Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E28

1 month ago

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”mama am bereft of words”

mama emmited a long hiss ”i believe

she was bewitched”she remarked.

”i know my daughter very well,this

must be a love charm at work,how

could she fall so easily,what does she needs that we can’t give her..what?”.

”mama so you believe in all this

witchcraft of a thing??”I queried.

”i have every reason to believe

chioma is under a spell,now your

father is trying to put the blame on me…chioma has shamed me!! My fifth

daughter has brought disrespect to

this family,why could she be so eager

to get married,the time of every

individual waits for them.

Have she forgotten that akudo her immediate sister got married at the

age of 27,it isnt late for her yet”

I stood up.

”mama this chioma’s issue is causinq

me headache,i need to prepare for

shop today”i remarked.

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