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Ebere became a frequent visitor at the Palace because her marriage with Prince Afamefuna had been fixed.

The Queen Mother was so in love with Ebere because of her good character and didn’t hesitate to accept her with open arms as her would-be daughter in-law.

Afamefuna on the other hand too was in love with Ebere and dotted her like the Queen she was.

Everything was going on smoothly until….

“My Prince, you have a visitor waiting for you at the Visitor’s chambers” Oke one of the Prince’s personal guard informed him that evening when he was eating his dinner in his Hut.

“And who’s that?” Afam asked

“A young maiden”

Afam thought for a while

“Okay.. Tell her I’ll join her soon”

Oke bowed and left..

Soon, the Prince rounded up with his meal and went to the chamber to see the strange maiden.

He got there and immediately recognized her.

“I guess I’ve seen this face somewhere before”

She smiled

“Yes my Prince.. I am Olaedo, the girl at the stream”

“Oh yeah yeah I remember..Please sit down.. And why are you here by the way?”

Olaedo brought out a calabash

“I brought you food.. Freshly prepared bush meat pepper soup”She said handing him the calabash of food.

Afam hesitated for a while

“Why are you bringing me food?”

“come on my prince! Take it”She smiled charmingly as she touched his face..

Cold shivers enveloped him and he smiled at her and collected the food.

He opened it and the aroma filled his nose.

He smiled and dipped his hand into the food and was about putting it in his mouth..

“My Prince..” A voice called out..

Afam and Olaedo looked up.. It was Ulumma!

“Am sorry if I interrupted anything.. I just brought you this. My sister Ebere sent me to give u this. It’s abacha.”Ulumma said smiling as she handed over the food to him.

Afam smiled, dropped Olaedo’s food and collected the one from Ulumma.

“Where is she? Why didn’t she bring this herself?”Afam asked

“Well, she was busy with something”Ulumma replied

Olaedo swelled in anger.. Afam noticed her “Thanks for the food my dear, I’ll eat it later.. You may leave now”

She hissed and left.

“Sit down please”Afam said to ulumma. She sat down.

“Oke!! Chidi!! Come here”He called and they ran in.

“Take this food and eat..”He said pointing at Olaedo’s food

They happily took it.. while he mulched Ulumma’s food


Ulumma walked home smiling to herself.

“Even after Mother warned you.. You still continue disrupting my plans ehh?”Olaedo said blocking the way.

“Please leave the way.. I don’t have time for all these rubbish”

“Leave which way? Nwaala you are not just daring me.. You are also daring the Nne mmiri our mother and you know what that means right?”

“Leave that to me..”

“Then stay clear off my business!”Olaedo screamed

“Else… You won’t like what I’ll do to you”She concluded and left..

Ulumma shook her head and went her way too.


Ulumma was almost home when she felt a presence around her. She stopped abruptly and looked around.

“Who are you? Show yourself and stop being a coward!”She screamed

Immediately, an old man appeared before her.

he had long bushy dreadlocks hair which covered his face. He was with his staff.

“Fear not Nwaala daughter of Nne Mmiri from the seven seas across! Peace!!”

Ulumma looked around

“How do u know my name? Who are you??”

The man laughed exposing his black stained teeth

“Spirits recognize spirits. I’ve come to tell you to braze up yourself because the journey ahead is tougher than the one you left behind.

You choose the right part Nwaala and the gods of the dark forest are solidly behind you so fear not! Fear not!!”

“Who are you?”Ulumma asked again.

The man used his right hand to pull his hair backwards thereby exposing his face.

Ulumma looked shocked

“Nku?! King of the dark Forest!!”


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