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‘OMG you came’ Sobia yelled from across

the hall as soon as she spotted us.

‘Sobiaaaa ….’ I ran across the room and

hugged my best friend. It was such a

bittersweet time. I didn’t know whether

to smile or cry so I ended up doing both.

‘Shhh don’t cry silly girl’ She let go of me

and Rafay joined. This entire time Farid

was next to me. He didn’t walk away. I

always thought he was one of those

guys who would walk away from

emotional things. It was surprising to

see him standing without making any

sarcastic comments.

‘Congrats Rafay, I am honestly so happy

for both of you. You idiot you should

have told me that you were going to

propose to her, I thought we were

friends’ I made a sad face and faked my


‘Don’t be mad, I didn’t tell anyone except

my family members. I was so scared’

Rafay was so shy, whereas Sobia was

bright and confident. Despite the fact

that they both were polar opposite they

still made such a perfect couple.

‘So when is the wedding?’ I looked at

the newly engaged couple.

‘In six months’ She smiled and looked

down on the floor. Aww.

‘Masha Allah, its perfect’ I hugged her


‘How did you get here?’ Rafay asked me

and suddenly my cheeks went red.


‘Farid went to pick her up’ Sobia winked

at Rafay and both of them shamelessly

giggled right in front me. Before it gets

more awkwards, I excused myself from

them and went on to meet Sobia’s

mother and Rafays parents.

The rest of the evening was pleasant. It

was such an amazing night. Not only the

newly wed couple seemed happy but

also my best friend and her fiance were

over the moon.

When the evening came to an end and

most of the guests including the bride

and the groom left, all the young ones

stayed back to clean up the venue. Yes,

Farid stayed back as well.

‘I am going to clean the pool area’ Today

was a full moon and the entire pool area

was covered with moonlight and

gorgoues silver decor. I grabbed the

opportunity and volunteered to clean up

the space.

The pool area was so calm and quite.

Everyone else was inside doing the nasty

work such as piking up leftover from the

tables and taking care of the garbage,

whereas I was just picking up soda

bottles and sweet wrappers from the


When I was finished, I looked inside and

everyone was still working so I put away

the garbage and walked back to the

pool. I pulled my trousers up and

dropped my feel into the pool and felt

cold water beneath my feet. The stars

seemed brighter than before and the

moon seemed slighly bigger as well. I

wonder why.

‘Its beautiful isn’t it?’ I heard him from

behind. I recognized Farid voice

straightaway so I didn’t get scared.

‘Hmm’ I kept looking at the sky. Farid

walked up to me and followed my gaze

to the stars.

‘Mind if I sit?’ He asked for my



None of us said anything and it didn’t

feel awkward. Ammi once told me how

with some people being silent doesn’t

feel uncomfortable. It feels right. I

glanced over at Farid and he was still

looking at the sky. I kept looking at him

and for the first time, I didn’t see some

brat rich kid, I saw a kind young man

who may look tough and bad, but under

all the hard shell there is still some

goodness left.

Farid looked at me with such a strange

expression that I couldn’t figure out.

I got up from the pool and walked

inside without saying another word.

‘All done?’ I asked Rafay.

‘Yeah we are just putting away some

stuff in the car.’

‘Oh okay’

When everything was packed we all

walked to the parking lot. Farid was

nowhere in sight.

‘Oh shoot, I forgot the fairy lights’ Sobia

said to me when we approached the


‘Sobia…you are so annoying I asked you

five times before leaving if you got

everything’ I snapped at her.

‘Hey what happened?’ Rafay asked us.

‘It’s okay, I’ll go get it, the security

guards are still there. I’ll get the lights’ I

said to them and ran back to the hall.


The entire hall was empty, but thankfully

some of the lights were will on.

I walked to the stage area and spotted

the fairy lights quickly. They were

completely tangled with the red


I was in such a hurry that I stumbled

over my duppata and before I could hit

the floor down, I was caught. I thought

I died or something because I kept

screaming until I felt someone’s hand on

my lips.

‘Shhhh’ I heard.

I opened my eyes and I saw Farid. He

held me still, maybe I was not ready for

him to let go just yet. I was breathing so

loud that even I could hear myself.

‘You’re okay’ He asked me once he

steadied me on the floor.

‘Yeahh’ I placed my hand over my heart

to make it stop pumping so fast.

I took one step back and felt an electric

pain on my left foot. It hurt so bad.

‘ What are you doing here?’ I asked him.

‘I forgot my car keys so I came here


‘Did you find it?’

‘Yea’ He pulled his keys out to show me

and walked towards me.

‘Let me get this for you’ He offered me.

I pushed my hand back.

‘I can carry it, we should go’ I took

another step back and felt the same

sharp pain on my foot.

I closed my eyes in pain.

‘You sprained your ankle’ He took

another step forward.

‘I said I am fine.’ I took another deep

breath, got myself together and took

few more steps. It hurt so bad but the

parking lot was not too far away. I’ll get

there in no time I told myself. before I

could step out from the hall, Farid

walked past me angrily and stood in

front of me blocking my way.


Before I could finish, he picked me in a

bridal style and started walking.

‘What the…let go of me’ I yelled and

pushed his chest but it was no use.

He didn’t say anything and kept walking

‘I said let go’ He still didn’t listen.

He walked us to his car and I noticed

that everyone left. He finally put me

down and unlocked his car.

‘Where is everyone?’ I asked him.

‘They left.’

‘Why did they leave me?’ I dialed Sobia’s

number and she picked up. Farid was in

his seat but he didn’t leave.

‘Why did you leave Sobia?’ I yelled across

the phone.

‘Aray, everyone was getting late. Farid is

there right? He said he will drop you.

Okay samra aunty is calling, just come

home and we’ll talk’ She hung up. Allah I

don’t believe this girl. Hell with her.

‘Ready now?’ Farid asked me while

smiling when I sat in the front seat and

put my seat belt on.

‘I guess.’ I looked head and we drove



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