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‘I’ll pick you up at 8, we have a party to

go to’ Farid stepped inside the kitchen

half naked, the only thing that was

covering his decency was a medium

length white towel.

‘Like what you see’ He said again to get

my attention that was honestly lost

in between his words and his body. He

always looked so strong but I would

have never thought he had abs and all

those muscles.

‘First I have seen better, second please

don’t walk around half naked like this,

especially when I am around, and lastly, I

am not going anywhere with you’ I took

another sip from my cup of tea.

Farid took a chair right across from me

and took my half plate of omelette and

started eating my food shamelessly.

‘Hey!’ I yelled at him but didn’t try to

away from him. I was full anyways.

‘Like I said, be ready’

‘Why? I don’t want to go’

‘May I ask why?’ He insisted.

‘Because…I…I just don’t’

‘You do remember the contract right?

We have to make believe that we are

actually married’ He glanced my way and

he did have a point. For the last few

days, we have just been sitting at home


‘Ughh fine, what is it for?’

‘Celebration of our marriage of course’

He winked at me and left the kitchen.

Farid left the house right after the small

conversation we had in the kitchen and

I was panicking because I didn’t know if

I was ready to meet so many people. I

am sure none of my family members will

be there so how will I manage.

I went to the mall to find an outfit but

didn’t end up finding anything decent.

Shopping for dresses was so hard for

me, the ones I did like either had a long

neckline, sleeveless, short or had a slit.

Not my style at all, I wanted to be


He told me to be ready by 8, and it was

already 6:30pm. I had an hour and a

half. When I got tired of waiting, I

decided to call Sobia to see if she knows

anyplace that sells modest dresses. It

was so last minute. She texted me a

place of a local boutique and finally I

found a dress that checked all

requirements on my list. It was stunning.

The dress was long and flowy, the silver

purple shades were beautiful and the

stonework and lace were just superb.

Plus, it was affordable. I should have

called Sobia sooner instead of going

dress shopping by myself.

I reached home at 7:15, took a quick

shower, dried my hair and did a half

updo the best I could, put on the dress

and light makeup and I was done

exactly at 7:55. Yes. I was so proud of

myself when I glanced at myself in the

mirror. I actually felt beautiful.

My phone rang and Farids’ name flashed

on the screen and I answered it.

‘You ready?’ His voice on the phone was

a lot huskier than in person.


‘I am waiting outside, come’ He

disconnected the call.

I grabbed my purse, turned off the

lights, locked the door and stepped

inside his car.

He caught my attention right off the bat,

he looked great. But then again he

didn’t have to try, he always looked

clean and well dressed but today in his

gray suit, his olive skin tone, and messy

hair made him look like a model who

just stepped outside the cover


He was looking at me too but this time,

it was different. His eyes weren’t cold

instead, he was smiling at me. I didn’t

know how to react to that so I looked

down and cleared my throat to speak.

‘We better go’

‘Huh?’ He kept looking at me. I looked

down further to avoid this awkward

tension between us, loose strands of

hair fell on my face but before I could fix

my hair, Farid moved his hand and

pushed the hair behind my ear. In shock

I looked at him with my eyes wide open

and he didn’t move his hands away

from my face.

‘What?’ I asked him.

‘Has anyone told you how beautiful you

are?’ I never imagined in a million years

that Mr. Farid Ibrahim would say

anything like this to me.

I breathed heavily and shook my head to

say no.

His cold fingers traced my jawline and

stopped at my lips. His eyes shifted from

my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes

and he licked his lips.

This was just too much for me.

Thankfully his phone rang and he moved

his hands away from me to pick up this

phone. I think it was his father or some

family member asking when we’ll be

arriving at the party.

‘Yeah we are on our way’ He looked at

me with a strange look before driving to

the venue. The entire way he didn’t say

anything. He turned the music up and

kept looking ahead. I didn’t know what

was going on in his mind. Was he

thinking about us? Does he regret what

he did? I didn’t.

Farid was growing into me, he has been

on my mind ever since we met, either in

a good way or bad. He saves me, he

controls me, he drives me insane but I

feel safe when he is around. I want to

trust him…but I just need him to give me

a good reason to trust him first.

We walked inside a beautiful castle-like

building, the architecture was old and

gothic. It was majestic.

Before we walked inside the hall, Farid

stopped me.

‘Just stay close okay?’


He placed a hand on my waist and I

reacted from the smallest touch. He

sensed it too I am sure, but he acted like

it was nothing and guided us inside a

huge ballroom. The glass ceiling in the

hall was breathtaking and the wishing

fountain reminded of the fairy tales that

I used to read when I was little.

‘Its…’ Before I could finish the sentence,

Farid filled in the blank word.

‘Beautiful’ I looked at him and saw his

eyes were already looking at me. His

words meant so many things.

‘Oh look who we have here’ Farid’s

parents approached us with some other


‘Hello Mr.Shiekh, Mr.Green, Mrs,

Smith…this is my wife Laila’ Farid shook

hands with everyone and introduced me

to them.

‘Laila, these are our business partners

and shareholders’ I said hello to them

and they smiled at me.

‘She is stunning’ Mrs. Smith pulled me

into her arms and kissed my cheeks.

‘Oh, thank you, you look beautiful as

well’ I told her.

‘Aw dear, you are too kind, she’s a

keeper’ Mrs, Smith winked at Farid

before walking away with the rest,

leaving Farid’s’ parents behind.

‘How are you beta?’ His father asked and

his step-mother just smiled and walked


‘I am good’

‘Well have fun kids, this party is for

you…Farid follow me, I have some people

I’d like you to meet’

‘No I’ll stay here, Laila doesn’t know

anyone here’

‘It’s fine, I am okay’ I answered them.

‘Great, common Farid’ Both of them

walked off and I looked around the

place. I picked up a glass of orange juice

and moved towards a quieter area of

the hall where mostly older people were


I was busy scrolling down my facebook

feed when I heard someone asking for

everyone’s attention.

It was Farid’s step-mother.

‘Thank you all for coming here tonight,

we have a new addition to our family. If

you aren’t aware, our son Farid got

married and this party is to honor his

wife, Laila’ Everyone clapped when she


Farid stepped outside from the crowd

and took the mic from her.

‘Hello everyone, thank you for coming.

Now I know a lot of people wants to

know about our marriage. The answer

is simple, we got married because we

are in love. I don’t know how I fell for

her or when I fell for her but I know that

she is my wife and I am the happiest

man in the world, so cheers to that and

now I would like to ask my wife for our

first dance’ When he finished talking, a

spotlight hit me and everyone looked at


I looked around nervously then I saw

Farid walking towards and he held out

his hand.

I took his hands and he guided me

towards the centre of the hall. Everyone

moved out of our way and slow melodic

music started playing.

‘I don’t know how to dance’ I informed

him and he chuckled.

‘Of course, look at me and just follow my

lead’ He spun me around and his arms

circled my waist, I moved my hands to

his chest and his breath hitched for a


We got lost in each other in that

moment, he held me close and I didn’t

mind it one bit. Later everyone joined

the dance floor and got lost in their own

world and so did we.

Until a hand landed on Farid’s shoulder,

it was Melissa. Farid girlfriend.

‘Miss me’ She winked at him and I took a

step back from him.

‘Melissa’ He looked at me for a brief

second before turning his back on me.

He started talking to her, while

completely ignoring me. Of course.

I was such a fool.

Without wasting another second on

a man who didn’t even care about me, I

ran out the door.


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