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(continuation from the last scene)

Ambrose side of the story


As i heard the scream from the sitting room

i hurriedly stood up from my bed and went

straight to the sitting room, i piped and saw

my Father discussing with my cousin, and

from how my cousin face look, i knew my

dad was telling him about what happened

yesterday night, i walked back to my room

took my bath brushed my teeth and went

back to the sitting room and met only my

cousin smiling like someone who just

caught a new babe, i sat down quietly

avoiding his eyes contact.

Cousin: guy man you don use style slap your

papa nah

Me: na lie o na mosquito o

Cousin: guy forget about the mosquito of a

thing na me and you dey here now, abeg tell

me wetin happen joor

Me: na last night wey i went inside my dad

room to carry im laptop, i carry am finish o i

no know the devil wey send me to check

whether im the sleep sound, na im i come

notice one mosquito wey dey busy the s--k

blood like vampire as i won kill am im come

fly na im i come slap my papa immediately

NEPA come bring light, as i no provide

evidence nah, na im my papa use me do

frying pan,

Cousin: oga o you sabi lie o, abeg i the

throwey cap for your lie e too much

Me: you say me the lie?

Cousin: yes nah na lie i no believe you

Me: see this yeye guy i tell you make you

believe me?

Cousin: why you come the tell me nah

Me: no be you ask me? Abeg leave me joor

as we were busy dragging on the issue na

im our long lost friend Gentle just come

inside my house, (hope you guys remember

Gentle the one that made his babe parents

to remove the roof of their house promising

them to renovate it and since then has

disappeared, yes i now know you remember

him) he just walked in, me and my cousin

were speechless

Gentle: my people this one una open mouth

like that the look me wetin happen

Cousin: Oga Gentle i the throwey cap for you


Me: even me the throwey my boxers for you


Gentle: why una the throwey una things

Cousin: shey na you wey make your inlaw to

comot the roof of their family house

promising them to renovate the house for


Me: guy you wicked o

Gentle: guy make una forget that thing,

them been do there own through

wickedness so me come show them part 2

of wickedness

Cousin: oga you try for that one

Me: a round of applause for the deputy

chairman planning committee

Gentle: who come be the Chairman

Me: na my yeye cousin o

Cousin: your father left yansh

Me: your papa labs

Gentle: guys enough o, i got gist for una

Cousin: the yan us

Gentle: e get this girl for…..(i cut in)

Me: so na girl make you dey serious like


Cousin: no mind am see im belle na so so

woman e the pursue

Gentle: you guys no say me don change

finish nah, remember that time i the pursue

old women nah, Ambrose like your Grand

mother nah

Me: na your Great Grand Mother you pursue


Gentle: fool

Me: He goat

Gentle: fowl.

Me; your stupidity get plate number

Gentle: your mumu life dey registered

Cousin: guys e don do, so Gentle Who be the


Gentle: her name is Nkechi wey the sell food

for market

Me: wait, you mean say she the sell food?

Cousin: na that one you go hear well

Gentle: yes nah she the sell food abeg i won

make we package am

Cousin: Oya make we the go nah

Me: but guys i get babe o

Gentle: na you wan get her no be me?

Me: ok o make we the roll


Nkechi side of the story

i was still busy serving the customers when i

sighted 3 guys approaching my shop with a

smiling face, i need no body to tell me their

aim, but wait o i like the 3 guy, well let me

serve them first

Me: my customers wetin i go bring for una?

1 guy: my name is Gentle, this is Ambrose

and Samuel

Me: ok, what will i offer you guys?

Gentle: i want rice

Samuel: i want Rice

Ambrose: see this guys come the claim

oyinbo, abeg you get Akpu?

Me: yes i have that

Ambrose: thanks you, abeg load am well

well make i no how sweet you can cook

Me: ok

i left them to go and carry out their request,

d--n that Ambrose is Handsome, and very

jovia, if i was a guy and his a girl i would

approach him, well let me give him my best

food… As i was busy preparing their order i

looked outside and saw that Gentle guy

smiling at me hmmm…..


Ambrose Side of the story

Me: guys that girl fine o

Gentle: yes she’s beautiful

Cousin: Yes she is, now what is the next

move Mr Gentle

Gentle: why you come the put the Mr

Me: because you get inlaw nah

Gentle: na you wey get inlaw abeg make i

approach am

Me: guy come drink water first

Cousin: leave am make im the go

Gentle looked at us and smiled while

approaching Nkechi

Me: but Guy will that Nkechi accept am

Cousin: me no know o, make she do o

Me: yes o make we the chop free food

Cousin: bia Ambrose you and food be


Me: that once concern you o


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