Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness

10 months ago

Written by chinweblinkz


My parents are devout withnesses,my

father was an outstanding elder in

our congregration and my mother was

a regular pioneer-regular pioneers

are people who devote thier time to

tell people about jehovah.. Although i was born into a Godly

family i was more of a rebel,jehovah

withnesses are never stubborn my

parents keep reminding me..

My parents were unfortunate to have

a bully like me as an only son,mama would always tell me that an only

palm fruit never get lost in the fire.

But did i pay heed to her words??

Emeka! Emeka!” mama’s voice woked

me up from my stupor,i was unconciously folding the awake


”mama good afternoon” i greeted. I

was surprised to see her at

home,when i had arrived from my

friends place my youngest sibling had told me that she had gone for field

service. *

”you look troubled,what is it?” she

asked as she came to sit beside me

on the bench, i was so fond of

mama,although she had given birth to five girls before me,people preferred

to call her mama-Emeka, i was so

close to her much

Diary Of A Jehovah

Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01

10 months ago