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After a week, Adaugo and Omasili returned to their husband’s compound with the promise to change for good.

Ndulue accepted after series of pleas from both his Friend and their Mothers.

There was peace and quiet in the compound for days as the two women tried as much as possible to maintain peace and decorum when their husband was around but however, this did not last.

That drizzy morning, Omasili came into the compound fuming in anger. She had gone out earlier in the morning to the Farm with Okonta the famous palm dealer to help her cut down her ripe palm fruits which she had spotted 2 days earlier.

“Mama Nnukwu! Mama Nnukwu bia kene o(come o)..because if I start now, they will say Omasili has started, Omasili is a trouble maker.. But I’ll stay on my own peacefully and yet devil will come to me to attack me and I have no choice than to retaliate”Omasili shouted as soon as she entered the compound.

Ekemma quickly came out

“Ogini? What is it again?”She inquired

“Is it not that daughter of a low life beggar? That seed of an imbecile who calls herself Adaugo? She dare go to my farm and harvested my ripe palm fruits..Adaugo had the audacity to go into my farmland and harvested my palm fruits..”She said in full anger..

Adaugo came out..

“Who is barking? Who’s the dog that’s barking??”Adaugo asked looking around dramatically..

“It is your Father.. Yes! Nna muru gi that is a dog! (The man that birthed you that is a dog)”Omasili screamed

“Would both of you just shut your mouths?!”Ekemma asked in anger.

She was indeed tired of all their dramas.

“What is the bone of contention here? Why fighting all the time? Eh! Za’m(answer me)”

“She started it!..she went to harvest my palm fruits without my permission”Omasili said

“Go and show me where your name is written on the palm tree! You will tell me if you brought any palm tree from your father’s house!”Adaugo fired

“Shut up you two!! Are u crazy? I personally married you two into this house as my husband’s wives.. If I had known that the only thing you’d bring to this house is trouble and quarrel do u think I’d go for you?”Ekemma asked looking at both of them but they were quiet staring at the ground.

“I am a mother of 5 strong and healthy boys..You Omasili, has 2 girls and a boy.. You too Adaugo has 2 girls and a boy.. Both of you are being given the same share of everything in this house so I can’t seem to place where the rivalry and jealousy is coming from.. What are you two always fighting over?”Ekemma asked folding her hands across her breasts and looking at them for answers but none said anything.

“Am still waiting for answers.. Please school me.. Tell me what exactly you both are dragging, I want to know because am fed up”

“I’m sorry Mama Nnukwu”Omasili said

“I’m sorry too”Adaugo said

“Now, Adaugo you are faulty on this matter.. Go in and give Omasili all the palm fruits you harvested from that tree”

“But..”Adaugo tried protesting

“No Buts!..go and do so at once”Ekemma commanded

Adaugo murmured and left..


Ebere and Ulumma were making Dinner the next evening in the kitchen.

“You didn’t tell me how your meeting with the Prince went yesterday”Ulumma said as she pounded the fufu.. Ebere was arranging the vegetables..

She paused “Am sorry ..you know we’ve been busy lately keeping an eye on Nne and Lotanna”

“Yes”Ulumma continued pounding..

“Talking about Lotanna, Ulumma you have not told me how really you got him back”Ebere said

“But I did already.. I told you all I found him under a tree close to the stream.. The gods must have dealt with the people that tried to take him away so they dumped him there”She said still pounding

“I don’t believe that c--k and bull story! Tell me something else”

Ulumma laughed “You want to change the topic! We were talking about your meeting with the Prince”

“Well, u won’t believe it though.. The Prince asked me to marry him and then, he introduced me to the Queen Mother”She said excitedly

“Oh! That’s nice..so am now a royal sister in-law”Ulumma kept pounding all these while not even looking at Ebere.

“Wait.. You don’t sound surprised.. Why?”

Ulumma stopped pounding and looked up at her sister

“Why should I be surprised? You are beautiful, very beautiful.. The Prince is looking for a wife and then he invites you to the Palace.. what for? To come and pound yams? It was very obvious”She laughed

Ebere laughed too..

“But.. When I was on my way back, I met Olaedo the orphan.. She warned me sternly to stay away from the Prince..She said something like “dying the death of another person”,,I don’t understand”

“Please forget that one.. It’s plain jealousy”

“But she sounded so serious and angry”

“I said forget her.. She can do nothing! Trust me..”Ulumma assured her.

“Sometimes you act like an older sister.. I wonder if am truly older than you with 3 years”

“You never can tell…”Ulumma smiled…



This is situated in the fartherest part of the earth. “Ndi Mmiri” as they were called were known for their extreme magical powers.. Every problem had a solution in Mmiri kingdom..

However, it was ruled by a Mighty Queen who never aged. She was always young and beautiful with great powers..all the people of “Ndi Mmiri” never gets old.. They begat children who grew up and at a certain age of 22, stopped growing so amongst them lived men and women who had lived for many uncountable centuries.

Ndi mmiri had the largest population ever with strong armies. The beauty and magnificence of Mmiri Kingdom cannot be described. It was the most beautiful place on earth at that time.

One more thing, Ndi Mmiri stood alone..they had no neighbouring village around it.. They were separate and different from all other villages on earth at that time..


“Mother..”Nwaala called

“Don’t call me! Dont even dare! I sent you on a mission but you went there to mess up! I’ve been seeing how you despise your sister and come in her way all the time! Nwaala this was not what I sent you to do!!”

“I’m sorry mother but you have to listen to me.. I found out this people are loving and kind.. They shouldn’t suffer for the sins of one man.. Please mother, try and understand me!”

Nne Mmiri stood up from her throne in anger.. “How dare you? How dare u Nwaala! You’ve grown so soft.. What has come over you? what did they do to you over there?”

“Love mother.. They love and treat me well.. All those people are innocent.. They shouldn’t suffer for what they know nothing about!”

“Shut up!”Nne Mmiri commanded..

“This is your last warning..Dont make me summon you here again.. Now get out of my presence!!”

Nwaala bowed, tapped her left foot thrice on the ground and vanished.

Ajonwa who has been sitting close to Nne Mmiri all the while smiled and bowed while Nne Mmiri used her fan to tap her back..

“Now you too, go and continue the good work..”

“Thank you mother”She said and vanished too..


QUICK QUESTIONS what is the best thing to do to make Adaugo and Omasili stop fighting?

Now who really is Nwaala and Ajonwa??


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