Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E13

1 month ago

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(Ambrose Father Side Of The Story)

I was coming back from my friend place with my car when suddenly a police man stopped me entered my car and demanded for my

papers and after perusing , he said, “Oga!

Your papers

don expire. I begged him but he won’t let

me go and after wasting an hour of my

time, he insist i settle him with 2500. I

pleaded that he should take 1,500 because

2,500 was all i had with me. But he insisted

on the 2,500 or I go to the station.

To avoid

further delay, me gave him the 2,500 and he

alighted from my car. I zoomed off in

anger and just about 5minutes drive from

the scene, a phone rang in my car. Behold, it

was a “iPhone 7” seated gracefully on the

passenger seat beside me. I picked the call,

lo & behold the harsh policeman said in a

very somble tone,“Oga, sori wen I sit inside

ur car my fone don fall inside your car.

Na me, the police man wey arrest you just

now. Abeg help me return am”.

Thank you sir for the phone, at least i have

purchased an Iphone 7 with just 2,500 i

said to him and offed the phone and drove

off, (una papa, na me wey you wan carry

play for this buhari regime,

i drove home and i saw my Son i told him

what happened and gave him the phone, i

told him if he wants to return the phone

that he should continue but he should know

that the police will just Harass him, he said

for were who go return am? I the craze


I turned on the tv and i was watching a

news when my son came in


(Ambrose Side Of The Story)

i was happy that i now has another Iphone

7 from a wicked police officer, i was happy

then i decided to make my dad laugh a little

i met him watching a Movie and a joke

pumped into my head,

Me: Daddy i want to tell you something

Dad: ok go ahead my Son

Me: Breaking News:

FIFA cancels Nigeria-Cameroun match

where Nigeria scored 4:0 against


Reason: Cameroun protested that it was

two nation that played them.

How can Biafra and Nigeria play against

one country?

My dad was laughing and i walked back into

my room and said to myself, this man go

continue the laugh like this for me to be

receiving more goodies, i said and winked

to myself……… My Babe called me and i was

discussing with her then suddenly she

invited me to chat with her on Facebook i

logged in and we started chatting till i

ended the chat and slept off.

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