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Lolo Akunna arrived Onu-agbala’s shrine.

“Greetings to you, mouth piece of agbala”

Onu-agbala looked at her.

“Welcome Lolo.. To what do I owe this surprise visit?”

“I’ll go straight to the point Great one.. I don’t seem to understand what is going on with my son anymore. There’s a strange woman he brought in to be his wife. This woman has turned him against me totally.. I think there is more to this..”

Onu-agbala exhaled

“Of course there is more..”

He looked at his cowries which was scattered on the bare floor and sighed.

“Do u still remember the prophecy?”

Lolo Akunna nodded

“It’s almost about to come to pass”He said

“But… Why so soon? I thought…”

“Umuozara has sinned against the gods. They have totally forsaken and neglected his warnings.. They don’t fear agbala anymore.. They buried Eze Omekannaya properly against the warnings of the gods.. They won’t just suffer for the sins of your late husband, their King. They’ll also suffer for rubbishing the gods..”

“Hmmm..can anything be done about this? I mean to avert all these?”

“Well, the person or people to save the Land are already here.. It’s in their hands to either save the Land or turn their backs against it.. Whichever they chose, is left for them”

“You mean the Land is at the mercy of some people? Who are they?”Lolo inquired

“Go home Lolo,..everything said in the prophecy will come to pass.. Let your son be.. Just offer sacrifices to the earth goddess so she can protect him from further harm before the Messiah comes..”

Lolo Akunna stood up

“Thank you very much Onu-agbala, I’ll take my leave now”

“May the gods be with you”He said..

When Lolo Akunna left, Onu-agbala turned to carry his cowries from the floor but shook in fear at what he saw. One of the costume was as red as blood. He immediately understood what it meant.. He shook his head in pity..

“Chei Umuozara! With your very own hands, you have dug your grave”…


Lolo Akunna walked home fast to get ready the sacrifice for the earth goddess. To her, time was indeed Precious.. She had to save her son before things got worse.

As soon as she entered the Palace, she called two guards.

“Go into the store now, get me 20 tubers of healthy looking yams, a big goat and 15 eggs.. Fast!”

The guards left and she proceeded into her Hut. She went in and to her surprise, met Olaedo sitting down on her raffia bed and fanning herself.

“What are you doing in here?”Akunna asked in shock

“Welcome back my Queen.. How did your meeting with Onu-agbala go?”Olaedo said with a mock smile on her face

“I know… You evil girl.. Who really are you and what do u want with my son?”Lolo asked in shock

Olaedo moved around her slowly and stopped right in front of her

“You were right the first time.. You know me indeed, we’ve met before.. Not here.. But at “Ndi mmiri village”..”

Akunna jumped up in fright

“Chim ooo.. It’s you! Daughter of Nne mmiri.. Ohhh, am dead!!”She cried out

Olaedo laughed at her all the more..

“So you went to seek for help? After your husband’s sin? Very funny.. Who would let you people go Scot free? Definitely not I Ajonwa..”

Akunna tried to run out of the Hut but Olaedo used her powers to pull her back and threw her to the raffia bed. Lolo Akunna forcefully landed her head on the wall before crashing on the bed.. DEAD!!

Olaedo laughed in happiness..

“Oh! Am so enjoying this”…

With that, she vanished into thin air.


Back at the dark forest, Ebere was already getting better. It’s been 7 days now.

She was able to move around with the help of a stick..

On the 8th day, Ulumma sat down to talk to her.

“Ebere my sister, can u remember who did this to you? How did it happen?”

Ebere sighed “Yes I vividly remember.. I went to pee at the backyard but was attacked by a woman dressed in all red. I must say she’s a very beautiful woman to behold with many jewelries..endowned with a very long hair and she was holding a staff. She said something like I have to give way so her daughter can function well..i don’t understand what that meant but before I could question her, she threw a knife at me which landed on her chest and that was all”

“A very beautiful woman dressed in all red, endowed with a very long hair, holding a staff.. Urghhhh that must be Nne Mmiri!”Ulumma said aloud.

“Who is Nne mmiri?”Ebere was confused.

“Just hold on, I’ll be right back” Ulumma said and swiftly ran out before Ebere could protest.


The death of Lolo Akunna delayed Afam and Olaedo’s marriage.

The Queen had to be buried first and so preparations started in earnest.

The Land was in total confusion as they couldn’t comprehend why the Lolo would die barely a month after the King.

She wasn’t sick or anything.. she was just found dead in her Hut.

“This is no longer a child’s play my fellow elders.. The death of the Queen is mysterious. Please let’s consult the gods to know what really is going on”Ndulue said.

The Ndi Ichies had assembled at the Palace to conclude arrangements for the burial of the Lolo.

“I think I’d agree with Ndulue this time around. Let’s call Onu-agbala to seek for help”Dike said

The rest concurred and Onu-agbala was sent for. Unfortunately, he refused to adhere to their call.

“Tell them I’ll be disrespecting agbala if I obey their call. This is the part they chose and they should be ready to follow it to the latter.”He told the guard who was sent to call him.

The Ichies were left with no option than to go ahead and bury the Lolo on their own.


After the burial of the Queen, calamities began to befall the Land. It was as if the death of the Queen opened the way for the spirit of death.

Each day, Umuozara recorded not less than 5 mysterious deaths.

There was commotion in the Land.

Onu-agbala still refused to say anything even after the Ichies had gone to his shrine to see him.

The worse happened when the village stream. The only means of getting water in the Land suddenly dried up!

We all know what that means.. Drought in Umuozara!


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