Cleaning Lady - S01 E55

1 month ago

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Dupe Had Told Sheila To Dann Everything And Go For His Man And Surely She Was Going To Get A Surprise,Which She Did Got!.

“stupid B---h”dupe Thought,”serves You Right”

“oh God Baby! You’re Making Me Hotter,spank Me Baby!! Spank Me Hard!!”

His Hand Whacking Her Butt Sent Another Powerful O----m Through Her And She Collapsed On Top Of Him.

“oh Baby! Oh Kunle!!”she Gasped.

He Continued To T----t Below.

“oh! Baby You’re Gona Make Me Pour. Oh! IM COMMING.”kunle moaned

“yes! pour for me baby. i want you to pour!”

he gave a couple more powerful thrusts and his dam was breached.

at the last moment,he pulled his slick joystick out of her moistness,stroked a few times and wrapping his other arm round her and squeezing her tight,emptied his pour filled balls over her arse.

she squealed in glee as she felt the warmth of his man milk wash over her jiggling butt.

he leaned over her,stroking her unclad body as she lay beside him peacefully.

her racing heart slowed down gradually and her breath returned to normal.

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