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Forbidden Desire - S01 E36

Story 3 months ago

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Driving her out of the place, Caleb drove Daniella to a different bar where they both sat facing each other.

After taking Daniella’s order, the waiter returned with four bottles of beer which he assembled on the table. And as soon as he left, Caleb leaned in to ask,

“Do you really want to finish all these?” He asked pointing at the drinks.

“Of course not. We will drink together. Or, aren’t you drinking?” Daniella asked.

Then waving his hand, he said,

“Not tonight. We can’t be both drunk”

“Well, in that case, I guess I will have all the drinks to myself then,” Daniella said.

“But what’s your normal gauge of beer intake? Like, what’s your limit?” Caleb asked.

“I’m not a regular or a heavy drinker. So on a normal day, my limit for beer intake is usually a bottle. But unfortunately, today is not one of those normal days” Daniella responded.

“Oh….!” Caleb said nodding his head.

“Why do you ask though?” Daniella asked.

“Just to be on the safer side. And whatever happens, today, I’m going to make sure you don’t exceed your limit of Alcohol intake,” He said.

“No, you won’t do that. you know, I really need these drinks tonight more than ever” Daniella said.

“Taking an additional bottle will depend on how well you handle a bottle. Cause I wouldn’t want you to go home drunk and do things that you will wake up to regret tomorrow morning” Caleb said relaxing back in his seat.

“Sounds more like my dad is speaking through you,” Daniella said with a scoff as she poured out the beer into her glass cup.

While she was drinking, Caleb sat back watching her with admiration as she gulped more beer down her throat with his arms crossed.

A while after she had consumed half of the drink in the first bottle, she dropped the empty cup on the table and began staring steadily at it with a scoff.

“Are you drunk already?” Caleb asked leaning in with concern and curiosity.

Then slightly shaking her head, Daniella calmly responded.


“Then what’s wrong? why are you staring at your cup like that?” Caleb asked.

“I was just reminiscing about the good days. You know, those early days of my marriage with Nathan. I just realised now, how much I miss the bliss, the peace and the undeniable love we both shared back then” Daniella said.

Hearing this, Caleb smirked concealing his jealousy.

“I miss the old Nathan. I miss my husband. But I doubt if anything good will ever come out of my marriage again. Who knows, maybe, we would have still been living in happiness if I had stood my ground and refused to give in to his demands of letting you get me pregnant. Or maybe, if I hadn’t found out about his ailment, if I didn’t lose that pregnancy, or if I hadn’t done any of that, then who knows maybe my marriage would have still been how it was when we newly got married” Daniella said with a sad smirk.

“I understand how you feel. But believe me, Nathan played a major role in ruining what you two shared. I mean, if he had been truthful to you from the early stage of his ailment then I believe that you both would have worked together to find a solution to his problem. But he kept you in the dark for five whole years. And when you finally found out about it, he went on to convince you into sleeping with me. Whereas, there were other available options that could have gotten him a child. And as if that was not enough, he became hostile towards you the moment you lost your pregnancy. And now, he is guilt-tripping you into believing that it was all your fault that your marriage became the way it is now. I honestly do not understand why Nathan is doing this” Caleb said.

“You are right Caleb. But the truth remains that, it was wrong for me to have agreed to his demands in the first place. But I did it because I love him and wanted to help keep his pride and secret” Daniella said fighting back tears.

“Do your parents and his parents know about this?” Caleb asked.

“Not yet,” Daniella said wiping off the tears from her eyes.

“But why? Don’t you think this is the best time to involve both parents in this?” Caleb asked.

“I know It has gotten to the point where I have to involve the elders. But with everything that happened, it’s obvious that Nathan will make it look like he is being this way towards me because I cheated” Daniella said.

“Are you kidding me? You didn’t voluntarily cheat on him. Remember?” Caleb asked.

“Unfortunately, he might still find a means to push the blames on me like he is already doing now,” Daniella said.

“Then, in that case, how about you go ahead and tell them the whole truth?” Caleb said.

“Telling them the whole truth will mean telling them of his ailment. But what kind of a wife openly broadcast her husband’s weakness to others?” Daniella asked.

“No Daniella. I think the question should be, what kind of a wife will sit in silence while her name is being falsely tarnished? Look, Daniella, I understand that you love your husband so much but the only way you can get through this, is by opening up to both of your parents” Caleb said.

“No Caleb. I can’t let them know about the dirty things I and my husband did to have a child. Because in the end, it is I who will get judged and condemned for agreeing to it” Daniella said.

“Hmmmmm” Caleb sighed deeply leaning back in his seat. “Then I guess there’s nothing that can be done to remedy the situation or bring him back to his senses. Maybe you can as well, share this with any elderly person whom your husband respects. Who knows, one or two good news might come out of it” Caleb said.

“I doubt that would be of any help because I once told the priest about this. And when he contacted Nathan, Nathan returned home to warn me never to report him to anyone again. So you see, it won’t be easy getting him to calm down any time soon” Daniella said.

“How about I talk to him?” Caleb said.

“Huh? Nah! You are the last person Nathan would want to have this conversation with” Daniella said.

“I know that. But someone needs to talk some senses into him. And I think I am in a better position to do that” Caleb said.

“Thanks so much,” Daniella said.

“You are welcome, Daniella. I will always be here for you. And if you ever need anyone to confide in, Always remember that I’m just a call away” Caleb said with a smile.

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