Cleaning Lady [Completed]

10 months ago

Prologue •

Get Out Of Here””aminu!!!”lara Shouted At The Gate Man.”come And Carry This Useless Impotent Fool Out Of Here.

And I Must Not See Him In This House Again Or Else You’re Fired”

Kunle Dejectedly Dressed Up And Left Lara’s House.

On His Way Home,he Pondered,how Dare She Do This To Him?

After All They’ve Been Through Together?Well,he Thought,it’s His Own Fault For Going After A Girl Like That.

They Hamd Met During Their Nysc And Fortunately For Her,she Was Retained By Her Bank And After A Year Or Two He Had Managed To Get One Of A Food Processing Company As A Quality Assurance Manage.

By Then Lara Had Been Promoted To Assistant Bank Manager With An Official Car And Residense To Match.

He Had Been Hearing Rumors About Her As Peaple Just Don’t Get Promoted Like That Within A Year Of Working In A Bank,but He Don’t Believe The Story.

Cleaning Lady - S01

Cleaning Lady - S01

10 months ago