Web Of Confusion

9 months ago


Everywhere was quiet as the girls were surprised.

Tears filled Olaedo’s eyes. “Prove me wrong Ola.. Tell everyone here that you’re still intact!”Oge challenged

When Ola couldn’t defend herself, Oge hissed and carried her water pot heading home.. Like a flash, the sky darkened.. Olaedo used her right hand to drag Oge and pushed her into the stream with full force and they all watched her drown. It was surprising because Oge could swim!

By this time, it was like a trance as all the girls in the stream couldn’t scream or move. Olaedo had used her powers to hold them down. Nobody knew about her powers!

When she was satisfied with drowning Oge, she turned menacingly towards all the girls in thee stream with fierce face.. “Your memory of this has been formatted..”

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Written by: Adindu Presh

Web Of Confusion - S01

Web Of Confusion - S01

9 months ago