Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E46

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I couldnt reply.he continued

“emeka between you and I let me

tell you the truth,it would be my

utmost joy if you werent granted

bail. Let this sound as a determent

to you and your gang!” he concluded without raising his voice

a notch higher.

I silently walked out of the room,for

the hundreth time that week i

cursed myself for paying heed to

chuks words. PAPA!!

That man was a pain in the ass,i

believed i was unfortunate to have

a man like that as my father.

I hate him..

Yes I hate him. ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

For the second time that day i had

the shock of my life,i had just

opened the front door when lo and

behold ogechi walked into the

compound with….. Quess who

It was chioma,the girl i had given

the asha 205,i felt breathless and

embarassed,my heart beat

accelerated as I remembered the

funny but provocative message i

had sent her. Why did ogechi bring her here

naa? I pondered.

“emmy howfar”ogechi called out as

they covered the distance between


“am fine”i replied quietly,i noticed chioma was nervous and shy,she

couldnt bring herself to look into

my eyes.


I led them into the sitting room.

“what can I get for you both?” i asked immediately they settled

comfortably on the cushion.

“haa,dont bother yourself,we were

on our way from field service when

we decided to drop by and see

you” ogechi remarked. “how was today’s field service” i

found myself asking as i fought

myself not to stare at chioma’s

ethreal beauty.

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