Cleaning Lady - S01 E52

1 month ago

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“This The Lady I Met In The Restaurant”sheila Thought

Lara Offered Them Wine.

While Drinking,sheila Was Not Comfortable,she Wanted To Know Who The Lady Really Is And Her Prayer Was Answered When Kunle Broke The Silent.

“lara,you Are A Wicked Person”kunle Said

“whaa.t Do You Mean”lara Answered

“l. . .Lara?’sheila Stammered Stunned.

“yes,lara,the Very Lady I Told You About”kunle Said

“what?On Ro Ejo Mi Kiri?”lara Asked Surprised.

“but Why?Why Did You Do This”sheila Stammared

“oh,you Need To Know Her.Its Not Something She Can’t Do”kunle Replied.

He Continued”yes,the Very Same Lara.

I Should Have Figured Out You Were A Deceitful,cunning Perron Who Doesn’t Want The Happiness Of Others.

I’m Pretty Sure She Saw Us At The Restaurant.

She Couldn’t Stand The Sight Of Us Together.

That’s Why She Crossed You In The Restroom.”

“kunle,you Better Stop All This Nonsense.

Who Do You Think You Are?”lara Shouted

“who Am I?

What Do You Think? You Can No Longer Blind Me With Your Charm,i’ve Outgrown That”kunle Shouted.

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