Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E06

11 months ago

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As i was saying in the previous Episode,

When he brought the Garri without sugar

omor i hala for him brain, and I was busy

coursing him

Cousin: Guy see as you the shout like Mad


Me: Why i no go shout see wetin you bring

make i follow you the Drink, you no try abeg

Cousin: Guy e be like say this Buhari things

no dey your side abi? Just the Manage the

one you see joor

Me: But guy just bring money make we buy

sugar for this thing o,

Cousin: Your own money no the buy sugar?

Me: Is like.

Cousin: your papa left Nyash there

Me: I don hear abeg give me the money joor


Cousin: Take! Beggar

i collected the money which is #20, and

dashed out of the room, as i walk pass our

Neighbor who was going to fetch water

whose name is Emma

Me: Oga o, Good After Noon

Emma: My Man fine pm o, how you dey?

Me: Fine o

Emma: And your Dad?

Me: (shoor na exam i come so? If i know i

for no come meet am o) his fine

Emma: Ok oga.

Me: But guy wait, is it because you now have

new crush on this street that you now wear

Suit to go and fetch water?

Emma: wetin man go do o

Me: Ok o, easy o, abeg make e be.

I left him and went to buy the sugar, i met a

young girl there, she’s the one selling in the


Me: Knock Knock here!

Girl: Who is there?

Me: Your Ancestors

Girl: eeh?

Me: Airport

Girl: Meaning?

Me: Read am again

Girl: Abeg no carry your own wahala come

spoil my mood abeg

Me: Fine Girl How far?

Girl: wetin you come buy? you come the ask

me how far?

Me: Answer me first nah

Girl: Ok am fine, what else

Me: i like your Nose

Girl: What of my ear?

Me: even that one, abeg come sell sugar give

me joor, and stop blushing

Girl: hmmm, how much Sugar

Me: #20

Girl: Because of ordinary #20 sugar you are

busy raising your voice

Me: Shey na Ordinary Sugar oya give am to

me free nah

She gave me the sugar free and i later on

collected her number not to toast her but to

open office for her head because e be like

say you like me, by the way she said her

name is Favour. I went back to my Cousin

Room and we Drank the Garri peacefully and

i rested for a while and my cousin brought

out a book and asked me if i knew Maths,

and i replied yes


Cousin: if your father gives

you #50 and later gives you

another #50, hw much do

you have in total?

Me: i have nothing

Cousin: my friend you dnt

knw maths

Me: oga… you dont

know my father


We continued discussing and i later

amounced to him that i will be heading

home, when i got home around 9:17pm, my

dad is already fast asleep in his room, i went

and collected his Laptop were he was

sleeping in his room, when i reached to my

room i realised that i forgot to collect the

Cord i will use to play music in his room, i

went back to his room and picked it up,

instead of me to go back to my room i

decided to check if my Dad is alright, i

checked and found out all is well, but i

noticed a mosquitor on his bald head and i

decided to kill it, Ladies and Gentle


Trouble is when you try to

kill a mosquito that lands on

your father’s bald head using

your bare hand, then you

miss it. My broda you

have to produce evidence or

else you are homeless


That was the case i found myself, my dad

woke up after recieving the dirty slap that

can kill the whole Generation, my Audience

the incident that took place later is what i

don’t know how to explain it


when i woke up in the morning i felt pain

on my head, i tried to stand on my feet and

it seemed impossible, then my phone

started ringing, without even looking at the

Caller, i picked the call

Caller: Hello sweetie, what happened to your


On realising the caller is my Darling Queen i


Me: i was sleeping

Celine: Till now?

I looked at the time and i realized is not

morning it is 2:19pm in the Afternoon,

Me: Don’t worry am ok

we continued discussing on phone and later

ended the call and i decided to log in to my

website to upload more stories and later

logged in to Facebook and also uploaded

stories, before i could drop the phone i

heard a loud scream coming from the

Parlour, i jumped up and went straight to

the Parlour.

Guess what I saw?

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