Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E47

1 year ago

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There was something that pulled

me closer to her like a magnet. “we thank jehovah,what of your

mother?”oge asked

flippantly,darting her eyes from

one object to another.

Her gaze stopped at the plasma

telivision and the home theater,i could see the fire of admiration in

her eyes as they caressed the


“she went out” i replied and took a

deep breath,we got engrossed in a

petty conservation in which chioma wasnt involved.

I so much craved to hear her voice

and i prayed ogechi would excuse

Us so I would apologise for my

nasty message a week or

thereabout ago. ~

i woked up around one o clock a.m

and dialled chioma’s number.i was

disappointed and crestfallen when

the ‘oyibo voice’ remarked “the mtn

mumber you are trying to call is kindly switched off please try

again later thank you”

thank wetin?? I hissed angrilly.


I havent felt for anyone this way.

Imagine I emeka that hardly gives females money or anything,readily

gave chioma a new model,hot

cake asha 205 nokia phone

without h_avin any regreat

I had to do something,i quickly

dialled nkeiru’s number,she picked the call on second ring,as if she

had been waiting for my call.

“babe am sorry for waking you” i

started,groping for the right words.

“no probs” she replied,her voice

sounded croakish,i had squalms,i shouldnt have woken her up this


“babe there is something i want us

to discuss about”

“yeah go on.”

i took a deep breath and rapidly said a silent prayer for luck.

“angel i dont know how this may

sound to you…”i paused and


I wished i had the gift of oratory

like my once friend chuka. “nkeiru listen to me and please try

to understand,am saying this not

because i dont love you but

because i want a great future for

our children”

i paused dramatically. Future and children?? No be

today..i mused.

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