Cleaning Lady - S01 E56

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*(final Episode)*

Sheila Opened Her Eyes And Looked Up At Kunle Affectionately As He Caressed Her,tracing His Finger Over Her Unclad Skin,teasing Her Tips As He Watched Them Grow Hard.”kunle!! Is This How You Are When You Are Angry?”sheila Asked

“angry?Why Would I Be Angry With You?”kunle Replied.

“i Mean”she Said,brushing Her Hands Against His Face”after What Happened Yesterday.”sheila Said

“you Mean Lara?Please Forget About Her.

I Don’t Want To Hear That Name Again”kunle Said

Sheila Propped Up Against An Elbow”i Feel Kinda Sorry For Her.”

Kunle Stare At Her.

“she Deserve All The Words I Gave Her And Even More.”

“wow,i Don’t Want To Get On Your Bad Side Then.

That Kunle Scares Me.”

“baby,she Had It Coming,Whose Side Are You Anyway Huh”kunle Asked Grabbing Her Breasts With Both Hands”

“YOURS BABY!!”she replied quickly.

he began to squeeze her breasts,pinching her tips.sheila gasped.

“why sheila?why do you feel sorry for her?”he asked,a smile forming on his face.

“no Kunle! I Don’t she Gasped Feel Sorry For Her!!”sheila Pleaded Whimpering.

“i’m Going To Deal With You Till You Beg Me To Stop”kunle Threatened.

“please Kunle”sheila Gasped And Smiled”I’M ON YOUR SIDE! I’M ON YOUR SIDE”

Kunle Grabbed His Already Growing Joystick In His Hand And Pressed The Head Hard On Each Hard Tip.

A Shiver Ran Through Her And A Loud Moan Escaped Her Lips.

“ohhh Kunleee!!”she Moaned Out Loud.

He Slapped His Meat All Over Her Jugs,jiggling Them And Poking Her Tips With The Head.

Sheila Roughly Grabbed His Balls,a Groan Escape Kunle Mouth Out Of Pain And Pleasure.

“oh,nice”sheila Smirked,giving Them A Tight Squeeze”so You Are Not So Tought After All.”

She Continued To Caress Them In Her Hand Giving A Warming Squeeze Whenever He Made Any Sudden Movements.

“okay Sheila,i Give Up”kunle Exclaimed As She Squeezed Again.

“do You Promise To Stop Bullying Me?”sheila Asked.

Kunle Head Began To Spin From The Sensation Of Pain And Pleasure.

Kunle Tried Getting Off Her Chest But She Held His Balls In A Firm Grip,stroking Him Harder Until He Was Blabbing,pleading With His Eyes.

Sheila Was In Stitches.

She Laughed So Hard Her Sides Hurt.

She Released Her Grip On Him Slightly And He Slipped Off Her.

He Sighed.

Sheila Peered At Her Watch.

“baby,i Really Don’t Want To But I Really Have To Leave”she Whined.

Kunle Sighed”yeah,i’ll Give You A Bath Before You Go.

“not On Your Life.

If You Do,i’ll Not Leave Here Today And It’s Getting Late.

Maybe Someother Time”sheila Said.

Kunle Held Her Face In His Hands And Kissed Her Lips Affectionately.

Sheila Stood Up And Went To The Bathroom.The Sound Of The Shower Hit Kunle Ears”oh! What The Heck.”he Thought After A While.Jumping Up From The Bed To Joing His Baby In The Shower.

********THE END******




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