Ambrose Goes to Village

10 months ago

Ambrose Goes to Village (comedy series)

This story is about a young boy whose name is Ambrose, his a funny guy and very trickish, this is a comedy serious story about Ambrose and his Adventure in his Village


Ambrose was angry at himself and he was standing at the main Road waiting for any Okada man or Keke Man that will take him home, i will never listen to discussions on Taxi or Keke again, i almost followed this women home just to listen to the rest of the story, he murmured to himself and he saw an Okada Man and he stopped him and told him his destination and entered while they drove off

He got home and paid the Okada man and he went into his father’s house and sank into his bed and slept off till his parents came back and he served them dinner and he retired back to bed.

Around 3 O’clock am he woke up and started doing his House chores because that day is Saturday and his parents aren’t going to work and he needed to do it fast so that he could finish and rest before going out

Nigerian parents never want to see you rest

… And no mater what you do for them, you will never hear “thank you”

The one that pains me is the fact that even if you

wake by 3am and start doing home chores

and finish, immediately they see you resting

your father will just go out and shout your


I finished my chores and was resting when my dad called out my name


ME: am resting



I later went back into my room and freshined up and went into the Kitchen and started preparing my Breakfast which is Egusi soup,

As my fufu and Egusi soup was almost

ready for lunch , a Lizard on the wall

fell into the soup in dis recession .

I angrily searched through the soup

and found the Lizard still alive .

I held it in his hand and raised it .

I licked all its body covered by the well

prepared soup.

After I have licked

everything, I threw the Lizard away and

said “naked you came into my soup and

naked you shall go, Nonsense”

This story contains, English, Pidgin, Igbo

someone should please do the roll call

stay tuned for Episode 1

Ambrose Goes to Village - S01

Ambrose Goes to Village - S01

10 months ago