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I woke up with to sounds of thunder

and when I checked my phone it was

5:40am. Since I was already awake, I

didn’t waste more time and went

outside of my room to pray. I thought

Farid was sleeping by now so I quietly

went downstairs to the living room and

started praying. When I finished and got

up I saw Farid standing behind the sofa

looking at me.

I took off my head scarf and quickly

went upstairs without turning back and

locked myself inside the room for few

more hours before I leave to meet Sobia.

The time didn’t take long, as soon as the

clock hit 9 I changed into my grey

hoodie and black skinny jeans and

grabbed my bag. I ran downstairs and

as soon as I grabbed the front door, I

was stopped by Farid’s voice.

‘Where are you going?’ He was wearing

a grey hoodie and black ripped jeans as

well. We were twining. Gross.

‘None of your business’ I folded my

hands and waited for his response.

Knew it was on its way.

‘Oh but it is, you see we got married

couple of days ago if you don’t

remember and as long as our names are

connected you need to answer me’ He

smirked and walked over to me a little

too close. I took a step back and my

back hit the door. My eyes popped up.

We were all alone beside his staff, but

even they were out of sight.

I gulped.

‘Nervous?’ He was inches away from me.

I forgot to breathe for few seconds.

‘No’ I stammered.

He chuckled and ranked me over from

top to bottom, and when his eyes

returned back to mine, they were


I didn’t like this look on him.

‘Can I go?’ I asked.


‘To see Sobia’

‘She knows about us?’

‘She knows about our marriage but not

the contract…trust me, I didn’t tell her’

‘I do’

He did?

He kept looking at me as if he was

waiting for my answer.

‘Okay well, move’ I looked down


He took a step back but not enough for

me to leave the house.

‘Do you?’ He asked me and placed one of

his hands behind his neck.

Is he asking me if I trust him?

‘I don’t know’ I said clearly. I spoke the

truth. Farid was so unpredictable, my

mom always told me guys like him are

unreliable, my father was like that too.

He took my answer and walked inside

the kitchen.

I took the bus and called Sobia and

Rafay to meet me in the park cause I

knew if Sobia’s mother saw me then she

would tell my mother and I wasn’t really

for all of that yet. I needed some time

before I know for sure what step I need

to take.

After walking alone in the park for few

minutes by myself, I stopped Sobia and

Rafay. They looked so in love. I wanted a

life like that. I never mentioned it but

even after my father left us I still

managed myself into believing that one

day a man of my dreams will come and

he will put all the broken pieces of my

heart together, but it never happened.

But I am glad, Sobia found her happy

ending and so did Rafay.

I waved at them as they walked toward

me and Sobia instantly embraced me

into her arms and Rafay placed his hand

over my head.

‘You are alive’ He joked.

‘Trying’ I laughed.

Rafay excused himself to grab some

coffee for us so Sobia and I could talk


We kept walking, she didn’t know

where to start.

‘I am okay Sobia, even though I probably

don’t look okay and everything is a

mess, I am still holding on to myself, this

will pass just like any other bad times’ I

stopped walking and sat under a tree

and she sat beside me. The weather was

getting colder and colder.

‘Your birthday is coming up’ I said to


‘Yeah just couple more days’ She was a

November baby.

‘Don’t be such a downer, if you are

going to be like this then I will leave’ I

pretended to get up knowing that she

will stop me and I was right.

‘You are a terrible actor, I know you

won’t leave’ She laughed.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and

I placed my head on hers.

‘It wasn’t supposed to be like this’ Sobia

said after a while.

‘Maybe, but there is always a reason

behind something’

‘How is he by the way?’ She asked me

about Farid.

‘Moody’ I replied without thinking.

‘That was quick’

‘I am getting to know him’

‘Is he as bad as you thought?’

‘I don’t know, he seems alone’ He did.

Rafay brought us out favorite caramel

macchiato and sat down right across

from me.

‘How did the exams go?’ He asked me.

‘Pretty good, yours?’

‘Not bad, we still have six weeks before

our second term starts, make sure you

pay your tuition by end of December.’

I had such a normal conversation with

the two, I felt like everything was back

to normal. At least for few hours.

Later that day, Rafay took us for bowling

and we finished the day at the movie

theater.Rafay offered to give me a ride

so after dropping Sobia at the coffee

shop we took off to Farids.

While in the car, it seemed like Rafay was

trying to tell me something but

everytime I asked he mentioned

something different, something off


‘What is it Rafay? just tell me …you’ll kill

yourself otherwise’ I laughed and so did


‘Ahh fine, I just wanted to tell you that if

you need anything just don’t hesitate

okay. I am like your older brother and

both Sobia and I are there and I am not

just saying that I really mean it. I found

Sobia because of you, and if there is

anything even the smallest or the

biggest thing you need just call me


Just hearing him saying that made my

day. Real friends are so rare to find.

‘Sobia is very lucky’ I smiled at him when

he stopped the car right front of Farids


‘So am I, and if your hubby acts like a

douche which I am betting he already is

…but if he goes out of line then you

know who to call’ He winked.

‘I can handle him’ I laughed, grabbed by

bag and walked inside my temporary


There was no sign of Farid. Should I be

worried? It was 9:05…

Maybe I should wait for a while before I

call him. I thought to myself.

I went to the washroom to take a quick

shower and then walked downstairs to

make some hot chocolate in my comfy

harry potter PJs.

I was reaching for cups when I heard

footsteps coming from the living room.

‘Laila?’ He shouted.

‘In the kitchen’

‘Interesting choice of nightwear’ He said


‘Not in the mood for sarcastic

comments’ I smiled and went back to

making hot chocolate.

‘What are you in mood for then wifey?’

He said in my ear and it felt like my body

went on electric shock. No jokes.

‘Hot chocolate’ I removed the pot from

the burning stove and used it as a

weapon to make him move out of my

personal space.

I grabbed two mugs and filled it with

hot chocolate and handed him one mug.

‘For me?’ He asked me. I don’t like him

but I am not that mean. Everyone

deserves a cup of hot chocolate.

I nodded and went upstairs to my

bedroom and saw a huge box. I placed

my cup on the side table and when I

opened the box I found an apple tablet.

You have got to be kidding me.

I ran back downstairs and found Farid

watching TV casually.

I walked to the TV to block his view.

‘Move’ He said annoyingly.

‘No’ I shook my head.

‘What do you want?’

‘Did you get me that?’

‘Got you what?’ He pulled his phone to

keep his distracted. Honestly.

‘Don’t play dumb, if you don’t answer I’ll

talk the hot chocolate back’

The corner of his mouth lifted and he

looked at me.

‘Yes’ He answered.

‘You didn’t have to’ I said.

‘I don’t like you, but I am not that mean.

You’ll die of boredom otherwise’ He

took his cup and walked upstairs to his


Not bad Mr.Farid, you are still a jerk but

you still have some kindness left in you. I

smiled widely as I step inside my living

room. I unlocked my tablet, found a

sticky note with wifi password that

almost touched my heart and you know

the rest …I binge-watched on Netflix as

long as I possibly could.


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