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Trust me you don’t wanna miss this

story, especially this chapter




I had no idea where I was going, but I

knew that I won’t be going home

tonight. My heart hurt and I hated this

feeling. Farid was unworthy of me, he

didn’t deserve my appreciation, my care,

my attention or my lo… nevermind.

I called Sobia as soon as I got inside the

cab and informed her that I am coming

to her place.

Sobia’s mother was out of town to meet

her sister-in-law so Sobia was all alone.

‘Wow, you look stunning’ She greeted

me as soon as she opened the door.

I walked inside to give her a hug.

I held on to her for extra few minutes

and she let me.

‘You okay?’ She whispered.

I shook my head.

‘Oh Laila, common let me make you

some tea’

After making some hot cup of tea and

warming up some leftover pizza, we sat

down with our food in her bedroom.

‘Here, get into something comfy, I’ll go

and grab and an extra blanket. I

changed into some comfortable plain

white pajama set.

‘This is so soft’ I told her when she

walked in with a huge blanket.

After finishing up our food, I laid down

on her bed and closed my eyes while

Sobia massaged my head.

‘I have never seen you like this’ She said

breaking the silence.

‘Me too’ Just when I said that, my phone

started ringing. It was Farid.

I ignored it.

‘What’s going on between you guys?’

She finally asked.

‘I don’t know, I can’t be around him

Sobia. He is toxic for me’ I opened my

eyes and sat up to face her.

‘Why did you marry him then?’ I knew

she’ll ask me this question one day and I

was ready to answer her questions with


I finally told her everything from start to


‘You idiot’ She looked at me as if I have

grown an extra head.

‘ I had to Sobia, it was a chaos and I had

no other option’

‘He blackmailed you, Laila’

My phone rang again, it was Farid.

‘So now what?’

‘Can I stay with you tonight?’ I asked


‘Of course but that’s not what I

meant…what I mean is how long are you

going to keep this up for?’

‘I have four months contract with him.

After that, we will be separated and I’ll

go back to my old life’

‘Do you think he’ll let you?’

‘Yes, why wouldn’t he?’

She laughed at me.

‘Why are you laughing Sobia?’

‘You don’t see it do you?’


‘I don’t think he’ll ever leave you’ She

smiled at me and went off to sleep.

What if Sobia is right? No, she is not.

Farid and I would never…Right?

Before laying down, I checked my phone

again. I had 8 miss calls from Farid and 3

text messages. I opened the messages

and it said.

F: F--k where the hell are you?

F: Call me back dammit.

F:Come back home right now.

I ignored all of that, he is just angry at

me, not worried. Besides Melissa is there

to keep him company. All he really cares

about his money and that stupid

property from his grandfather’s will, not


I suddenly woke up and it sounded like

someone was knocking on the door

loudly. I checked the time and it was


I nudged Sobia and both of us walked

downstairs to check.

Sobia peeked outside through the

window and looked back at me with a



‘Farid’ She mouthed.

Ya Allah …how did he know I was here?

Sobia was about to open the door when

I stopped her.

‘Don’t he’ll leave after’ I whispered.

‘He’ll wake up the neighbours’ She


‘This is not good’

‘He looks so scary’ She informed me.

‘I know you are there Laila, I won’t leave

unless you open the door’ He yelled from

the other side.

‘How does he even know that you are


‘He knows I have no other place to go

to’ I answered.

‘Should I call the cops?’

‘No use…go upstairs, I’ll talk to him’ I

knew Farid, he won’t give up unless he

gets his way.

‘No, you go and I will talk’

‘He knows already, he will check the

room and do something stupid’

Without arguing, she left me and walked

up to her room. When I heard her close

her bedroom door. I opened the front

door and saw a very angry looking man.

‘What the f--k is wrong with you?’ He

walked inside without any invitation and

closed the door shut.

I stayed silent. He was nowhere done


‘Why didn’t you answer my call? I asked

around and nobody knew where you

went? I told you to f-----g stay with

me? Are you that stupid? What if

something would have happened to

you? Do you even know what kind of

people are out here in the street at

night?’ He eyes were red and pulled


‘Say something’ He shouted and it made

me jump.

‘I am fine, I wasn’t feeling well’ I turned

around but he held me shoulder and

turned me around to face him again.

‘You are coming with me’

‘No’ I said weakly.

‘Why?’ He never asked why.

‘I just don’t feel like it’ I looked down,

trying to hold back my tears.

He scanned my face with intensity in his


‘Why?’ He took a step forward to me.

I took a step back, he grabbed my waist

to keep me in place.

‘Why?’ He brought his lips close to my

ears and I shivered.

‘Were you jealous of Melissa? Huh? Is

that why you left?’ He nibbled my ear

and I pushed him back.

‘Stop’ I yelled.

‘It’s true isn’t it wifey?’ He smirked at


‘You are wrong, I am not jealous of

anyone, especially your girlfriend’.

‘She’s not my girlfriend’ He got serious


I stayed quiet.

‘She is not my girlfriend’ He repeated.

‘ You don’t have to give me any

explanations, I don’t care if she is your

girlfriend….I could care less…’ I snapped,

glaring up at him.

‘Shut up’ His eyebrows pulled in and he

grabbed each side of my face, slamming

his lips against mine.

I protested but it was no use.

‘Shut up, Laila’ he said, kissing me over

and over.

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