Cleaning Lady - S01 E54

11 months ago

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Kunle Continue”i Didn’t Want To Believe It,i Decieve Myself Into Thinking All Was A Lie.

That Was Until You Started Treating Me Like A Crap.

I Was Blinded By My Love For You I Gave You My Heart,yet You Dashed It In To Pieces,still That Wasn’t Enough.

You Had The Guts To Insult Me In The Presence Of Your Friends

Kunle Paused”you Were Right About Something That Day,yes,i’m No Longer In Your Class,but You Got Something Wrong.

You Are Beneath Me,you See”he Dragged A Finger Over The Table”you Are Worthless Than This To Me,i Do Not Roll With Filth.

trash Like You Do Not Deserve Happiness.

Goodluck To You As You Screw Yourself Into Greater Riches.

I’m Contented With My Life.I Hope I Never Set My Eyes On You Again.

By The Way,thanks For The Wine”

Kunle Turned And Grabbed A Stunned Sheila’s Hand,pulling Her Out Of There For The Last Time.

Sheila Turn And Look At Lara Who Stood There Shocked,not Knowing What Just Hit Her.

Their Eyes Met And Sheila Mouthed”i’m Sorry”as Kunle Led Her Out.


“i’ve Never Been So Embarrased In My Life.

Imagine That Idiot Bringing That Little Tramp To My House And Insulting Me Infront Of The Small Girl.

Ko Shele Simi Ri”lara Barked Into The Phone.

Dupe Tried Not To Laugh.”take E Easy Ore,i Warned You It Wasn’t Going To Be Easy.

I’m Serious Lara.

A Man In His Right Senses Would Not Take You Back.

You Just Have To Forget About Him”dupe Said

“after Insulting Me! In My House?Jo Ma So Oshi Si Mi Jare!!!”lara Said

“lara,try And Understand What Am Sayin. . .Forget About Him,at Least You Still Have Charles”dupe Said

“ehn Ehn. . .”

“ehn. .”

“ohk,motigbo”lara Said

Dupe Hung Up The Call And Burst Into Laughter.

Serves Her Right,the Self-centered B---h.

Dupe Mind Raced To What Happened Yesterday.

She Was Coming Out Of The Large Building As Dupe Parked Her Car.

She Would Recognize That Innocent Face And Lovely Body Anywhere.

She Didn’t Mention The Incident At The Restaurant,but Had Told Sheila She Should Fight For Her Man,not Let Anyone’s Agenda Poison Her Mind.

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