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‘I am not going’ I told Sobia as soon as I

woke up the next day.

‘What? Are you crazy?’ She said while

ironing her clothes for the reception


‘No, I am serious. I am not feeling well

so I am just going to stay here’

‘I know what’s it’s about if you want me

to talk to Samra aunty maybe she can

talk to Akeel Bhai and he won’t invite


‘It’s not that easy, God knows how long

they have been friends.’

She stared at me.

‘Why are you staring?’

‘I think Farid likes you’ She said all of a

sudden and I felt like throwing a glass of

water at her to bring her back to life.

‘And you call me crazy’

‘No I am serious; I have seen the way he

looks at you’

‘Yes and thousand other girls, he just

enjoys picking on me. I know him’

‘Yes you do’ She winked at me and went

back to ironing her clothes without

saying another work.

After debating whether or not I should

go to the party I still decided not to go.

Even though I pretend that I don’t care

about him or the things he says to me, it

still affected me.

‘You sure you’ll be okay beta?’ Samra

aunty asked me twentieth times.

‘I am sure’ I assured her.

‘If you want anything or you want me to

come back then let me know. Gosh I

don’t feel like leaving you behind all by

yourself. You know what? I’ll stay with

you’ Sobia was clearly having a panic


‘I am not that little or stupid Sobia, I can

take care of myself, go and tell Rafay I

said hello’

‘Okay but if you need….’

‘Yes mother, I will call you’ I smiled at

her and said goodbye to everyone and

locked the door.

I sat in the living room and started

wondering how I got here in the first

place. How did everything got so weird

all of a sudden?

I called Ammi to see what she is up to

and thankfully she picked up her phone.

‘Asalam O Alikum’ She said from the

other end of the line.

‘Asalam O Alikum Ammi, how are you?’

‘I am good my dear, Sabir and I are just

watching television. How is everyone

there? How did the wedding go?’

‘Everything went well. The bride and the

groom looked wonderful at the nikkah

ceremony and everyone is having a

great time here. Samra aunty wished

you were here too’

‘I know I wanted to come as well but

you know how things are here. Anyways

what is going on there?’

‘Oh …um I am here and everyone is

downstairs’ I lied to her because I

couldn’t explain anything in detail.

‘Oh okay I thought today was another


‘Yhh, well ahh it’s later.’ Hoping that she

would my terrible lie’

‘Everything is okay right?’

‘Jee Ammi, I am just tired…today was a

long day. I can’t wait to come back in

three days…tell Sabir I miss him too and

yeah I’ll call you later.’

‘Okay beta, take care’ The phone call

ended and it’s good that she didn’t to

talk to anyone else or else it would have

been a problem.

It was almost two hours since everyone

has left and I was getting bored. Maybe I

should have gone…no, it’s good that I

didn’t. I went to the kitchen and

reheated the leftover food from last

night and the food still tasted as great as

it did yesterday at the wedding. I was

peacefully enjoying my dinner until the

doorbell rang and I nearly screamed. It

was so quiet in the house that even the

smallest sounds made me anxious.

I debated if I should go ahead and open

the door but before opening the door

straight away and welcoming a potential

serial killer, I used my brain cells and

looked out the window to see who it is.

It was Farid, he was wearing a grey suit

and this time had this hair side parted.

Why am I looking at him like that…No,

stop right there.

I went close to the door but didn’t open.

Everyone was at the wedding so why

was he here. I didn’t answer the door

hoping that he would think that I am

asleep and he’ll go. It didn’t work out

that way sadly. Instead, he kept ringing

the doorbell and before the neighbours

came out I opened the door and saw


‘I know you saw me through the

window, what took you so long?’ He

walked passed me straight into the

living room. I closed the door and

followed him.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked him

as he sat down on the big green sofa.

‘I am here to get you, go get ready’


‘I said go get ready; you’re coming to

the party’

‘I am not going’ I looked at him. I mean

seriously is he out of his freaking mind?

He didn’t stay anything; he simply took

out his phone and started playing


‘Are you deaf? I said I am not coming,

you should go back’ I went to the

kitchen strangely hoping that he would

follow, but he didn’t. I completed my

dinner in the kitchen and started

tapping the kitchen table because his

presence was bothering me way too


I walked back to the living room and sat

on the table across from him.

‘Ya Allah what’s wrong with you? I told

you I am not going’

‘Fine then I’ll just have to stay here’ He

finally looked up but still had a playful

twitch in his eyes.


‘Because…I want to…Because you are

killing the mood’ He looked down and

grabbed his phone again.

‘How am I killing the mood? Everyone is

there. It’s okay if I miss the party’

‘It’s not. You friend whatever her name

is, she is acting all weird without you

and you flimsy boyfriend is awkward as

f--k and the newly wed is worried.’

‘Okay then I’ll call Sobia and I’ll tell her to

act normal and then Rafay will be fine

too.’ I got up and went to grab my

phone so I can call Sobia but Farid was

faster than me.

‘Not so fast. Tell me something, why

didn’t you come to the reception? I

asked your friends and they said you

were sick but you look fine to me’ He

placed his hand on my forehead to

check my temperature and I backed out.

‘I was…I am still. I have a headache.’

‘Hmm, we should call the doctor then, I

know this great doc in Brighton…I’ll call

him here to check you’

I stared at him because I knew he knew

that I was pretending this whole time.

‘I know you are dying to go Laila, what’s

stopping you?’ The person who makes

me miserable, who questions and makes

fun of me is now standing here under

the same roof as I am and trying to get

to me to go the party…are all men like


I smiled at him. Yes at him. Who knew


‘Okay’ I tell him.

‘Okay what?’ He asked me.

‘Give me ten minutes, I’ll get ready’

without saying another word or

glancing back I went back to my room

and pulled out my purple kaftan that I

initially brought for this function. I

applied my brown liner and mascara

and a little bit of lip gloss and finished

my outfit with silver heels and black

clutch and got downstairs.

I saw him standing when he saw me

coming downstairs.

‘Do I look okay?’ I always asked this

question but as soon as this phrase left

my mouth, I regretted it. Why did I ask

him this? Urghh.

‘Yh…you look…’

‘Doesn’t matter, we should go’ I stepped

out of the house and walked over to his


The whole car ride was quite, none of us

said anything, but I couldn’t help glance

at his side.

I wondered so many things about him

all a sudden, things that aren’t even my

business. He lives such divided life. I

mean honestly, someone he is so full of

himself and then I see him with his

sister and he is an entirely different


‘Stop staring at me’ He said in a serious

tone. I looked away.

‘I wasn’t staring’

‘Right’ I shut my eyes closed in

embarrassment. D--n him.

‘How long is it going to take?’

‘Not too long’ He answered my question

without giving away the right answer


I switched on my phone and saw there

was a text from Sobia.

Rafay just proposed me, his family is

here too.

‘What?’ I shouted at the phone.

‘Hey, watch out deadhead! You scared

the hell out of me’ Farid yelled back at

me, seem annoyed.

‘Sorry it’s just that…why didn’t you tell

me?’ I asked him.


‘Rafay proposed to Sobia, why didn’t

you tell me?’

‘I thought you already knew but later on

I realized that you didn’t check your

phone and I wanted you to find out

from her’ He was looking ahead on the

road and this time I couldn’t help but

stare at him.

‘Is that why you came to get me?

‘Hmm…now let me drive peacefully’

I looked down at my phone and reread

the text. My best friend got proposed

and the person who is taking me to my

best friend is the guy who I couldn’t

even stand being close too and now…I

don’t know what changed, but I know I

don’t hate him anymore. I just don’t.


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