Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E11

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(Gentle side of the Story)

Oga Ambrose just relax, them no fit do you

anything joor, see those guys na hungry

guys chai Emma don buy market, well we

go, go tomorrow for him territory go tell am

first make im stay clear, you self too the fear

joor, i was still talking when Ambrose phone

started ringing, he picked the call and

started talking in a very soft and low key

which i wasn’t hearing anything

(Ambrose side of the story)

Gentle was still ranting when my phone

started shouting like a mad man, i just lazily

picked the call, and didt even worry myself

to check the caller, but on hearing the voice i

found out it was my dad

Hello good afternoon sir

fine Pm, were are you

am at Gentle’s house

come over to the house am going out now

but dad……… Well am on my way

be fast i cooked rice and beans

what????? Rice and beans? Infact am

coming with the speed of light

my dad ended the call and i looked at Gentle

who looked worried, i told him that my Dad

wants me to come back home, he escorted

me to the village square and turned back, i

went to my house rejoicing and dancing like

a mad boy, chai see wetin food cause shaa

i went inside our gate and met my dad


oga sir good afternoon i greeted

Ambrose i no that you would come back

quickly because you heard rice and beans

my dad said

kama uga adu na ite ya duru na afor

(instead of it to remain in the pot let it enter

my stomach) i replied

maka nwoke bu kwa Ezege my dad said

so papa you can also rap??

Na me wey you even inherit that one he

replied and went outside the gate heading

to only God knows…

I ran straight to the kitchen and found

empty pot, chai this man self na me wey im

play shaa


The next day came and i got a call from

Gentle telling me that his coming to my

house, he sounded very happy and when i

ended the call Samuel my cousin came inside

my house,

Me: oga Sam this one you the come by this

time hope am save?

Samuel: for were? Abeg just go hide now

because my blood the hot

Me: no p, abeg Gentle call me o say im wan

visit me now now

Samuel: na him even called me to come over

self. We were still discussing like 12minutes

time, Gentle arrived and was smiling like he

has won a visa

Me: oga o, how far nah

Gentle: Fine o this one una face dey this


Samuel: abeg go straight to the point joor

Me: Yes go straight to the point, i no get

time my blood the hot

Gentle: see who blood the hot, you wey 6

guys pursue and you the run

Samuel: 6 wetin

Gentle: yes 6 guys

Samuel: ambrose you even try run if na me

na fly or even disappear i go do self, but

why them the pursue you

Me: na that masquerade guy o

Gentle: him name na Emma

Samuel: Emma that one im papa the sell kai


Gentle: yes o

Me: abeg Gentle tell us joor

Gentle: i don s.ex Nkechi o

Samuel: wow great news o

Me: hmm my armpit no dey o

Gentle: shout out to Ambrose Tips

Samuel: make i sing for him joor… All you

need is to listen to him, put your

concentration to him, do what exactly he

asked you to do, Admin Ambrose we are

ready to go dere

Gentle; baba for the girls baba for girls eeh

baba for the girls, kwanu baba for the girls

eeh baba for the girls baba for the girls

both of them were busy singing and

dancing and i was busy laughing at the 2

grown up fools dancing, gentle later went

back home after he hosted it on a


There was one particular restaurant wey i

dey go chop that’s were Gentle Hosted it, E

get one oyibo wey dey always come chop

there too… Anytime dis oyibo chop finish, he

go shout ”Hey”, so I wonder wetin dey

make am shout. I decided to eat what d

oyibo always eat so maybe me sef go shout

too. When we reached d restaurant, I order

wetin d man dey chop. Dem tell me say na

chicken & red wine, so i chop am finish, i no

shout. I collect extra plate, but i no still

shout. I say dis oyibo na mumu o, wetin dey

make am shout like dat? Na so i just vex ask

4 my bill. The waiter tell me say one plate of

chicken & red wine na N50,000 then d extra

plate too na another N50,000. Na then I

shout hey! heyy!! heyyy!!! heyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyy… ……..Up till now,

I still dey shout!!!


(Gentle Side of the Story)

1 week later

Nkechi just sent me a text dis afternoon say,

hey Love, i miss my period.


I no even wait 2 read am finish, na im i off

my fone, begin breath fast fast.


D next tin, i see her dey knock my door.

Naim i follow window xcape.


Na where i hide put 4 my backyard naim i

even say make i read her message finish.


I come see say i be just dey fool myself.


She write say, “hey love, i miss my period. D

lesson was suppose to be by 9am but i went

by 11am.


Am coming 2 ur house now 2 spend time

wit u.


I quickly jump out begin pursue d bike wey

carry her dey go back.

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