Cleaning Lady - S01 E46

10 months ago

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She S----d His Nipples Sending Jolts Of Pain And Pleasure To His Brain.

He Was Surprised To Find Himself Responding To Her Touches And His D--k Began To Grow Hard,she Felt It Grow Under Her And She Began To Grind Her Crotch Into Him.

“hmm Kunle”she Purred”o Ti Di Okunrin Pada(you’re Now A Man)”

Kunle Reached Up To Grab Her Breasts,but She Swatted His Hands Away.

She Slid Down His Body,dragging Her Breasts Along His Skin Until She Was Poised Above His Crotch.

She Planted A Small Kiss On His Tent,rubbing Her Hand Over The Bulge.

She Unzipped His Pants And T----t Her Hand Inside,grabbing His Now Hard C--k.

She Began To Stroke Him And Felt He Was About To C-m,she Stopped,kunle Gaped At Her Like An Idiot,frustrated At The Denial Of His Release.

“think About That Baby,i Know No One Can Take Care Of You Like Me.”she Walked Over To Where She Had Dropped Her Coat And Bent Over To Pick It Up,staying Just Long Enough For Him To Glare At Her Protuding Round Arse.

She Buttoned Up Her Coat And Walked To Him.

She Planted A Kiss Firmly On His Lips.”i’ll Be Expecting Your Call Baby”she Said Before Heading Out The Door.

She Walked Out To Her Car,smiling,she Now Had Him Firmly Wrapped Around Her Finger.

Kunle Just Sat There Long After She Had Gone.

What Just Happened?

He Could’nt Believe It.He Did’nt Have The Will Power To Stop Her.

Was He That Weak?His Balls Ached From The Unreleased Tension.

He Thought,he Could Withstand Her But Her Charm And Sexiness Was Just Too Much For Him.

What Was He Going To Do Now?

He Sat There For A Longtime.

Should He Go Ahead And Accept Lara Back?

Or Should He Wait For Sheila?

He Had’nt Heard From Her For Almost Two Weeks Now.

Did He Have Any Hope In That Aspect?.

Maybe He Should Just Forget About Sheila.

Their Date Did’nt Go As Planned.

Maybe He Was Better Off Letting Her Be.

No Kunle,you Can’t Just Dump Her.

You Know She Will Never Recover From That Heartbreak,if You Do,she’s A Baby.

She Needs Pampering And Lots Of Love,things You Promised Her.

He Had To Make A Decision.

Would Kunle Accept Lara?

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