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Since 10 am all of us in the wedding

house were running back and forth to

get the things done. From phone calls to

dealing with kids, taking care of the

food and running for last minute

alterations, all of us were having panic

attacks especially the poor bride who

was consistently calling to check if

everything is under control while she

was getting her makeup and nails done.

At last, around 4 pm we were finished

with everything. All the stuff was neatly

packed and placed inside the wedding

bus and now it was time to get ready.

Sobia wore a beautiful long green dress

with silver detailing and paired it with

bright red bangles. I on the other hand,

wore my red and black anarkali dress. It

was long and flowy with beautiful gold

detailing and paired it with big gold

earrings and pinned side of my hair in a

braid and secured it with a clip. I usually

leave my hair out for special occasions.

I look so different whenever I wear

eastern clothes; I wish I could wear it all

the time.

‘Wow you look stunning Laila, all the

single boys will go crazy tonight after

they see you’ Sobia blabbed on while

applying her makeup.

‘Oh stop it, I bet Rafay will go head over

heels when he sees you tonight…Oh and

did I tell you he has arrived in Brighton’

‘What?’ Sobia almost dropped her

makeup brush.

‘You are not a bride, stop the drama’ I

picked up the brush and applied her

blush on her left cheek.

‘I am just nervous’ Oh what a hopeless

little soul.

We arrived at the wedding hall and it

looked magical when we stepped inside.

The décor was to die for, the theme was

white and lilac and all the tables were

decorated with small pearls, flowers and



‘I know right, Saima is such a visionary.

She planned everything’ Saima’s mother,

Samra said to me.

‘She did a wonderful job Samra aunty,

everything looks wonderful’

Sometime later Rafay showed up with a

beautiful bouquet of flowers. As soon as

he saw us, he came over and handed

the flowers to Samra aunty, said

congratulations and instantly won over

her heart as well.

‘Asalam O Alikum Laila…Sobia’ He

couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

Rafay was also wearing a dark green

shirt inside his tux and it complimented

Sobia’s outfit so well. Maybe they did

plan this.

‘He is also wearing green’ I elbowed


‘I can see that, shut up’ She elbowed me

back. Everyone was pretty much here

except the groom and his groomsman

and our lovely bride Sobia who wanted

to walk the aisle with her father so all

the bridesmaid were standing near the

altar waiting for the couple.

‘Where are the groomsmen?’ Rafay

asked us, he was still standing with us

while everyone was seated.

‘You should sit down, they’ll be here any

time now’ Sobia said calmly and he took

the seat closest to where we were

standing because he didn’t know

anyone else.

‘Oh here comes the groom and his

gang’ Sobia announced when the music

started playing in the background and

all the photographers gathered around

the entrance.

‘Akeel Bhai is good-looking isn’t he?

Sobia whispered when the groom

stepped out from the huddle of


‘Yess he is but Saima is lucky too I

mean….’ And I couldn’t finish my

sentence after recognizing another

familiar face in the crowd. Farid Ibrahim.

He was wearing a navy blue suit and a

white shirt. This time he had his hair

pushed back and beard trimmed, but he

still looked like himself.

‘Is that…?’ Sobia nearly shouted.


‘What the hell is he doing here?’ She

asked me as if I know.

‘How do I know?’ I snapped back.

‘Wait here I am going to ask Samra


When she came back I could tell there is

something wrong.


‘He is one of Akeel’s friends’ Sobia told


‘Why is this keep on happening?’

‘Don’t panic, just stay close to me and

ignore him okay?’

‘Hmm’ I wish it was that easy.

The groom and the groomsman finally

arrived at the stage and Farid eyes met

mine straight away.

He walked over and Sobia stood in front

of me to stop him.

‘Go back to your side’ Sobia fired at him

but his eyes were nowhere close on her

instead he dipped his head to the side

and looked at him.

‘Hello Laila’ His eyes traced every inch of

my body but I kept my eyes on the

ground the entire time. Thankfully Rafay

stood up and walked away.

‘Everything okay?’ He glanced over at

Farid and he smiled at him and walked

back to his side.

‘Is that…”

‘Yup’ Sobia and I said at the same time

before he even finished his sentence.

‘What’s up with this dude?’ He asked


‘Nothing’ I didn’t want Rafay to get


‘He is a creeper; he has been giving her

trouble lately’ Sobia told Rafay despite

me trying to stop her.

‘If he does anything, you tell me. I mean


‘Don’t worry Rafay, I can handle it but

thank you’ Rafay went back to his seat


‘Don’t tell him anything Sobia please’

‘Fine, but I promise he won’t be staying

here for long. I am going to make sure

Farid leaves as soon as possible.’

