor!”Odogwu said angrily

“Me?”Ofor asked

“Yes.. You and Dike!! You kept urging us to disobey Onu-agbala and ignore the gods.. You two are the real hard he acted and wicked ones!”Odogwu fired

“Don’t u even dare mention my name! Are u a kid? Do u wear napkins?? Did I force you to concur to my suggestion?”Dike fired back

“Leave him to run his mouth like the parrot.. Nobody forced you to agree with us.. But what would u have us do? Throw our Eze into the evil forest like a common thing? Ehh?”Ofor said angrily

“Isn’t it better than being in this situation? See what the both of you have put the whole village into..”Odogwu said

“Please.. It’s okay.. Will these arguments bring a solution? Let’s calm down and seek for a way out biko”Onowu said

They all kept quiet.

“I suggested this earlier..let’s go back to Onu-agbala and beg him for the last time.. If he refuses, then we look for other options..”

“Does this mean my marriage would be on hold?”Afam asked

The Ichies looked at him in surprise.

“You are not fit to be a King..you still reason like a child”Onowu said

“With all these calamities, you still talk about marriage? Odiegwu”Ndulue said..

“Am sorry ndi ichie..”Afam apologized.

Together, they all went to Onu-agbala’s shrine but he still stood his ground.

“I have nothing to say or do for you. You shunned the warnings of the gods and you all must face the repercussions”

“Please Onu-agbala. We are sorry for disobeying the gods.. Isn’t there any other thing we can do?”Onowu pleaded

“Nothing.. Just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.. Now you all LEAVEEEEE”He growled and they scrampled to their feet in fear.

They dispatched to their various houses in sorrow but planned to meet again the next day to look for another alternative.


“Yes my friend, we’ll be leaving at dusk..”One maiden was telling her friend

“But why so suddenly? And where to?”The other maiden asked

“To my mother’s village and it’s because of all these calamities.. My father said we’ll stay there till everything is over. We can’t stay here and die. Imagine, the stream has dried up. How do we prepare our meals if there is no water? We have to trek long distances to the neighbouring village to get water.. My friend, we can’t die here o”

The other girl nodded in affirmative.



Ndulue just came back from the futile Ichies meeting. He sat in front of his Hut in deep thoughts.

His wives couldn’t prepare food anymore because there was no water.

He summoned them immediately and gave out his decision.

They should all pack to their various parents house pending when the calamities in Umuozara would be sorted out.


14 days after, Ebere was now strong.

“I think it’s time for both of you to go back to Umuozara”Nku told them.

“Thank you so much for you help great one”Ebere said

“Thank u so much”Ulumma added

“There is so much work to be done. Umuozara is already suffering but the main dish is yet to be served.. Both of you have to hurry up. Their destiny is in your hands.. Save Umuozara from Ndi Mmiri, save them from the earth goddess”

Ebere was confused

“Great one, please I don’t understand all these. You keep speaking in parables and I can’t comprehend..”

“My daughter, you will understand soon enough but for now, both of you have to hurry up.. Go to Umuozara and save them before the evil ones totally prevail”

“Now??”Ulumma asked

“Yes of course.. Delay is dangerous..”


Quick question What do u think the Late Eze did to really invite the wrath of Nne mmiri??


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