Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E12

1 month ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

(Ambrose Side Of The Story)

……… 2 Weeks Later ………

I woke up from my sleep and was very tired

because i had a long chat with my Queen

Celine Last Night, i hurried to ease myself, i

came out from the batt room and took my

brush and brushed my teeth and took my

bath, i took my dad laptop and returned it to

his room, i met his absence in his room, i

just dropped the laptop and headed back to

my room, i have really missed my mum and

siblings self,

I later went to the kitchen ate my food and

headed straight to the Sitting Room, and i

met my dad with some his friends, i greeted

them and was about going back

Dad: Ambrose what is tomorrow

Me: Tuesday

Dad: which is?

Me: 5th nah,,,, abi any other thing?

Dad: so you don forget my birthday

Me: oh sorry oga o, Happy Birthday in


Dad: wait for me let me escort my friends i

will be back… I nodded and about going

back into my room when NEVER EXPECT


PLC) brought light, i plugged my phone and

was waiting for my dad.

My dad came back and sent me an errand to

the neighbouring village to deliver

something(i will not tell you people na

everything una go know??) i reached there

through a bus, i delivered it

I was coming back

from the place i went to, in the bus there sat

a very pretty

girl. All the guys in the bus were staring at

her. Many of them passed their

destination without knowing, as for me I

was very proud of myself because I sat next

to her. I did all the signs I could to make her

feel my presence but all in vain, An idea


to my mind. I took myphone and dialed a

fake number as guys always do to

attract girls’ attention.

Me: Hello Mum, pls I’m

calling to remind u that I can’t make it today

because I just received a call from the LAGOS

state governor asking me to replace him

at the meeting bcz he is not in Nigeria now.

Pls tell my brother to use my range rover

2017 to come and pick you up from the

market. I will be at home in 2days.

thanks Mum. I will Mum. Love u too.

All this while the girl was looking at me, I

said in my heart that she will fall for me if I

talk to

her ..

Me: Hi baby, why are you looking at me

like that? Are you surprised?

Girl: Pls collect ur phone battery. it fell down

when u were

removing it from your pocket….. I couldn’t

raise my head till I got down from the bus.

I reached home and started crying for the

stupid thing i did, i decided not to tell Gentle

of Samuel because i didt want them to laugh

at me, you see your life you guys reading it

are busy laughing at me well lemme come

and be going.

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