‘Common Sobia, he is Akeel’s friend.

Don’t cause any scene. It’ll pass’ I

ensured her, still feeling unsure myself.

When Saima stepped inside the hall, she

looked like a fairy. Her bright orange

dress was a killer and everyone in the

room seemed to agree.

During the Nikkah ceremony, I couldn’t

help it and started crying.

‘Ya Allah not again, Laila you have been

to so many wedding and you still cry.’

Sobia handed me a tissue.

‘It’s all so beautiful; the vows are so

special Sobia, marriage is a promise of a

lifetime and it just gets me’. I carefully

placed the tissue under my eyes making

sure not to ruin my makeup.

Rafay and Sobia were both laughing at

me for crying.

‘Not you too Rafay’

‘Sorry Laila but it is funny, it’s not your


‘Shut up, oh gosh I am such a mess’ I

laughed at my condition too, I bet all of

my makeup just melted off.

‘Go and fix your eyeliner’ Sobia passed

me her makeup bag and I head out to

use the washroom.

When I saw my reflection in the

washroom mirror, I realized that it’s not

just my eyeliner that needs to be fixed, it

was my entire makeup. I reapplied my

mascara, fixed my eyeliner, and

reapplied my nude lipstick. Once I was

sure of my appearance I stepped out

and right then I bumped into Fared.

‘You better start looking where you are

going Laila’ He steadied me.

‘I am fine it’s you who needs to watch

out’ I stepped out of his grip but he held

me hand and pulled me back in his


‘Let go or else I’ll scream’ I yelled.

‘Go ahead’ He smiled evilly.

‘I am serious’

‘Me too…but I know you won’t scream’

He whispered and brought his face near


‘I don’t have time for this’ I told him

straight up.

‘Your lover is here too I see, but he is

playing his charming games on your


‘It none of your business’

‘Maybe, but you are becoming my

business Laila…don’t you remember

what I said the other day in the

classroom?’ He was testing my patience.

‘I don’t remember’ I looked away and

my hands were still in imprisoned in his


‘You wanna know why I followed you?’

‘I don’t want to know anything, let me

go.’ My voice again became shaky.

Farid moved his hands up until it

reached my shoulder and then he

turned me around so my back was

facing him. I tried to leave but he

gripped my shoulder tighter.

‘Your zip is open.’ Before I could even

protest his hands moved down my waist

and my body shivered from his touch.

‘I can do it myself’

‘You don’t even know what’s going

around you half of the time’ He sounded

pissed. His hands however felt a lot

gentle when he pulled the zipper of my

dress to the top and secured it.

‘Go’ I didn’t realize I was still standing

close to him until he said that.

‘Thanks’ I went back inside the hall and

sat with Sobia and Rafay. When Farid

entered the hall, he was smiling to

himself. I honestly don’t know what’s

wrong with him and why he treats me

like that. I have seen how he is with

other girls, he is flirty, light-hearted and

fun but whenever he sees me he goes

off and turns into a maniac.

‘What are thinking about?’ Rafay asked


‘I am hungry’ I excused myself and went

to get some food.

The food was amazing; I filled my plate

as much as I could with kabobs, rice,

yogurt and salad. It was divine.

‘Wow slow down girl’ Rafay was eying

my food.

‘Go get your own’

‘No thank you, Sobia and I had plenty of

food when you were busy doing

whatever you girls do with all the


‘Don’t be jealous of us girls’ Sobia’s

feminism sparked up.

‘I wouldn’t dare ma’am, I’ll go get us

some ice cream’

‘Ma’am huh?’ Both of laughed when I

repeated his words.

‘Hello Sobia’ Akeem Bhai came to our

table with his fellow friends, including


‘Asalam O Alikum Bhai Jaan , you look

handsome…oh by the way, this is my

best friend Laila’ Sobia introduced me to

Akeel, the groom.

‘Asalam O Alikum, congrats on your

Nikkah’ I said to him.

‘Ahh thank you Laila, you have a

beautiful name and yes I am a lucky guy’

Akeel Bhai was really sweet. The entire

time we talked, Farid kept looking my


‘Anyways it was nice talking to you, I

have to meet other guests too, see you

at the reception tomorrow.’ He walked

away with everyone but Farid stayed


‘You have a beautiful birthmark’ He

winked at me and walked away.

D--n he saw my birthmark too.

‘What just happened?’ Sobia asked me

with her eyes wide open.


‘He said you have a beautiful birthmark’

Sobia never learned to keep her voice


‘Keep it down will you? He is just making

thinks up…he is crazy okay’ I went back

to eating my food. No one has ever seen

my birthmark and the person who did is

the person I can’t stand being close too.

What is life!


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