Laila My Love

3 months ago

AILA (MyLove Forward)


Laila Barakat is a normal eighteen-year-old

girl. She just got received a full scholarship

to a private college and works a part-time

job to help support her family. She lives in a

small house with her mother and little

brother and often finds it hard to make the

ends meet.

When Laila steps into college, she instantly

becomes an easy target for everyone

because all the other students are from rich

families. However, Farid Ibrahim can’t seem

to get enough of her.

Laila’s witty

comebacks and honest eyes are doing

something to him and he is intent on truly

knowing her… no matter what.

Signing a four-month marriage contract

and faking their relationship will have its

consequences. Will their ego let them accept

their feelings or is it going to get in the way

of their story? :b

Laila My Love - S01

Laila My Love - S01

3 months ago