Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E26

1 month ago

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”why?” i asked,confused.

”i made pap for him for his

breakfast,then he called me and

asked me who made the pap,i told

him it was me. he then poured the hot pap on my hand”

”jehovah!”I excliamed,eyes as round

as saucers.

”he said the pap was watery,that i

should not prepare his meals again”

i shooked my head. ”papa could be so harsh,ndo

nwanne,what of chioma?”I asked.

She took her time before replying…

”she has left”

”left to where?” i asked,my brain was

still foggy. ”i dont know,she left a letter in her

bed when i went to wake her this

morning,i didnt see her nor her

belongings so i took the letter to


I staggered and held the doorknob. Chioma gone ?? So soon No wonder she had told me about


So she had already planned leaving

for long.

I walked to my room,forgetting about

the glass cup of water.

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