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Okoro’s compound was like a grave yard. Not as silent as a grave yard though, but the continuous weeping of Asa was sure enough tell the whole world how the pains of losing both of her children made her feel.

She couldn’t eat anything. Other women had to reprimand her to eat something for the sake of her suckling child who was barely 5 months old.

“You just have to eat! Eat so that your child can see what to s--k from your breast!”An elderly women had told her.

She nodded slowly and immediately, a girl was sent to bring in food for her which she ate slowly and forcefully.

It’s been 4 whole days and both Ebere and Ulumma were nowhere to be found. Search parties has been dispatched by both Okoro and Prince Afam but all proved futile.

“Asa, I want you to be strong for both me and your children. I strongly believe that they’re both alive and well and would come back soon enough”Okoro consoled his wife who was still shedding tears that night in her Hut.

“How can I stop crying? It’s been 4 days Dim! 4 full days and no one knows there whereabouts.. When will they come back? Is it when I die?” Asa busted into tears but Okoro kept consoling her..



The Palace cook had reported to the Queen Mother that Afam has been refusing food for days now and this bothered the Queen greatly. She marched into Prince Afam’s room that evening to have a talk with him.

“Afamefuna, I don’t need to ask you the reason why you stop eating your food..but my son, would u kill yourself before the girl is found? Would u starve yourself to death? Do u want to die before me? Don’t you know you’re setting your own grave by skipping meals??”

Afam sighed “Am sorry nne, am just so confused.. Where would her sister take her body to? What exactly happened that day still remains a mystery to me.. Am just so confused, I can’t believe Ebere is dead”

“Calm down my son, I don’t think the girl is dead..i have a strong feeling that she didn’t die that day”

“But who would want to kill her and why?”Afam asked confused

Akunna sighed deeply

“We’ll leave that to the gods..for now, try and eat OK?”

Afam nodded

Lolo Akunna stood up to leave but met with Olaedo in front of the Hut.

“Good evening my Queen”she cotseyed

“Good evening.. Who are you? Your face looks familiar”

“Uhm.. Am Olaedo, a maiden of this Land.. You probably must have seen me around”She was smiling

Lolo Akunna was unconvinced but she nodded anyways.

“OK.. You came to see the Prince?”

“Yes..he’s a friend”

“OK.. Go ahead”She motioned and walked away but deep in her mind, she was trying to place that face..

“I’ve seen that face somewhere before, am sure, very sure..Who could she be? And why do I feel so uneasy about her presence? Who really is she?”Lolo Akunna thought deeply as she got into her Hut but no answers came forth…



Ulumma had managed to bring Ebere to Nku’s shrine. If not for her powers, Ebere would have been long dead even before they arrived the dark forest.

She had however encountered hindrances and strange powers attacking her on the way but somehow, she had managed to overcome them. She knew deep down in her heart that Nku played a vital role in the survival of her sister. However, Ebere was still unconscious.

Nku had finished his incantations and medications on Ebere whom he placed on the mat.

“King of the Dark, would she survive this? Would she make it out alive?”Ulumma asked

“Yes she will.. She’s not as ordinary as you think.. She has a bond with Umuozara kingdom, a destiny to fulfil and she can never die except she fulfils it”

“Bond with Umuozara kingdom? Great one, I don’t understand”Ulumma was confused.

“Well, she’s destined for the Prince. She’s destined to marry Prince Afamefuna and save the Land from danger.. Long before she was born, the gods knew a day would come when Umuozara would be in big trouble, great clouds of storm would appear and only a strong umbrella can shield the kingdom from being wiped away by such heavy storm..Ebere is that umbrella”Nku explained.

“Umbrella?”Ulumma was all the more confused.. “But..i diverted the Prince’s mind away from Olaedo to Ebere..”

Nku laughed

“You thought you did.. But actually you didn’t.. You were just a tool in the hands of the gods”

“But I am not from Umuozara, I came here on a different mission..but I had to stop because the love Asa, Okoro and Ebere showered on me was too much”

Nku stood up from his raffia mat and walked out of the shrine.

Ulumma stood up and followed him.

“Nwaala, Love cannot stop a spirit from manifesting it’s mission. Spirits have no heart, they do what they want without feelings..Only a mortal can love another mortal and feel the need to help or pull out of an agreement”

“I still don’t understand.. Who really am I?”

Nku turned around sharply and looked her straight in the eyes.

“That is left for you to find out..”


Olaedo started becoming close to the Prince and since Ulumma wasn’t there to stop her, she succeeded in charming him finally.

His guards were solidly behind her and dished advices to him which he adherred to.

Afamefuna who previously respected and cherished his mother now turned against her.

“Mother I must marry her!”he screamed

“And I say you won’t marry her! That girl has a bad aura around her.. I don’t seem to figure it out.. I feel she isn’t who she claims to be.. Open your eyes Afam”Lolo screamed back

“It is just 7 days to the expiration of my marriage ultimatum. I either get married and secure the throne or d--n it and lose everything”

“Hold on! I believe something good will come out before then. Besides isn’t it better to lose the throne than to bring more calamities to the people?”

Afam was angry

“So this is your plan right? For me to lose the throne.. my inheritance! My birth right! Oh mother you are so wicked”

“whaaat? did u just say that to me?”Lolo Akunna was shocked

“Why am I even wasting my time here anyways? I have delivered my message to you.. My marriage to Olaedo comes up in 4days time”

“I won’t give you my blessings and I won’t attend”Lolo Akunna said sitting down very exhausted with the arguments.

“Then so be it..”Afam said and left..

Lolo Akunna was shocked beyond words.. did her own son just walk out on her? now she has fully realised that Olaedo was not an ordinary person for her to have such a great and quick influence on Afam.

“No.. This cannot happen while am still alive.. I must go and see Onu-agbala” she said and off she went to Agbala’s shrine..


Tighten your seat belts.. the story JUST started..


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