Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E48

11 months ago

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“emmy what are you trying to say”

nkeiru’s voice sounded edgy.

“what am saying is that things

arent going for me well as i had expected and i dont want to burden

myself with this responsibility

when am not prepared for it,so

please understand me,a baby is

not what we need now”

“are you saying I should abort the baby?” nkeiru flared.

“dont use the words abort and

baby,because number you are not

aborting anything,you are only

some few weeks gone,so it is just

blood,i see no harm in terminating the pregnancy” i


Nkeiru’s breathing became loud

and rasp,i knew she was spoiling

for a fight.

“emeka,am not terminating anything,dont make me

to,remember you are the only son”

i felt angry all of a sudden.

“yes am the only son! Is that why

you want to tie me down with a

pregnancy that obviously isnt mine” i nearly shouted.

There was absolute tranquil at the

other end,i thought she had

disconnected the call.

“what what what did you just

say??”her voice sounded weak and humilated.

I rolled my eyes.

What had i just said ??

#goodnight The crowing of c---s in the

nieghbourhood woked me up,i

stretched and yawned,sitting up on

the bed.

I felt absolutely tired,yesterday had

been filled with one event to another.yet I was happy that i

hadnt woken up in jail,i had had a

nasty nightmare and immediately i

woked up I had heaved a sigh of


I hadnt woken up beside the awful smelling salimu!!

A timid knock sounded on the

door,i groaned and stood up.

Mama was standing at the door

when I opened it.

“mama good morning” i greeted. “morning”she replied,stiffling a

yawn,i opened the door wider and

she entered inside the room.

For the first time in the past days i

took a close look at her,i noticed

the small dark circles under her eyes,her face had lost it

plumpiness,the cheeks were not

fleshy,they hugged the bones.

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