Cleaning Lady - S01 E47

1 month ago

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Another Week Had Gone By.A Very Long And Hectic Week At Work.A New Line Of Beverages Were Launched Earlier In The Week And Kunle And The Qa Team Had Been Swamped.

The Good Part Was The Lunch Had Been A Success And The New Product Will Be Hitting The Shelves In Supermarkets And These Made His Backpack Seam Heaviar.

As He Walked From The Park Towards His Home,he Pondered.

He Had Given It A Lot Of Thought And Knew What He Had To Do.

He Just Had To Man Up About It.

He Had Two Major Phone Calls To Make That Weekend.

He Had To Let Lara Know It Wasn’t Going To Work Out Between Them And That His Heart Lay With Someone Else.

He Also Had To Call Sheila And Tell Her She Was Mistaken.

Forgive Her For What She Had Done.

He Was Going To Make It Work.

He Was Surprised To Meet Her Siting Quietly Infront Of His Door.

She Sat Staring Into Space.

Unaware He Was Standing Over Her.

Kunle’s Heart Blend For Her.

He Stared After A Few More Moments.

Looking Down At Her,he Knew He Had To Made The Right Decision.

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