Cleaning Lady - S01 E45

1 month ago

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“i’m Ready To Do Whatever You Want.I’m Ready To Change For You”

Kunle Could’nt Believe It But He Felt His Heart Going Out To Her.

Why?Why Was He Feeling This Way To Her? He Had To Stop This.

“lara If At All,i’m Going To Take You Back.

I Have Alot Thinking To Do.

Its Something I Cannot Do Right Now.

Please Give Me Some Time To Think About It.”

“i Don’t Want You To Think About It,i Want You To Act.

Please,for The Sake For My Love For You”

Lara Stood Up And Unbuttoned Her Tan Overcoat Exposing The Lovely Lace Push Up Bra And Panties She Wore Underneath She Let It Fall To The Floor As She Posed Sexily Infront Of Him.

Kunle’s Mouth Went Dry.He Could’nt Believe What He Was Seeing.

“no Lara,i Can’t Do This”kunle Said As She Moved To Kiss Him.

“i’ll Give You Something To Think About If You Really Need To Think”she Purred.

She Took His Hand And Pulled Him Across To The Bed.

She Pushed Him Down And Straddling Him.

She Ripped His Shirt Apart,his Buttons Flying In All Directions.

She Began S-----g His Nipples.

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