Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E17

1 month ago

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(Ambrose Side Of The Stories)

The party Continued for more than 5 hours,

everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves to

the fullest, i was just missing my babe, i

went into my room and slept off while the

Party continued

When i woke up everywhere was calm and

quiet, i stood up from the bed and went to

the sitting room and found out that all of

them has already left, i joined my siblings in

cleaning the sitting room and washing the

dishes and many things used at the

birthday, i met my mum and discussed with

her for a while and she told me that she will

be leaving early tomorrow morning with my

siblings i felt sad shaaa, my cousin came and

greeted my mum and we stepped outside to


Cousin: How far nah?

Me: Udo and you?

Cousin: i dey gallant, were you been dey?

Me: i been the sleep o

Cousin: Ijiot, so you the sleep when we dey

here the celebrate your palee Birthday

Me: abeg leave me joor i was tired

Cousin: wetin you been do?

Me: i go rape one girl

Cousin: Jesus, for were?

Me: For Sambisa forest

Cousin: You no well

Me: you been hear say Gentle don quit


Cousin: i hear am o, that guy eeh, im bad


Me: you don see am nah

Cousin: abeg i wan go house oo, am feeling


Me: No p nah, tomorrow things on point

Cousin: yea, good night

Me: sweet dreams,

Cousin: Just like that?

Me: oh sorry come collect kiss fool,

my cousin left, and i went back into my

room and slept off

Early Morning the next day, my siblings had

already left the house heading back to the

city and my mum came into my room and

bald me goodbye giving me a peck and left.

After like 2 hours my Dad came into my

room and told me that he will be going out

that I should call a painter to re paint the

parlour and dinning side so I actually met

my Cousin who directed me to one guy

called asuquo from akwa- ibom, the guy

came and we went to buy paints for the

job… I took the guy to the parlour and

showed him the place I want to be painted…

everywhere in this parlour and dining

should be painted The guy replied ugar you

say efrinting? I replied everything then went

out Now am back asuquo painted all the

chairs all the fan regulators the TV stand the

dinning table the decoders even curtains

even wall clock I was still in shock shouting

then I saw asuquo painting our remotes Let

me just die akwa-ibom people have killed


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