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The 5 young men that were chosen for the journey to Mbanta to bring Ijiriji assembled at the Palace the following morning for final instructions from the Ichies.

They stood before the Ichies while many Villages came to pay warefell to them and also offer their prayers. Majority were looking pale, sick and tired due to their present predicament so they prayed earnestly for the safe trip of the Young men.

“My sons, you all are not strangers in this land and therefore you know the calamities that has befallen us. I therefore urge you to have it at the back of your mind the real importance of this journey and how it will save us all.. So go quickly and hastenly and bring Ijiriji here.. Plead with him, beg him, cajole him to come..”Onowu said

“the gods be with you as you embark on this journey”Ofor added

“Iseeeeee”everyone chorused and off they went to Mbanta to fetch Ijiriji.


Ebere and Ulumma were set to leave the Dark forest back to Umuozara. Nku had however fortified them for 24hours and given them basic instructions especially Ebere who did not really know who she was or what the mission was all about.

“Thank you so much for all your help and advice”Ulumma said

“I earnestly appreciate all your good works.. Thank u Great one”Ebere added

Nku only nodded

“No evil shall come your way, you shall go to Umuozara in peace. All obstacles on your way, you shall overcome so fear not! Now you may go”

They bade him farewell and left immediately.


For four days, the men sent to Mbanta were nowhere to be seen. They hadn’t returned which worried the people greatly.

Mbanta normally is a full day’s journey which meant that they only had to take 2 days to return.

Families of those young men had began to worry about the safety of the young men.

On the fifth day, panic became evident. Mothers of the young men marched to the Palace in fury. They demanded to see the Prince.

The Palace guard informed the Prince who came out to meet them in company of Olaedo.

“Mothers of Umuozara, to what do I owe this unannounced visit?”Afam asked

“Prince, we greet you.. We are here to ask you what happened to our children, it’s been 5 days since their departure and nothing has been heard about them” Onyinye the women leader said

“What are you doing about it?”One woman added

“I hope nothing bad has happened to my son o.. He’s the only one I have in this life..”another woman spoke

“Hope my son is safe? I warned him against this journey but he wouldn’t listen.. Hope he hasn’t been sacrificed as food for the gods”

The other women began to talk all at once lamenting about the safety of their children.

“Shut up!!”Olaedo screamed

The women moved back in fear

“Why dare you come into the Palace to scream and shout like mad women? Who invited you mad dogs here? Does this place look like where dogs are reared?”She continued

“And who is this one? Who are you?”Onyinye asked

“Are u asking? Probably the harlot that’s forcing her useless self on the Prince”One woman said and the rest laughed in mockery which got Olaedo really upset.

All these while, Prince Afam was looking like a dumb fool.

Olaedo looked at him and asked “Will you stand there and watch these women insult me?”

“What do u want me to do to them my love?”He asked foolishly while the woman glared at him in surprise.

“I want them locked up in the Palace Prison till I let them go”Olaedo demanded

“ehhhhhhhhh!???”The women screamed in terror

“Shut up!”Afam screamed.. Turning to Olaedo, he asked “Is that all?”

She nodded in affirmative.

“Done”He said

“Guardsssss”He shouted and the guards came running

“Take these women and lock them up”


The news of the women held captive in the Palace prison spread like wild fire in Umuozara.

The villagers could not believe that a woman had commanded the Prince to do so.

The Ichies marched to the Palace that evening to see with their eyes if it was indeed true.

“Afamefuna, what is this am hearing? that mothers of Umuozara were locked in the Palace prison?”Onowu asked in disbelief as they summoned the Prince.

“Yes.. And do you have a problem with that?”

Shock was written all over the faces of the Ichies.

“And what was their offence if I may ask?”Odogwu asked

“They were disturbing the peace of the Palace”Afam answered nonchalantly

“Just that?”Ofor asked

“Come.. Did you all come here to question me?”Afam asked in anger..

“Yes! We have come go question you.. You are yet to be crowned the King and you’re already unleashing terror to your people. What sort of a human being are you?”Ndulue asked

“Let me just tell you.. You don’t have any right yet to dictate anything in this Land because you are yet to be crowned. It is we, the King makers and decision makers that have right over this land since we don’t have a King yet”Dike said

“And that is why you all are going to crown me the King here and now”Came the voice of Olaedo

“Crown who?”Onowu asked making sure to understand what he heard

“I.. Olaedo.. You elders would crown me King now!”

“But.. “Afam wanted to protest and a look from Olaedo sent shivers down his spine and he kept quiet.

Ofor laughed loud “Funniest joke I’ve heard for years now. We should crown you King?”

He stood up and dusted his buttocks.

“I can’t remain here and listen to this abominable rubbish” He started walking away.

Olaedo stretched her hand forward and thunder struck Ofor down. He fell on the ground, DEAD!!

the other Ichies jumped up in fright including Prince Afam.

Her eyes had turned red now as she used her powers to scatter and cause earthquake in the Palace.

The Ichies were all on the ground shouting and pleading for their lives.

“Will you crown me King?”She screamed

“Yes.. Yesssss”they screamed.

She stamped her foot on the ground and everywhere became calm again.

She walked and sat on the throne.

“Now let the procedures start”She commanded.

Onowu who was still on the ground staggered up to begin the process.

But then, there was noise outside the Palace..

The villagers sang and danced as they led the 5 young men with an old man who is obviously Ijiriji of Mbanta…


will Ijiriji help Umuozara out?

Where in God’s name is Ebere and Ulumma??


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