Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E18

1 month ago

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(Ambrose Side Of The Story)

Chai i don die, i looked at the Guy and he

became afraid because my eyes don turn

red sharp sharp, we started removing and

cleaning the paint from the electronics and

many other places.

When we finished i paid the guy off not

after deducting 30% from the usual amount

we discussed and he left before i could sit

down my phone started shouting like a mad

man, i picked the call without checking the

caller thinking it was my bea.

Me: Hello sweetheart, how are you?

Caller: may AMADIOHA fire you there

(i realized it was my dad but as a sharp guy i

need to cover up if not the story will change

to another direction)

Me: Dad can’t someone play with you again?

Dad: your papa there

Me: but you are my dad

Dad: i put my name for inside?

Me: hmm hahaha, all na the same

Dad: see i want you to go to Aninri and

deliver a message to my Brother

Me: what’s the message

Dad: there is an Envelop i left on my Bed,

give it to him and tell me to go through it

before signing it

Me: But Dad i no carry any money for


Dad: i know, just look inside my bible for

room you will see 1000 there, it will take

you To and Fro

Me: what of Gala money?

Dad: Check under your anus

he said and ended the call and i quickly

dressed up and went to the park

I enter this bus from my Village to

another Aninri to deliver a message to my


As we dey go for road one man for back say

*driver I

am impressed*. The driver com say ‘thank

you sir.’

We never reach Lokoja wen the man tell

driver again,

driver I am impressed.

The driver come thank the man again.

Before we comot for Lokoja the man again


driver I am impressed’ The driver come

say, ‘thank

you very much sir, I very much appreciate



The driver begin dey fire the bus dey go

come dey feel

like James Bond.

As we reach Okene the

man shout _*driver stop this

bus* _ , stop this bus, you mad, you wan kill


As driver stop the bus the man run comot

like Usain Bolt enter bush.

We rush follow the man make we see wetin


impress the man.

Before we reach where the man dey, we

don dey

hear pra pra pratata pro pro! Na there we

come realize say wetin the man wan tell

driver be, ”driver I am pressed”

we continued our Journey when the guys

joined us, i reached at the place and

searched for my Uncles Fortunately for me i

saw him and delivered the message to him,

on my way back i was hungry and i saw a 5

Star Hotel and i decided to buy a coke there

since no Kiosk or Shop is around

i entered the hotel and the hotel attendant

told me a bottle of

coke is #1500. I started explaining

and describing coke like “I mean


Not the alcoholic one oo. The mineral

type.. I mean the normal coke that

looks like

Pepsi…. The one Coca-Cola



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