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Ulumma hurried home and her heart dropped when she saw her mother wailing on the ground. Her Father was talking to some young men who gathered there.

Ulumma hastenly dropped her water pot and ran to her mother.

“Nne, what is the matter ehh?”

“They’ve taken my son away.. They’ve kidnapped Lotanna”She cried

“What?!”Ebere who just came in screamed..

“Taken him? Who did?”She asked in shock

“I just woke up and found out he was gone. I lay him down right beside me”Asa kept crying..

Ebere started crying while Ulumma went over to her Father. By now, the young men had left and women tropped into the compound to console Asa.

“I sent them out to search for your brother”Okoro said to Ulumma.

“My enemies are at work.. They have seen that the gods has blessed me with my heart desire and they decided to take him away”Okoro lamented..

Ulumma shook her head.. “Nnam, calm down.. It’s okay”

She started walking out of the compound..

“Where to?”Okoro asked

“nna’abia(am coming)”She said not turning back..


Ulumma arrived Olaedo’s compound soon..

“Ajonwa!! Ajonwa come out here!” Ulumma screamed

Olaedo came out with her hands across her chest.

“I knew you’d come”She laughed

“Where is Lotanna?”Ulumma asked moving closer to her now facing her squarely.

“I have no idea”Olaedo said nonchalantly

“Don’t u dare play dumb with me Ajonwa! Where is my brother? Where is Lotanna? And why would u abduct an innocent child? I and you have scores to settles so why involve him?”Ulumma was angry now

“Hey Hey! U are within my domain now so you don’t have any right to shout at me.. And well, you guessed right.. I took the boy.. Nwaala, you were getting in my way, why don’t you do your thing and let me do mine? Why interfere in my issues??”Olaedo fired

“You don’t expect me to sit down and watch you destroy the whole kingdom because of the sin of one man!”

“How is it your business? Is this your Land?? Focus on your business and let me be.. Is it too hard?”Olaedo screamed boiling in anger..

“Ajonwa, give the boy back to me let’s sort this out..”

Olaedo laughed wickedly

“Why are u shivering? Why are u so scared now huh?”

Ulumma only smiled

“You should know am not scared of you and I can never ever be.. I could send you back to your cage now but mother has warned me to let you be and am respecting her orders if not.. You know me”

“Then leave this minute!”Olaedo shouted

“Ajonwa give me the boy now!! I don’t want to go violent with you.. Give me the boy immediately!!”Ulumma said moving violently towards Olaedo.

She made to enter Olaedo’s Hut but Olaedo blocked her way.

Ulumma became furious and stretched her left hand angrily towards Olaedo.. thick white smoke began to emit from her hand as she stretched it, Olaedo started coughing uncontrollably as she fell on the ground.

“Where is he?”ulumma asked with her smoke-emitting hand still stretched towards Olaedo..

“He..is..in..in..side”Olaedo said coughing.

Ulumma brought her hand down and the smoke stopped.

She walked inside and came out carrying Little Lotanna who was still fast asleep.

“I warned you..”Ulumma said walking out while Olaedo was still on the floor coughing..

As she was leaving, She came face to face with Dimma, one of Olaedo’s friends..

The girl looked at Ulumma who was carrying a child and Olaedo who was on the floor coughing.

Ulumma didn’t even stop to look at her as she walked away.

Dimma ran towards Olaedo.. “Ola what was Ulumma doing here?”

No answer

“talk to me.. why are you on the floor coughing? What did she do to u?”

No answer (still coughing)

“I came here to tell u about Ulumma’s little brother’s kidnap”

Olaedo still didn’t reply.

Reality struck Dimma and she stood up.

“Chim oo.. Was that not Lotanna that Ulumma was leaving here with? Wait.. Olaedo, don’t tell me you had a hand in the little boy’s disappearance! Chai!! I know you hate Ulumma but how could u? This is wickedness”Dimma screamed..

Olaedo was irritated. She looked at Dimma in anger.

“You talk too much!”She hit her hand 3 times on the ground and stretched towards Dimma and immediately, the girl became Dumb! She couldn’t speak again!!

“Now turn back and leave here.. You won’t be able to say anything to anyone forever..”

Holding her throat, Dimma went away in tears.


Eze Omekannaya was buried successfully and normal activities resumed in the village. The Ichies were looking forward to crowning a new King as soon as Prince Afam made his choice of a wife.

Prince Afamefuna on the other hand haven’t made his intentions known to Ebere yet but was planning to.

He therefore invited her over to the Palace so his mother would access her.


Ebere arrived the Palace that evening dressed in her best.

She was ushered into the Palace court while Prince Afam was informed of her presence.

Almost immediately, he arrived..

“wow! You look as ravishing as ever”

Ebere blushed

“Thank you my Prince”

He sat beside her.. “Ebere, I want to introduce you to my mother, the Queen Mother”

Ebere looked up

“The Queen Mother? But why?”

“isn’t it obvious? I love you and I want you to be my wife”

Ebere looked down smiling


“Is that a Yes?”Afam said excited

“Who would say No to the Prince of Umuozara?”

Afam laughed

“Thank u so much Nwunyem(my wife)”

Ebere laughed “Am not yet Nwunye gi o.. come and pay bride price”

“Let’s go to your People right away”Afam said with a serious look

Ebere laughed again “Funny! Not now jor.. Let’s go and see the Queen Mother”

Afam smiled and lead the way to the Queen’s chamber..


Lolo Akunna immediately liked Ebere as they talked and laughed like they’ve known before.

“I approve of her!”Alumna told her son later that night

“She has all the qualities of a Queen, the way she carries herself and the way she speaks says it all..”

Afam smiled

“So would she make a good umbrella?”

Akunna laughed hard and long “Afam pleasee”

“You know mother, you’ve not told me what u really meant by all those your speeches the last time”

“Soon my son.. Soon..”


Ebere headed home happily.. She was almost home when she felt someone following her.. She stopped and turned back and saw Olaedo.

“What is it?”She asked

“Am here to warn you.. Stay clear off the Prince if u don’t want to die the death of someone else..”

Ebere was shocked

“Is that a threat? And what do u mean??”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you”Olaedo said and walked away.

Ebere stood there in confusion..


QUICK QUESTIONS who is your favorite character so far?

Who do u think Ulumma really is??


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