Cleaning Lady - S01 E53

1 month ago

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“why Would You Do That,lara?Why Would You Want To Destroy The Happiness Of Someone Else?I Don’t Know You And I’ve Never Met You Before,i Never Crossed Your Path?Why?”sheila Asked Lara.

“it’s Not Beneath Her,i Wouldn’t Expect Anything Less From Someone Who Slept Her Way To All These Riches!!”

“kunle!!”sheila And Lara Shouted Simultaneously

“you Think I Don’t Know?You Think I Don’t Know About You And Your Bank Regional Manager,how He Promoted You To The Assistant Manager Of Your Branch,under A Year After Service?Is That How Easy It Is Just To Get Promoted,someone Just New To The Bank?”kunle Said

Lara Stammered”i Dont Know What He’s Talking About.

How Dare You Insult Me?”

“oh,there Is More.

How About That Rep Member?The One Who You Are Always With In Abuja?All That Time You Tel Me You Go For A Meetings In Abuja?

The One That Rented This Place For You?You Think I Don’t Know?”kunle Said

Lara Was Just Dazed,she Felt Like Fainting.

Sheila Knows Kunle Is Very Angry For Saying Those Things.

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