Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E27

1 month ago

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”Emeka Emeka!”mama called me just

as I came out from the bathroom,i

was wearing my butterfly patterned

boxer,i quickly rushed into my room

and wore something more decent

before answering her call. She was sitting on the double-set

cushion known as me&my wife,and

her right hand held a folded paper

which I quickly knew was chioma’s


”mama you called me”I replied,sitting on the sofa opposite her.

”yes I did,read this”she said and

handed me the paper.

My hands shooked as I unfolded the

paper,I went through the content,my

heart beating wildly,chioma’s letter is better read than imagined.

I couldnt believe she could be this

harsh to our parents.

”what do you have to say about

it?”mama asked.

I sighed and sat up.

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