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Today was the last day of university

before our autumn break starts for one

week. Thank god, I really need some

time off. One another thing I was

thankful for was the fact that I won’t be

seeing the person I loathe the most but

frankly speaking I think we won’t be

crossing each others paths from now

on. Since last week, I haven’t seen Farid

and I heard some people saying that he

left for London and took an early break.

Anyways it’s not like any of this affects


When my class finished I packed my bag

and headed towards the third floor to

find Rafay. It’s time I should introduce

Rafay to Sobia.

I took him with me to her bakery and

let’s just say I did the right thing.

‘So you’ll be coming right?’ Sobia asked

Rafay. Sobia’s cousin is getting married

in Brighton and she wasted no time

inviting Rafay.

‘You sure? I mean I don’t wanna make it

awkward by coming to your cousin’s

wedding’ He was smiling at Sobia the

entire time and I felt like such a third

wheel but I didn’t care. I was shameless

and was very much enjoying witnessing

them being all shy and cute with each


‘Oh common, I am going as well Rafay.

It’ll be so much fun’ I interrupted and

Sobia sighed in relief.

‘Yeah but you know her family yaar.’

‘So what you’ll get to know them too

and besides Sobia is taking care of

everything and she is allowed to invite


‘Fine, I’ll be there besides I love wedding

food’ He laughed.

‘Oh and don’t forget about the sweets’

Sobia bragged because she will be

preparing desserts for the wedding.

‘Won’t miss it for the world’ He winked

at her and she looked away instantly

turning red.

We talked some more and after a while

Sobia’s mother also joined our company

and we chatted for hours and hours

until it was time for me to head home,

while Rafay decided to stay back a little

while longer.

I got home and started packing my bag

for the wedding. I know almost

everyone in Sobia’s family and they are

just as sweet and welcoming as Sobia

and her mother. Since Sabir was busy

with his talent show and Ammi was

occupied with work, they weren’t able

to go.

This week at the wedding will be so

much fun. Food, music, gathering …all of

that is so up my alley. I packed my bag

with colorful traditional clothes and

since the wedding was totally in eastern

style, I usually packed Shalwar Kameez

and Kaftan.

When everything was done, I uploaded

my last assignment for the week and

drifted into sleep.

I woke up extremely late and Sobia was

already downstairs waiting for me. I

hurried to the bathroom took a quick

shower and slipped on a chunky black

sweater and brown jeggings. I said my

goodbye to Sabir and Ammi and lifted

my heavy bag and shoved it in the back

seat. We picked up Mariam auntie along

the way and headed straight to


It was my first time in Brighton and it

was way too beautiful. Sobia’s aunt lives

in a really nice house so she prepared a

separate room for us to stay in which

was very sweet of her.

‘Please make yourself comfortable Laila’

Sobia’s cousin, Saima said as she took us

the room Sobia and I will be sharing for

this entire week.

‘Thank you for inviting me to the

wedding Saima. I am so happy for you’

‘Oh common Laila, half of the time I

speak with Sobia she talks about you. I

feel like I already know you and she told

me how you and your mother helped

her and auntie Mariam out when started

her bakery’ She took my hand.

‘If you need anything Saima feel free to

let me know I am just like Sobia, please

don’t hesitate’

‘Hmm okay well I have a henna

appointment and I need my bridesmaids

ready in twenty minutes’ She laughed.

‘You want me to be your bridesmaid?’ I

was way too excited at this point.

‘Of course darling, the more the

merrier…I’ll see two of you downstairs’

Saima closed the door on her way and I

started unpacking my bag with Sobia.

Saima insisted that I should also get my

henna done and even though I tried to

fight it, I had to give up at last and listen

to the bride. The henna looked stunning

and left such a beautiful dark colour on

my hands.

The entire night, all of the family

members and other guests sang songs

and ate tons of food. It was seriously so

much fun.

Before going to sleep I took out my

outfit for tomorrow and hung it inside

the closet. I bought it especially for this

wedding and it was stunning. I can’t

wait to wear it tomorrow. I am so glad I

am earning now and I can afford to buy

the things I want instead of asking

Ammi for money all the time.

‘Rafay will be here tomorrow’ I

reminded Sobia when she laid on the

bed next to me.

‘I know, I am feeling so nervous…I

shouldn’t have invited him like that, he

probably thinks I am crazy’

‘He doesn’t think you’re crazy Sobia, you

are crazy’ I chuckled and she slapped my

shoulders lightly.

‘You’re the worst. You know how I am

with guys…I am not like you’ She said.

‘What do you mean? It’s good that you

aren’t like me Sobia and for your kind of

information I am not looking for a


‘The way you are I doubt any weak soul

will survive against your wittiness’

‘Stop thinking about my love life and

focus on yours. Rafay is a nice guy Sobia.

I am serious, think about it’

‘Of course I know that, even Ammi likes

him Laila and you know how picky she

is when it comes to guys for me’

‘I think he likes you’

‘You think so?’


‘Good’ we laughed.

‘Where is he going to stay though? The

wedding events will go on for three

days with Nikkah, Reception and after

party’ I asked her.

‘He said one of his friends lives close by

so he will be staying at his place’

‘A man with a plan, you are lucky Sobia’ I

winked at her and she blushed again.

‘Stop talking too much, I need my beauty

sleep’ She whined and turned her head

on the other side.

‘Okay miss future bride’ I laughed to

annoy her some more. This is so great; I

didn’t even have to try to get them

together. Two of my friends might

actually be falling for each other. It’s

going to be a great week.


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